It’s gonna be a long, hot summer.

I don’t mean what the thermometer will show in July and August.  I’m talking about the ESPN-led hype of Jacob Eason, which is off to an early start.

Even after a strong G-Day performance, hold off on crowning Georgia freshman QB Jacob Eason the team’s starter.

The staff has indicated this spring that Eason, the 6-foot-5 early enrollee from Washington, has some learning to do.

That said …

“There’s two or three throws a practice that make you stop and say, ‘Wow,’ ” a Georgia assistant told Insider.

Veteran Greyson Lambert would be the starter if the season began today, those close to the program have indicated. Eason has plenty of time between now and September to close the gap; it’s all about how consistently he can perform in Jim Chaney’s system by then.

Throw in this observation from one of the SEC Network’s talking heads…

… and, well, Kirby Smart may not want a quarterback controversy, but it looks like the WWL may do its damnedest to provide him with one anyway.


UPDATE:  Enter Herbstreit.


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14 responses to “It’s gonna be a long, hot summer.

  1. 81Dog

    based on that observation, thank Dawg the season doesn’t start today!


  2. We have a QB controversy until #10 takes the first snap in a game. The first call every week on the call-in show will be, “Kirby, when is Jacob going to be the starter?” The first question in every press conference will be, “How’s Jacob coming along?” Kirby better find him a good Dasani bottle to tell people to ask.


  3. Rp

    The Eason statue in Reed Plaza goes up in July so it’ll be hard not to start him.


  4. Unrelated, but this is the fourth time I’ve heard “spin it” in reference to Eason. I’ve been following football years, and this term is new to me … is it the new “Howitzer?”


    • 81Dog

      Spin the ball. Arm talent. Ugh.

      It’s the new “score the ball,” a coachspeak term from basketball that makes me want to puncture my own eardrums. I guess “arm talent” isn’t coachspeak-y enough for some guys. One used to be able to say “A QB throws really well,” and everyone understood what that meant. Now, he doesn’t “throw” the ball, he “spins” the ball. Dear coaches and QB analysts: you aren’t splitting atoms here. We get it. The kid has a great arm, and he throws a great pass. Quit trying to make it sound like you discovered plutonium by making up some stupid term for something anyone who speaks plain English already understands. Eason has a strong, accurate arm. There. Done.

      Oh, and I hate “dribble penetration,” too. WTF would be the point of “penetration” on a basketball court if you didn’t have the ball, which requires you to “drive to the basket.”

      yours for clearer English,

      81 Dog


  5. Go Dawgs!

    Kirby doesn’t have time for that shit, but the rest of us do.


  6. Lambert didn’t help quiet the roar with a 96 yard pick six. “Pick six” – another hip term for returning an interception for a touchdown, but, at this point, it’s unchallenged terminology.


  7. I would love to see Chubb come out strong as a stud bull out of the gate and get to hoist the Heisman this year! I can see my shirt now “Chubby for Heisman”! I like it.


  8. They can put Lambert in to manage the game, the only catch is, I don’t believe he can win the game, not with it all on the line. Lambert starts and Eason finishes it out for a win. The rest will be history.