A twofer MPC

I have a version of “Honky Tonk Women” performed by Prince on my iPod and hoped I could find the clip on YouTube to share yesterday.  Alas, no such luck.  Fortunately, it turned up on my Twitter feed this morning, so you lucky ducks get to hear it after all.  Enjoy.

Bad.  Ass.


UPDATE:  ZZ Top’s Billy Gibbons on Prince’s guitar playing?  Yeah, you might want to read that.


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8 responses to “A twofer MPC

  1. gastr1

    Hadn’t seen this, and of course it’s great. Thanks for sharing!


    Thanks for this, Prince was/is one of my favorites.

  3. Tronan

    He could do pretty much anything if he put his mind to it. And he put his mind to a lot of things.

  4. Red Cup

    That is now my favorite Rolling Stines and Prince song

  5. DavetheDawg

    I play guitar. If I had a fraction of Prince’s talent, I’d be shouting it from the nearest/highest mountaintop. And that is the thing about the Man: His ability on this single instrument is so awesome, but seldom do we see his name mentioned in these “top 10” type lists and I don’t think he gave a damn. His focus was always on a broader scope of what music is and just let his playing do the talking, although people think of him as this magical hybrid performer. This guy could flat out rock with the best of anyone who came before and will come down the tracks after. What a talent. What a loss.

  6. greg63

    He was the music of my late teens forward. He was always my favorite artist. When we still went to the record store I was there at opening time to buy anything new he released. I saw him over a dozen times and they were all unique. His passing hit me hard. I was surprised at the feelings of loss I felt. He will be missed.

    If you want to really hear him completely shred something purchase his 3 disc set called “One Nite Alone Live”. It’s hard to find and expensive, but worth it. On the 3rd disc he does a 10+ minute version of Joy in Repetition and the guitar playing is just insane. He was really one of a kind.