Can a coach be the subject of a Verne crush?

Strong stuff from Uncle V on Kirby:

Q: What are your thoughts on Kirby Smart?

Lundquist: “They made one heck of a hire. Kirby Smart, and we chatted about this last night, we talked about how long he stayed with Nick (Saban) at Alabama. And many of us who had dealt with Kirby over the years always felt he was going to be a terrific head coach someday. In my view, he was patient enough to wait for the best opportunity, and the best opportunity for him quite obviously was in Athens. I think he’s going to be terrific. I really do.”

Q: Saban didn’t allow much media access to assistant coaches. How well do you know Smart?

Lundquist: “We (CBS) did get a little more access than Nick normally allows (to assistant coaches), so we did talk with Kirby quite a bit. First of all, I find him to be a gregarious man. I think he’s going to interact with the fan base on a very, very high and personable level. I just like his personality. I’ll leave it to Gary Danielson to do the Xs and Os with regard to Kirby, but I just like him.”

Q: What’s Smart’s reputation among SEC broadcasters?

Lundquist: “I can tell you this from Gary: (Smart) has an enormous amount of respect among his fellow coaches and certainly from the analysts who have done the Alabama games. He’s considered a tactical master when it comes to defensive schemes.”

All that without even mentioning that he’s coaching at the school he played for.  Okay, it may not be Tebow territory, but on the other hand, I don’t remember him waxing that eloquently about, say, Booch when he got the UT job.


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3 responses to “Can a coach be the subject of a Verne crush?

  1. Tiny Tears, the GPOOE™, was certainly the subject of a mighty Verne crush. Lundquist is still wiping that DNA off his chins.


  2. that’s because Booch is a douchebag


  3. Michael

    You mean that the lead broadcaster for SEC games on CBS knows more about the former defensive coordinator at Alabama than he did about the former head coach at Cincinnati and Central Michigan?