A banner year

2018 is shaping up to have quite the home schedule.

Georgia’s 2018 football schedule is quickly coming into the view. The Bulldogs entered into an agreement with Murray State to play a game at Sanford Stadium on Sept. 15 of that season.

UGA will pay the Racers $500,000 for the trouble. That’s according to the terms outlined in a contract turned over to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution on Thursday in compliance with an open records request. The contract was signed by Murray State Athletic Director Allen Ward on March 7 and by UGA AD Greg McGarity on March 28.

Also included in documents was the contract for the recent agreement between Georgia and the University of Massachusetts to play a football game on Nov. 17 of 2018. It revealed that UGA will pay the FBS team $1.5 million to come to Athens for that game. The Bulldogs released the news of the addition through its sports communication office but did not include the contract terms.

Remind me again why adding a ninth conference game to the schedule would be bad.

By the way, if you’re interested, it sounds like UMass is starting a trend.


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37 responses to “A banner year

  1. The other doug

    U Mass is playing at UF, SCAR, and Miss State this year. That’s a lot of dough!


  2. Dawg in Beaumont

    I’m all for the 9 game conference schedule, but I have less of a problem with the cupcakes in even numbered years.

    With the back to back trips to Auburn in ’12 and ’13 we now have a home slate that is far more attractive in even years since Tennessee, Auburn, and Georgia Tech are all in Sanford those years.

    The odd numbered years are going to be crappy slates in Athens if South Carolina and Mizzou stay down and we don’t have any big name opponents from the West or non-conference opponents like Clemson, ND, etc.


  3. Bob

    Flat out sucks. That home schedule is depressing. EVERY team should be required to play 11 Power 5 teams or Power 5 equivalents. Still, we schedule better than anyone else is our conference.


  4. Macallanlover

    It is difficult for anyone to give you a valid reason for what seems indefensible, to me. Why ask for less quality football? Is there any other sport/entertainment where the fans request to be given less of what they purport to love? And they get charged increasingly more for the inferior product. I can understand the Murray State and UMASS angle for cash but subsidizing them is not going to change the landscape of any D1 program, just short changes the supporters. Like turning down a double shot of Pappy’s for some Old Crow to leave some money for the panhandler on the street corner.


    • Got Cowdog?

      Well said.


    • Gotta figure out how to give the 3rd teamers some playing time. Slippery Rock in 2019?


    • lakedawg

      Mac, maybe just me but only getting 4 SEC home games and playing 5 on road every year, plus hp,e and home with Tech would force us to always schedule these type games. We would never be able to do a Clemson or Notre Dame home and home because we could end up with o ly 5 home games one year and that would not pay the bills.


      • Macallanlover

        I realize our economics are unique due to JAX but that four is actually 4 and 1/2 each year isn’t it since UGA makes as much money as it would if we play a home and home with FU? All conference schools would have a four and five rotation for home conference teams.

        The mandatory GT home and home is self imposed. I realize there is support for that by a majority of fans but that is lessening every year. I can foresee the time it will be like Clemson and Ga Southern, played every few years, not annually. I doubt I see that in my lifetime, but then moving from six to nine conference games is a major change too. I would rather have another SEC West game than play GT every year but that is just one opinion.

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  5. Gatorhater27

    When does the new open records 90 day waiting period law go into effect?


      • Gatorhater27

        Thanks, I’d been wondering why all these recent articles keep mentioning Open Records Requests being responded to so quickly. I wonder how they are going to address simple things like scheduling once this new law goes into effect.


        • My guess is that they will gauge the impact of the story/info. Anything that doesn’t matter will be answered pretty quickly…say a couple weeks. If Smart determines it to be sensitive/impactful it will be 89 days and 23 hours.


          • DawgPhan

            are you suggesting that Smart will be spending precious energy deciding which requests get handled instead of focused solely on winning championships..

            that would actually be totally the Georgia way..Smart missing some practice every week to sift through the FOIA requests and deciding how quickly they should be answered.



  6. 3rdandGrantham

    Umass gets 1.5 mil, plus our bball team has to give them a home game. Murray State, meanwhile, only gets 500K and Chick-fil-A to-go boxes for the team after the game.

    Boy, do the Murray State AD and ADGM have a lot in common or what? Heck, ADGM probably offered him 1.5 mil, he countered at 150K, and after some more wrangling they finally settled on that 500K figure.


  7. PharmDawg

    I’ve stuck with the Dawgs through winning and losing, but this would be a reason to give up season tickets and just StubHub it to quality games I want to see. (Especially since concessions are still slow and bathrooms still suck.)


  8. Otto

    I sill believe the SEC schedule should not be changed. However, UGA should always have an additional P5/Regular BCS crasher on the schedule in addition to GT.


  9. Gaskilldawg

    Is it any worse than this year with Nichols State and Louisiana Lafeyette? I guess the difference would be North Carolina is probably better than whomever in 2018.


  10. Go Dawgs!

    I would rather lose a game at Oklahoma State or Colorado than beat f’ing Massachusetts at home. I’m sure that the UGAAA will not be lowering ticket prices as a result of lowering the quality of the product they’re selling us. What a damn joke.


    • Otto

      I had rather play UNC, GT, Nichols State and Louisiana Lafeyette and be in position for a national title run. Which granted I don’t see this year.

      An 8 game SEC schedule, 2 P5 out of conf. games (GT and another team) is enough to create a strong schedule. I had rather not risk the injuries and schedule blemish on another big game.


    • Bad M

      Most people felt that way until we lost to Oky St and Boise St.


  11. Normaltown Mike


  12. Will (The Other One)

    Well, Eason should be able to pad some career stats before going pro in those two games at least.


  13. Bright Idea

    I’m OK with the Florida game staying in Jax but giving up that date every other year has to be affecting the who, what, when and where of creating a schedule. Also just because we want to see powerhouses come to Athens doesn’t mean that they want to come. No doubt we have been stooping mighty low with scheduling lately.


  14. 92 grad

    Makes me think of the Oregon series from the late 80’s. I wonder how much we paid them for a home and away and if it was part of their strategy to build up into what they are today? In other words, Umass might be another Oregon in a few years.


  15. Bob

    Double well said.


  16. Name two games I won’t be going to in 2018, for $200 Alex!


  17. sniffer

    When do we play Notre Dame? Isn’t it soon?


  18. PTC DAWG

    A 9th conference games gives UGA zero leeway in scheduling OOC games…