That’s so Defensive Line U.

Jon Solomon looks at which college teams did the best at delivering defensive line talent to the NFL.  Your Number One school:

1. Georgia: Kirby Smart arrives in Athens with a strong pipeline of defensive linemen who have thrived in the NFL above expectations. Consider this: Georgia is our Defensive Line U winner despite not having a defensive lineman drafted in the first round since Johnathan Sullivan (who did not pan out) went No. 6 in 2003.
[Emphasis added.]

Richard Seymour turned into a Pro Bowler as a first-round pick in 2001. Defensive tackle Geno Atkins became a Pro Bowl defensive tackle despite being a fourth-round pick in 2010. Otherwise, it’s a long list of Georgia defensive linemen who became solid starters since 2006, including Charles Johnson, Chris Clemons and Kedric Golston. The Bulldogs had 15 defensive linemen on NFL rosters in 2015…

Yeah, I know.


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  1. Grathams replacement

    Well thinking about that is a buzz kill for this weekend.


  2. DugLite

    Rodney Garner did less with more. Is that the “yeah, I know” you are referring to?


    • Yep – like leaving Motel 6 Jenkins on the field during the 2012 SECCG as Kwame Geathers sat on the sidelines.

      Look at what Garner has done at Auburn … Nothing. Montravius Adams came in as a 5-star recruit and has done squat. I guess Derrick Brown didn’t see all of that … I think he saw something else.


  3. James Stephenson

    The problem is, you can scheme around 1 good lineman. You need 2 decent ones. And 2 other serviceable.


    • Go Dawgs!

      And if you’ve got two really good ones, you really need to not have Quincy Carter as your quarterback and Jasper Sanks as your running back.


      • @gatriguy

        Idk about that. Seymour and Stroud totally phoned it in back in 2000. Garner’s guys never balled out when they knew they were going to get paid.


  4. NCDawg

    The same can be said for the offensive line. Guys who looked average at best in Athens are doing well in the league. Glenn cashing in soon comes to mind.

    Hell, Inman played in the NFL. Who would have thought that?


  5. @gatriguy

    Garner was stealing money. One of Richt’s biggest mistakes was not letting him walk at the first opportunity.


  6. Hogbody Spradlin



  7. JAX

    Further proof that Richt should have kept Van CrazyGorder and let Ole Rod hit the road.

    Whatever, hindsight be damned.


  8. Normaltown Mike



  9. hassan

    Huh….who knew?


  10. Will (The Other One)

    Sullivan was such an underrated key to that excellent 2002 defense. Sure, Pollack getting the sack record stands out, but so much of that was because Sullivan was just destroying the interior almost every snap.


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