I got a fever, and the only prescription is more …

happy talk.

It sounds like Spurdog is cured, though.


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  1. fetch

    Goes to show that, sometimes the only way to get cured, is to just say “Give it to me straight, Doc, no beating around the bush.”


  2. 3rdandGrantham

    The phone conversation went something like this:

    Boom: Hey coach, uhh, after viewing my team up close for the past few months, its painfully obvious that there is no talent here. Did you not do any recruiting during your final years on the job?
    SOS: {swoosh…ping!} Hey Boom…hang on a sec..just hit a nice looking drive. Anyway, well, this is not a loaded team you stepped into. Can’t help you much with that {swoosh…ping!}
    Boom: Uh, right. But that didn’t answer my question…what exactly were you doing in terms of recruiting the last few years? I mean, hell, this roster couldn’t beat my 11 year old’s football team.
    SOS: {swoosh..ping} Nice one there Jimmy…that was a beautiful looking drive. Now let me tee this thing up again and, oh, are we good for 36 holes tomorrow y’all? Sorry Boom…what was that again about recruiting? Can’t hear you too good out here on the course.
    Boom: Never mind…I think you just confirmed what I was afraid of {slams the phone down in disgust}


  3. simpl_matter

    I didn’t want Richt gone, but I will say this HC change was about as ideal as it gets. Richt had a loaded class committed, Smart kept most of it together and added to it. We have some weakness at a few positions, but nothing like what ‘Champ is facing…


  4. Derek

    Not loaded? Really?

    “Lambert set an NCAA record by completing all but one of his 25 passes Saturday night, throwing for 330 yards and three touchdowns to lead No. 7 Georgia to a 52-20 rout of South Carolina.

    “I can’t believe he threw an incompletion,” Richt quipped. “I’m disappointed in that. But we’ll forgive him.””


    • Normaltown Mike

      c’mon Derek, that was when are coaches were telling Lambert to complete passes. It was later in the season when are coaches started telling Lambert to NOT complete passes that we struggled.


    • Uglydawg

      Amazing. But Boom has the advantage of very, very low expectations..that is something he can exploit.


  5. Uglydawg

    “But we’ll forgive him” is where Richt lost control of Lambert’s passes.


  6. Jack Klompus

    Good porn


  7. scrambledawg

    We all know the impact the new, tougher S&C regimen will have as well. The Dawgs will be bigger and noticeably faster and in the best shape of their lives. The lines will not get pushed around like they did versus UF last year. Those days are over. Until spring ’17.


    • 69Dawg

      It seems I’ve heard this all before. If we blow the doors off of the teams we are suppose to and beat somebody in a close game then I’ll begin to believe the happy talk again. Until then Kirby is just being a first year coach who can get stuff done at B-M and the GA Legislature.


  8. Russ

    Man, I hope Spurrier spends a couple of seasons as a talking head. He would be hilarious with the commentary.