Spring games as a point of pride, and something more

Read this piece about the history of Alabama’s A-Day game in the Saban era, and I think you’ll get a sense of why Kirby Smart wants the numbers up big time this Saturday.

The attendance marks aren’t just a point of pride. It’s all part of the massive recruiting pitch a few bus loads of prospects and families will see. That was a point Saban subtly made last week in a news conference pitch to fans requesting their presence at A-Day.

If Georgia draws a bigger crowd than Alabama this year, will that make for a new pitch on the recruiting trail?  You tell me.


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10 responses to “Spring games as a point of pride, and something more

  1. Go Dawgs!

    Alabama can still say, “we didn’t have to beg people to come, we had no idea they were all going to show up.”

    The first time Alabama filled Bryant-Denny for the spring game, they weren’t even ready for it. The upper decks weren’t open and they finally had to open them up. If #95KDay ends up working out, it’ll be great but Alabama can still shrug its shoulders at it.


  2. Hogbody Spradlin

    What will we call the Georgia version of “The Running of the Gumps”?



    I would think the Coaches have a fairly good idea of what the recruits want to see. Me, I have no idea. I can’t figure out my almost 24 year old college graduate.


  4. Macallanlover

    I feel way too much is being made of this, and we can only fall short. Regardless of what we do, you will never out-Bama Bama anditis silly to set a public hurdle that, at best, could lead you to have arguments with Bama fans that UGA is more committed to football. I fully support more positive enthusiasm around UGA football but it should be done because fans are so moved naturally, not some manufactured attempt to be like the Tide. Getting the game moved away from The Masters weekend is a start, having a new QB search with a highly touted freshman will add interest, but the weather can override both of those. I predict 75K but it will probably get listed higher by BM, who could trust mcgarity, or those who report to him, at this point. If we only get to 50K, that would be some major egg on our face because of the hype surrounding it. Should be fun, but how sustainable is it? Now give us a Clemson or FSU spring scrimmage in Sanford and you have got something. Would pay fiddy or a hunnert for that!

    I think recruits get the fact that UGA has a passionate fan base, and any of them attending a night game against a decent opponent will judge us the equal of any other school when it comes to support and atmosphere.


  5. W Cobb Dawg

    Well, if you’re going to do a spring game anyway, you may as well do the best job of it you can. And squeeze whatever benefits you can, whether it’s recruiting, fan support, an opportunity for players, etc. I think that’s the saban thought process. It’s the difference between how a professional approaches the event and a lackadaisical approach.


  6. It’s gonna be hard to generate this level of ongoing interest even if they fill it this year. There are just too many other areas of interest in Athens/Atlanta to expect the same rabid following as Alabama has. Sell the area rather than the Spring Day crowd.