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Mark Emmert, fearless leader

If you had any question about what kind of person Mark Emmert is, let Jay M. Glazer, a “big Washington booster and philanthropist”, set that to rest.

“The president of the university is the lead fundraiser,” said Glazer, not to be confused with the NFL analyst for Fox Sports. “We’re all expected to pay (our pledges). … Your integrity is on the line. You don’t make up phony stuff.”

The “phony stuff” he alludes to is a pledge to contribute $100,000 to the University of Washington when Emmert served there as the school’s president (where he was making more than $700,000 per year).  Glazer’s anger stems from the fact that Emmert apparently has welshed on paying off the entire pledge.

Records obtained by USA TODAY Sports show $51,000 of the $100,000 pledge was paid by January 2010, but the rest of the pledge went unpaid after Emmert left UW, his alma mater, to become president of the NCAA later that year. Another person with knowledge of the situation confirmed the pledge was only half-paid, leading the university to endow the scholarship at half its planned amount.

It’s pretty easy to lob the hypocrisy ball in Emmert’s direction – hell, what’s new about that? – and Glazer does so.

Glazer also said Emmert “sets the standard” and acts “holier than thou” as the president of the NCAA, the governing body of college sports.

The organization uses an honor system among member schools to enforce its many rules. It also punishes those who act dishonestly or disregard the values of higher education. In 2012, Emmert announced harsh sanctions against Penn State because of the child sex abuse scandal involving former assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky. Emmert noted then that part of the NCAA’s mission is “to insist that athletics programs provide positive moral models for our students, enhance the integrity of higher education and promote the values of civility, honesty and responsibility.”

“If he’s going to tell 18-, 19- and 20-year-olds, that (they violated NCAA rules) because they signed an autograph or they took a supplement or they got a tattoo free, who is he to tell anybody if he doesn’t pay his own bills?” said Glazer, whose father-in-law once served as president of the university’s board of regents.

But for me, the real window into Emmert’s soul comes from his response to USA Today’s invitation to comment about the pledge.

Asked if he wanted to comment on the situation and if he planned to pay the rest of the pledge, Emmert issued a statement through a spokeswoman.

“Personal philanthropy is a private matter for individuals and their families,” Emmert’s statement said. “My family and I care greatly for the University of Washington and will continue to support it throughout our lives.”

I’m using “his response” in a loose sense.  The man doesn’t even have the spine to do his weaseling personally.  This is so lame that Stacey Osborne can’t even bring herself to attach her name to a no comment.


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