A quarterback timetable, of sorts

I’m not sure this is quite as specific a thing as Marc Weiszer interprets it to be, but it is a thing nonetheless.

Meanwhile, Georgia coach Kirby Smart signaled Thursday that it could be deep into August before the Bulldogs sort out their quarterback pecking order, but he did lay out a timetable of sorts to determine a starter.

Fifth-year senior Greyson Lambert, redshirt junior Brice Ramsey and freshman early enrollee Jacob Eason are competing for the job.

“Each one of them can throw it,” Smart said Thursday on SiriusXM. “Some throw it better than others. Some make better decisions than others and some handle the huddle better than others. We’ve got to sit down and figure this thing out in the first 20 or so practices (in the preseason) to start dissecting who the guy’s going to be.”

I suppose that boils down to what he means by “dissecting”.  That could be anything from an established pecking order to more time in the film room trying to get a handle on things.

What’s perhaps of more interest is that as much as Smart harped on quarterback mobility in an earlier discussion with Stewart Mandel, the immediate dilemma appears to turn on a different factor.

Smart said each of three candidates’ ability to communicate “is probably the No. 1 thing,” a quarterback needs.

“If you have one guy that can fix a guy on the line of scrimmage, can say it right, it just takes so many errors and self-inflicted wounds out of the problem if you can just communicate,” he said. “Some guys do that better than others. There’s a lot of value in that.”

Smart said recently that Lambert’s ability to “fix” things on offense is one of his stronger attributes. He said on G-Day coaches didn’t have a lot of shifts and motions and “crazy stuff” but kept it simple.

I don’t know if that’s a way of keeping all three in the mix as long as possible to ensure the greatest amount of competition or if it’s simply a heads up to us not to be surprised if Number 11 steps out in the Dome to take the first snap from center in the opener.

Or it could simply be that the coaches right now aren’t any more certain of who winds up being the guy as we are.


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22 responses to “A quarterback timetable, of sorts

  1. John Denver is full of shit...

    Eason is QB1.

    that is all


  2. DawgPhan

    I know this is a new coaching staff and I have far more confidence in these offensive guys than I did for the previous guy, but part of what sank the QB thing last year was not making a decision and splitting the reps.

    No one is getting better when they split reps. Make a decision and go with it. One of these guys needs to get as many reps as possible before the season starts so they can get better.

    If we spend another fall camp splitting reps and guessing who the QB is going to be things are not going to be good under center this fall.

    One of these guys will pull away from the pack during the summer. they have to, there isnt another option.


    • I’m with you on this one. However I was under the impression that these coaches are trying to head off the risk of transfer from one of the other 2 scholarship QB not chosen which can even include Eason. Doubtful on Eason but one can never know.


      • JCDAWG83

        Lambert is not going to transfer, he only has one year of eligibility remaining and he’s not going to go to yet another team, especially considering how weak he looked last season. He knows next year is his last year of organized football and he can be on the Georgia team or a D2 team.

        Ramsey probably won’t transfer either. If he didn’t leave after last season, he isn’t going anywhere. It seems to me that Ramsey has accepted he is not going to be the starter and he is OK with that. From things I’ve read, he’s not really motivated to put in the extra work to be the starter. I look for him to be a capable backup and a pretty good punter.

        Eason has never taken a college football snap when he wasn’t wearing a non-contact jersey. No one knows how he’s going to react when there is a real likelihood of being hit by a very large, very fast, very mean defensive player. He was not only the best player on the field in pretty much every high school game he ever played, he was one of the larger players on the field. Neither of those conditions exist anymore.

        I look for Lambert to start the UNC game. He has the least downside at this time and the same will probably be true come September. Eason will probably see some early playing time but unless we have a comfortable lead or we are very far behind, I don’t see him playing in the Dome against UNC.


  3. Macallanlover

    Those are the mart things to say (see what I did there?) and also the right things in my mind. While everyone is leaning towards Eason, he never took a snap under center, or checked off at the line in HS. Not saying he cannot get better at both in 4 months but not being able to get us into the right play at the LOS is a big issue to me. He also didn’t see much in the way of blitz schemes in the Spring and froze when he did last Saturday.

    If he cannot get the staff comfortable by mid-August I think Ramsey would be the starter for me at the Dome against UNC and try to work Eason in each game gradually to get his sea legs under him. But then, none of us see what everyone has done at practice thus far. I am OK with either of those choices, and maybe Lambert if the others cannot step it up. This is Lambert’s last season of eligibility so he would have to be significantly better than the others based on last season and last Saturday.


    • Macallanlover

      Excuse my lisp, “smart”.


    • SlobbberKnocker

      I was incredibly critical of Lambert’s play last year. However, I do accept that part of the issue could have been position coaching and play calling. I also accept that both of these could be vastly improved this year. I also accept that he is the only QB on the roster who has taken significant game snaps. All these things point to him being the starter in August. Now by the time me we get to October the picture could be vastly different.


      • dawgtired

        “could have been position coaching and play calling”

        Lambert is painful to watch. Even when we won I felt so frustrated after the game. He looked so uncomfortable in the pocket like he didn’t trust his receivers or his own decision making. The use of the TE’s like we THOUGHT would happen last year could be a big help to a struggling QB. He needs high % completion throws to large bodies that can catch in traffic. If the opponent’s safeties have to help the LB’s cover our TE’s, our WR’s should get more opportunities… and hopefully build some confidence for Lambert/Ramsey. I’m not counting on Eason early. The SEC is a harsh environment for Freshman QB’s. Our D will need to win the NC game for us…I hate we will be weakened on the DL for this one.


        • SlobberKnocker

          I completely agree. I often joked with my wife that I was going to the store to find a QB. That whatever I found would be better than what we had. I’m hopeful (maybe blind hope) that coaching can make him serviceable. Maybe actually throw one to a TE as you state.

          Also, I already see comments from Kirby that are very similar to Richt’s “get us in the right play”. Seems there is only one QB on the roster that can do that consistently, at least based on the comments of coaches.


  4. Semper Fi Dawg



  5. Russ

    Well, given that Kirby saw Lambert first-hand last season, I can’t believe he’d actually put Lambert out there as the first choice. This has to be a contrived competition to push all three to improve, and keep anyone from transferring. Make sure Ramsey keeps punting as well.


    • PTC DAWG

      Who threw the pick 6 that broke open the Bama game?


      • Who couldn’t move the team when we needed to knock out a couple of first downs that led to the short punt and bomb and the blocked punt TD that ended the game? The game was broken open before Ramsey threw the pick 6.


  6. Lambert was lucky not to have 10 picks last year. Him as #1 will be Kirby’s first big mistake. We all knew that Joe T was not better than Stafford, and we all know Lambert is not better than Eason. Start Eason and let him sling it and learn the college and SEC game. The future is now.


    • sniffer

      Kirby must pick his poison. Try and win games with a subpar (by SEC standards) QB or build for the future. With the questions on the defensive side and new coaching staffs, I say play Eason and take our lumps in ’16 and build for ’17.


    • PTC DAWG

      Or unlucky he didn’t have a legit chance at going 11-1…if that TD pass was caught at the goal line in Knoxville, who knows? My scenario is more reasonable than yours, I will say that.


  7. Ramsey gives this team the best chance to win a championship of some kind now. Lambert gives us the best chance to win 9 or 10 games as a caretaker. We won’t win a championship with Eason, but we may get the same thing we’ll get with Lambert but with an experienced QB for ’17.


    • dawgtired

      I’m feeling this way as well. Ramsey has the tools to win but we can expect him to ‘throw’ a win away at some point with bad decisions. Lambert will lose one by ‘NOT throwing’ us into a win. Eason needs as much mop-up duty as possible this year to give him the experience he needs to be the man next year. As Eason begins to show he can manage the SEC level play, give him more and more time behind center.


    • DawgPhan

      I do love that people just can’t quit Ramsey.

      I mean I know that people love a backup QB, but the way people talk about him as being even remotely capable of playing sec football is amazing to watch.

      bless your heart…


      • It’s my opinion based on what I see which I admit is limited. I’m sure Smart and Chaney are calling you for advice on the starting QB decision.

        I’m not saying Ramsey is the best or should start. What I am saying is that he appears to have the best skills to win big now. If Eason were a sophomore or a RS freshman with a year in the system, I would say the same about him. If you think we’re going to contend to win a championship with Lambert, you better hope that Chaney can turn him into a guy who can make plays against good defenses because we didn’t see that at all last year. Otherwise, let’s write off the year, let Lambert start with Eason getting reps and lose to UNC, Ole Miss Tennessee and Florida. Then, turn it over to Eason to get ready for 2017.


  8. Bad M

    Lambert will start vs. N Carolina. They just trust him more and a real game is different than practice. Smart won’t want the team to look sloppy, he’ll be nervous and will go with his veteran. Both will get some playing time in the Nichols St game. The rest plays out depending on how Eason looks vs a live defense. If the speed of the game looks a little too much for Eason or a real pass rush rattles him, Lambert will keep starting until (not if, but when) he (Lambert) throws two or three bad picks in a game. And he will.

    Absolute latest Jacob takes over is by South Carolina. If no one has established themselves the coaches will be nervous about Tenn will and keep Lambert in. Lambert will look bad against the Vols and then it will be Eason time the rest of the way. If on the other hand, Eason looks as poised as he did in the spring game by Mizzu…well then everyone will go out of their freakin minds.

    The sooner Chubb comes back, the better for Lambert. If the whole offense struggles, they will have to do something different.


  9. Gurkha Dawg

    I think the offensive line has to be somewhat competent before putting Eason in against real SEC competition. If Eason gets his clock cleaned a couple of time by some bad ass DE it could shatter his confidence. The SEC is a way faster game than anything Eason has faced. Not saying he should not play in 16, I hope he does. We just need to be careful not to put him in a situation he is not ready for and have it effect his future.