Who needs a Gus Bus…

… when you’ve got a Boom Bus?

I wonder what kind of noise the horn makes.


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15 responses to “Who needs a Gus Bus…

  1. Puffdawg

    Video of Boom Bus in action at 2:22 mark.


  3. Gatriguy

    Cackalacki could have the bang bus and it still wouldn’t help Boom recruit to that dump. Columbia blows. For real.

  4. He’s the perfect coach to lead them back to obscurity.

  5. Macallanlover

    Sure the horn is rated X if he recorded it. Boom has already served notice that he plans to kick KS’s arse. He will need better personnel that what I am seeing.

  6. 81Dog

    It’s a scream followed by a lot of whining.

  7. old dog

    I always liked the Boom stare…you know, the player misses a block and out comes the ‘I’m gonna rip your head off and eat it’ look…😉

  8. IndyDawg

    A farting noise.

  9. AusDawg85

    I’d mock it, but the Carolina G&B guys already did a great job!