Nick Saban never had a law named after him.

Raise your hand if you thought an early distraction in Kirby Smart’s career would be him spending time denying his role in the passage of a state law on records disclosure.


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  1. Go Dawgs!

    Don’t worry, Senator. If we ask today, we’ll know by July 10th what UGA thinks we should call the new law.

    Oops. Those aren’t all working days. Let’s just assume we’ll have to wait until August 16th to be on the safe side.


  2. Dog in Fla

    Smart: Calling it ‘Kirby’s Law’ is ‘ridiculous’

    Losing control of bill titles is going to ruin the Summer of Kirby.
    Greg suggests film study for relaxation techniques


  3. This bill has nothing to do with recruiting for the reasons discussed for the last 3 weeks. The bill has everything to do with making the AD’s job easier or allowing the news cycle to make these requests unnecessary.


  4. Not too shabby for a rookie head coach.


  5. Bulldog Joe

    Not necessarily true. There are some who call it “The Nick Saban Signing Cap”.


  6. ChicagoDawg

    If Kirby allows this breathless media driven story to distract him, then he is clearly not the answer and is not going to be long in the position.

    Yes, I know about the 1st Amendment. I know about the need for timely transparency. Yes, I suppose I should be wringing hands along with the media on this topic, but I am not. Sorry.



    Kirby farts in your general direction. I heard his comments on 680 regarding this….


  8. lakedawg

    Saban is immune to all laws in the great state of Alabammer, does not need them named after him.


  9. WarD Eagle

    There have been a few opportunities for naming things – other than the offspring of the pitiable – after Saban.

    Just google “the saban rule”.