The best “do it for the children” defense you’ll ever see.

If I’m gonna fling poo in Jim Harbaugh’s direction for being hypocritical about shutting down satellite camps, it only seems fair to do the same with regard to Hugh Freeze’s sanctimonious garbage.

I probably should’ve said that a little differently, but I’ll never apologize for wanting to be a father and a husband,” Freeze said when asked about vacation time. “I miss enough volleyball games (and other things), that is a priority for me. … I think we work very hard, I don’t think working hard is an issue. If you’re asking me if I want to add more nights away from my wife and kids, I do not. That window is closing for me to be a husband and a father and I think the kids that play in our system need to see me in that role an awful lot.

That, my friends, is Olympic-class work there.  Hugh Freeze is staying home, by Gawd, because his players need it.

Whenever the day comes that Mark Emmert is put out to pasture, the NCAA ought to beg Freeze to step in.  State of the art bullshit like that is hard to come by.


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14 responses to “The best “do it for the children” defense you’ll ever see.

  1. Huntindawg

    I see the cynicism about all things college football, but I kinda agree with Hugh on this one. Setting an example that family is a priority is probably pretty important to a lot of his players who may not have seen that before. It may only be lip service, but at least the words are on point.


    • Castleberry

      I’m not sure I see it. Are his players going to his kids volleyball games to observe him being a father?


    • dawgtired

      Know doubt being a good family man DOES project a positive image for young men…but let’s hope he isn’t wanting to spend more time with his family to set an example for his players. I can see him on a date with his wife now saying “Come on honey, just a few more minutes here at the restaurant then we can go home…there may be some players watching.”


  2. 202dawg

    I’m with Huntin; I think we’ve come full circle and this may actually be genuine. I also can’t say I disagree with the notion (even if ol’ Hugh’s intentions are insincere). At some point kids and families need to see the coaches as more than robots out trying to win at all cost.


  3. Castleberry

    I’d like to suggest setting up an “Emmert Cup”. In the spirit of the Fulmer Cup with a focus on tracking world class bullshit.


  4. Dog in Fla

    “That, my friends, is Olympic-class work there. Hugh Freeze is staying home, by Gawd, because his players need it.”

    Hugh’s a poseur. Mark Richt invented that


  5. 3rdandGrantham

    Ever seen that show ‘Cheaters’? It’s a pathetically bad/trashy reality TV show, but the few times I stumbled on it, I found it good for a few laughs. Quite a few years back I recall this guy who was just caught by his wife with another woman making out in a car, and naturally the wife went off on him/her.

    In a desperate attempt to calm her down, he started tearing up while explaining to her that he only cheated because he felt like he wasn’t a good enough lover for her. He then rambled on about how much he loves her and doesn’t want to lose her, so he only acted out in this way to improve their marriage. It was a pathetically bad excuse, but she bought the whole thing hook, line, and sinker, and they ended up happily kissing while the other woman ironically became the enraged one within just a few short minutes.

    For some reason, Freeze’s comments immediately reminded me of that guy in the Cheaters episode, in which the excuse was so cringeworthily bad, yet I’m willing to bet he gets others to buy his nonsense anyway.


  6. Prosticutor

    Oh don’t worry. The NCAA is about to give him all the time he’ll want with his family


  7. ASEF

    I thought Hugh’s players knew all about windows already.


  8. $4.93 mil/year.

    Also, full of shit.


  9. Cousin Eddie

    Bet his wife is happy now, “Great now that sorry, drooling, moron is going to be coming home more often sweating all over me and my new clean silk sheets.” or am I thinking of Coach Karma’s Wife.


  10. Bob

    Obviously those of you who question Hugh’s sincerity know him really well. Funny how quickly you are to tear someone down or throw unsubstantiated jabs when someone takes a doormat and starts kicking the big boys in the nads.Sounds like typical drivel from envious onlookers.
    I’m a UGA alum but have become a big admirer of what Freeze has done in his short tenure at Ole Miss. Outside Saban this guy has the best run over the past four years in the SEC.
    Instead of making judgemental statements I recommend you dig a bit deeper into Freeze’s background and personal character and you might change your opinion. (Aww who I’m I kidding to believe that can happen from my pessimistic UGA brethren)


  11. south fl dawg

    2 sides to everything. Of course he wants to keep Harbaugh from doing satellite camps, but everybody wants work-life balance.

    Is there another way to get work-life balance? I guess, but do you have to have satellite camps in order to fill out your roster? This can go on and on.

    For both sides, I think it’s childish to argue with each other through the media.