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Delusions of grandeur

No one knows what it’s like to be the sad man…

Hope that’s the last time he says that about this G-Day.


UPDATE:  Hey, it’s even sadder.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution had made a Freedom of Information request for correspondences between UGA and potential music artists but was informed Monday none existed.

If I didn’t know any better, I’d say the media has started trolling McGarity.


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They recruit this state.

This is pretty amazing stat, when you think about it.

And yet somehow Georgia Tech can’t recruit its way out of a paper bag.  Chantastic.


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Nick Saban never had a law named after him.

Raise your hand if you thought an early distraction in Kirby Smart’s career would be him spending time denying his role in the passage of a state law on records disclosure.


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But I thought robots never died.

Saban acknowledges he’s getting Spurriered on the recruiting trail these days.

“I’m not looking to get out. I’m really not, even though I know that’s going to start being talked about more now,” said Saban, who’s entering his 10th season at Alabama. “What I have noticed is that it’s the first time people are starting to say to recruits, ‘He won’t be there the whole time you’re there,’ because of my age. Does that really impact your ability to stay good? I don’t know. But if it did, it would make you say, ‘Well, what’s up with this?’ My philosophy is that I’m going to be here for as long as I feel like I can be effective, impact the players, help them be more successful in life and continue to have a successful program.”

Honestly, I don’t know what the big concern there is.  After all, whenever Saban walks away, Junior will be waiting in the wings to provide a seamless transition for Alabama football.


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Maybe a little more show than he’s letting on

Kirby lets his inner fan out.

Before you get too excited, this is what a quarterback competition in Athens sounds like.


UPDATE:  Elaboration here.

• Lambert: “Greyson handles the offense so smoothly. He communicates really well, he’s probably the most mature and he handles the huddle really well, which is important in a pro style system, to be able to communicate, fix people who are broke, do the right things so he does a nice job and he’s very level headed, not real emotional.”

• Ramsey: “He’s thrown the ball, he’s made some impressive throws and he’s made some plays with his feet which is critical from differentiating him from the other guys. He’s had a couple of opportunities in two-minute drills to take off running, to create a little bit of space if the rush breaks down and take off running. There are certain coverages on running quarterbacks you can’t make and if you try to make them on him he can expose you, he can take off running.”

• Eason: “Jacob has really come along well, he’s progressed and has picked up the system. He’s made some very, very good throws and he’s made some bone-head throws that look like he should still be in high school, which technically is where he should be right now. He’s flashed at times. It’s an interesting race because each guy has a different dynamic and bring a different dynamic to the table. We’ve got to decide which dynamic fits our team best.”

Sure sounds, at least at this early date, like Lambert is holding his own out there with the new staff.


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Don’t cross the streams.

The most inevitable thing you’ll see today about Georgia football…

… has nothing to do with, you know, football.


UPDATE:  Okay, the second-most inevitable thing you’ll see today about Georgia football. Here’s your new champ.

I’m sure somebody can explain how this helps recruiting.



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When it comes to the o-line, the more, the merrier.

One under the radar thing I really, really like about the new staff is how aggressive it’s been about using invitations to kids as preferred walk-ons to beef up (see what I did there?) the numbers on the offensive line.  Here’s the latest such move:

As recently as a few weeks ago, Dunwoody offensive lineman Daniel Gothard was headed to play for the University of Pennsylvania in the Ivy League. That was until the coaching staff at the University of Georgia saw his highlight tape.

Although Gothard has only been playing football for two years, the Georgia staff swooped in on the 6-foot-6, 300-pound lineman with an offer to play for the Bulldogs as preferred walk-on. On Sunday night, Gothard accepted…

“We were told the reason Georgia made the offer was that, having only played for two years, and the fact that he placed fourth as a heavyweight in wrestling in the state this year, they looked at the trajectory of his growth in two years and they believe that the sky is the limit,” Gothard said.

Daniel Gothard will be joined in the trenches by two other preferred walk-on offensive linemen in Allen Williams and Sean Fogarty. The Bulldogs staff has been busy trying to add serious size to the offensive line.

While there’s certainly no guarantee they hit a home run with all of these kids, if even one of them turns into a functional SEC offensive lineman, they’re ahead of the game, and at very low cost.  One other thing is clear – when it comes to wanting to get bigger on the line, they’re not kidding.  I suspect in another year or so we’ll be past the day when we’ll see a kid weighing less than 300 pounds starting for Georgia on the o-line.


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