Today, in amateurism

Shorter Actual Marshall University athletic director Mike Hamrick: “College athletics are the most unfair competition in the sports world,” he said. “Look around. In the NBA, there’s a salary cap. In Major League baseball, there’s a salary cap. But there’s no cap in college athletics.”

It’s almost like these guys don’t realize anyone hears what they’re saying.



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  1. Russ

    The jokes write themselves. Amazing.

  2. Derek

    He’s not talking about player comp. He’s talking about the fact that the nba and NFL enforce income and expense equity among the teams and college athletics doesn’t. Vandy trying to compete with Alabama is just a different animal than the Jacksonville jags competing with the ny Giants. The NFL is about as even a playing field as you can find. Not so in the SEC even with shared tv revenue. Then if you want to compare Texas vs. Marshall, which is the context of the quote, it’s even more out of balance. Nothing really profound or absurd in the quote once it’s in context.

    • He doesn’t know what he’s talking about. And the NBA and NFL do not enforce the kind of equity you’re talking about, either. Teams are free to negotiate whatever kind of revenue deals they can milk from ticket sales and their facilities (parking and concessions). They can also spend whatever they like on facilities and coaching salaries. Maybe you just haven’t noticed, but the pros have the same kind of facilities races he’s complaining about in college. Except the pros tend to focus more on revenue generation, for obvious reasons.

      By the way, he didn’t mention the NBA. He mentioned MLB… which doesn’t have a salary cap.

      • You didn’t even mention the local television deals which are the big revenue generator for balllclubs now. The Braves are stuck with an outdated one and it’s a part of why their struggle to compete with larger markets. Hell – the YES Network is worth more than the actual Yankees franchise.

        • Herschel Krustofski

          The Braves are stuck with an outdated deal b/c the Braves stupidly agreed to it. The same guys that are still in charge (McGuirk, Schuerholz, Schiller, etc.) are the ones who agreed to the deal in the first place. They did it to themselves.

      • SRQDawgs15

        From the quote you posted above, it seems he did mention the NBA.

      • Derek

        Yes its true that his facts are wrong when he included the MLB as having a cap. They should, but they don’t so Marshall is Milwaukee and Texas is the New York Yankees.

        Irrespective of whether or not there are income disparities among teams, because of the salary caps, those imbalances don’t have a great impact on the field. This leads to having teams like the Pittsburgh Steelers having the opportunity to compete, whereas in the MLB construct they probably wouldn’t. The NFL and NBA model is much better IMHO.

        Whether or not any of the NFL or NBA model should trickle into college is subject to debate I suppose. Conferences certainly have adopted some of those principles. I can’t much blame the people at Marshall (and other similar places that occasionally line up with the big boys) for complaining that they are in an unfair competition, because they are.

        It would be interesting to sit down and figure out the number of programs in the country that would have a legitimate chance of winning that 15th game these days. I think its probably less than 10, maybe 15 at most. Is that healthy? Is it sustainable?

        • The reason there’s more parity in the pros is because of the draft. In college, the power schools can just reload recruiting class after recruiting class.

          Colleges have a salary cap, by the way. It’s enforced by the NCAA.

  3. Cousin Eddie

    Apparently he is talking monies under the table, but he didn’t mention auburn, because $0 is the NCAA standard, or did I miss something?

  4. watcher16

    Totally off topic here, but is AJC trolling McGarity with the photo in this article or what?!

  5. that dog'd bite you

    Yeah… and like crying, there is no salary cap in baseball. Is he even paying attention?

  6. Hopefully not 2012 Derek

    I don’t think there should be a salary cap. Free Market Baby. Open the flood gates. Why do things have to always be fair. Poor Vandy. Boo Flippin’ Hoo.

    • Derek

      They should give the number 1 pick to the best team in the NFL because they earned it! Incentivize success dammit! These NFL owners don’t know shit. If they ran things right they’d be the most successful pro sports league on the planet instead of what they are. That’s why mlb baseball is such a more successful league than the NFL right now. They now how to run things the right way. Does anybody even watch the super bowl anymore??

  7. ASEF

    Until Marshall can land players like Randy Moss, Chad Pennington, or Ahmad Bradshaw, it’s kind of pointless.

    Oh well, might as well just go back to, you know, education first and football as a hub for Saturday social events.

  8. Macallanlover

    Don’t really understand to have every school “equal”, it won’t happen in CFB just like it doesn’t happen in other parts of life/society. Moving to the middle means mediocrity, let the forces prevail. If we took the best equipped 64 programs and put them in one bucket (Division 1), and made them play each other every fall with no outside Mid-majors or 1AA teams there would be no crisis in trying to “fix” Marshall’s concerns. The Mid-Majors could play their season in the spring when there is little competition, I would love to see Ga Southern play Marshall next Saturday, but they will not be watched on my TV with the current competition of games in the Fall. ESPN needs something to offer for live sports, and football is the number one sport. It would probably pay them more broadcasting dollars. GT might even consider that route. 1AA can play in the fall but not against the top Tier. Why pretend we should have to carry the Marshalls of the world? Darwin wins again.

  9. CB

    Probably 90% of the people reading this post had no clue that MLB doesn’t have a salary cap.