“I know where he’s coming at. I know it’s a set up.”

Dial this clip up to the 1:30 mark and listen to Kirby’s great response to Saban’s and Spurrier’s suggestion that Georgia is the best coaching job in the SEC.


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10 responses to ““I know where he’s coming at. I know it’s a set up.”

  1. Cojones

    Kirby is increasingly being put between a hard and a hard place. “Win or you are a piece of shit.” is not the banner I want a new UGA coach to see unfurled in front of him. A little help from your “friends” does more to increase that pressure than relieve it. Bet Kirby wishes he had never challenged 93k of us to fill the stadium. Another brick on top of the load is all that he will be interviewed about from now to midseason.

    A friend called yesterday to tell me that Kirby was going to be interviewed on Finebaum. I told him when things get interesting, then I’ll listen, otherwise, they can piss up a rope. I worked outside instead and was rewarded with the sighting of a Red-Breasted Grosbeak, a pair of Towees and a Brown Thrasher. Much more interesting.

    • Kirby is increasingly being put between a hard and a hard place.

      The inevitable result when the people who should be dealing with athletic department management aren’t good at what they do.

  2. Granite-Dawg

    PLUS 1!!

  3. simpl_matter

    Spurrier is just trying to work some slack into the line for Muschamp. Self-serving SOB.

  4. JasonC

    Wait! If Saban really thinks that Georgia is the best job in the SEC then McGarity screwed up big time, he should have gone after Nick and left Kirby at Bama.

    As far as Spurrier is concerned, he can die and I won’t shed a tear.

    • simpl_matter

      Too bad death isn’t a popularity contest. Prince would be alive today and Spurrier, well, I have to say he’d probably still be alive, too. No ounce of love for the man, but his snark makes this world more interesting.

      • Cojones

        Not when he is snarking at my University.

        • simpl_matter

          Don’t get me wrong, he’s said some sh*t about UGA that he could never make up for. His comment back in 2007 about beating us being no big deal will always burn in my memory, “heck, Vandy beat them last year” or something to that effect.

  5. Semper Fi Dawg

    I was fine with Spurrier’s comment. I took it for what it was: just another shot at UGA for not winning anything in like 40 yrs it seems. Take shots all day long b/c its pretty much true until we win something other than the Gday game

  6. JBlack-Ice in Germany

    Guy cut his some slack! The Ole Ball Coach makes the college football world what it is… the best fan based game in the world! While he riles most of us UGA fans just with the mere mention of his name, his knowledge and insight of the game is off the charts! I think his assessment of the UGA Coaching position serves two fold… first the talent based in Georgia alone dictates that UGA should be in the top 5 signing classes in the nation each and every year! secondly, this is a feeble attempt to divert pressure to the Georgia program away from both that South Carolina Chickens and also the Florida Gay-Turds! I suspect that he thinks if UGS stutters it will give them foder to use with recruits!