Forget it, Dawgnation. It’s Athens.

Alright, ‘fess up.  Who gave Juwuan Briscoe the keys to Mudcat’s car?

Georgia cornerback Juwuan Briscoe was arrested Saturday night on two traffic-related misdemeanors.

The sophomore was charged with failing to wear a seat belt and not having a license, according to the Clarke County Jail online booking report.  The arresting agency was the University of Georgia police.

Briscoe was booked into jail at 9:07 p.m. and released  at 10:11 pm. Each charge had a $500 bond.

Obviously the reach out to Jimmy Williamson’s been a smashing success.

The saddest part of this is that I find I can no longer work up a sense of outrage over it.  And believe me, I tried.


UPDATE:  Make what you will of this.


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  1. Un-freaking-believable. I didn’t think you could be pulled over for just not wearing a seat belt (I’m probably wrong about that).

    President Morehead should fire Jimmy Williamson today for this one. His group of Barney Fifes are ridiculous.

    Not wearing a seat belt is dumb. Pulling someone over just because they don’t have on a seat belt is dumber.

    • SlobberKnocker

      I agree but it’s worse than that, they actually arrested him! Can someone explain how things isn’t a simple ticket?

      • SlobberKnocker

        This, not things. Sorry

      • mwo

        Because he is an athlete in Athens. Harassment and profiling pure and simple. Unlike the senator, I can muster outrage against Jimmy. Somewhere, sometime, his mother, wife, daughter, sister, or some other female related to him was screwed over by a football player and he is forever holding a grudge. Or maybe he tried to play football at UGA and was about as good at that as he is being a decent human being.

      • That’s dumbest or dumb@$$!

      • PTC DAWG

        No license will get you arrested every time…

        • I know people who were not arrested. They were given a ticket and watched their car being towed away. Pure bullshit on the way this was handled.

          After paying the ticket, wrecker and impound fee the lesson was learned. Handcuffs are not necessary.

      • Sh3rl0ck

        In my county, about half of the arrests are for driving without a license. A drivers license is just like any other government licensing. They take away your right to do something and then sell it back to you as a privilege. Never forget that your government will kill you over a $3 parking ticket.

  2. 79Dawg

    Remember all those people who said we just needed a coach like Saban who the kids feared more, and they’d stop doing dumb stuff like this? Good times…

    • Charles

      Let’s see how it looks over time. I don’t think it’s about fear; I think it’s about attention to detail and control. Smart will have programs in place to prevent this kind of thing now that he’s getting a taste of it. Or he won’t, and it will continue.

    • Debby Balcer

      My first thoughts were those exactly…guess the arrest had nothing to do with Mark Richt.

  3. 79Dawg

    Also, pretty sure if a football player gets as topped in T-town without a license, proper police procedure is for offiicer to drive him to the DMV…

  4. Bob

    Damn Mark Richt! Nice guy but instills no DISCIPLINE. Is the arrest ridiculous? Yep. But guys have got to THINK. In the Army we used to give safety briefings til we could stand them no longer. I hope the coaches are doing the same to these players. Athens is different than the Loveliest Village or Auburn by the Lake or Hotlanta or Red Stick. You would think guys would get it by now.

    • Bob

      On the other hand, most likely there would not have been an arrest had the arresting officer found out the guy without a seat belt, also happened to be without a drivers license. Duh!

  5. 1smartdude

    The arrest was probably related to the reason he didn’t have a drivers license to begin with. There’s usually a reason for that too. The seats belt is a non arresting offense. A revenue charge of $15.

    • I’m sure every other person in Athens who went out to run an errand, left his/her driver’s license at home and got pulled for not wearing a seat belt while observing every other meaningful traffic law ends up with a mug shot, fingerprinting, and $500 bond in the Clarke County jail.

      The officer could have run the plate or the DMV record and gotten the information … If he wanted to.

      • PTC DAWG

        Gotten what info? No license is just that…it will get you arrested, everytime. He didn’t leave his license at home…

        • I understand that. Do you really think a UGA cop would have pulled over anyone else for not having on a seat belt and not committing some other moving violation?

          It was dumb by Briscoe and just as dumb by Barney Fife.

          • PTC DAWG

            Yes, I have seen it done locally where I live. They do it for this exact reason, they are usually dummies and have other more serious violations.

            • Napoleon BonerFart

              Ptc is right. Not wearing a seatbelt is a public health crisis. We can’t let these thugs roam free to endanger our lives, our freedom, and our sacred honor by choosing not to wear seatbelts. Thank God for the selfless public servants of the UGAPD who risk their own lives by bringing these terrorists (no other word for them, really) to justice.

        • AntiJorts

          i don’t and won’t claim to know anything about law, but I’ve never seen ia charge worded as “failure to present a license.” Is that different than driving without a license?

  6. AntiJorts

    Can’t Kirby ask every player to bring their driver’s license to practice so we can get a handle on this nonsense? It’s clear that the UGA cops aren’t going to stop arresting players for whatever they can……

    • MLB2

      They can designate all of the new support staff personnel for chauffeur duty during the evenings.

      • Castleberry

        I believe driving a player somewhere is a secondary violation. I see the comments that no license gets you arrested every time… I just have to wonder if some kid named Bryce getting stopped in Alpharetta really gets arrested – and not a call to the parents.

  7. Macallanlover

    Driving without a license should not be an offense that gets you arrested.
    Driving without a seat belt should not even be a law. Seat belt laws should only exist for people under 12.
    Officers wasting time on penny ante BS should be reprimanded for spending more than 3 minutes n this…get back to cruising the neighborhoods and campus and protecting the citizens from serious crime. Taxpayers should ask/demand the Sheriff and Police Chief to train their officers on how to spend their time more wisely.

    Meanwhile, UGA gets headlines equaling “Time to Die bitch” in Gainesville and rape consultation in KnoxVegas. Arrest is an arrest.

    • Mac, I agree although I think seat belts should be required to 18. You’re talking about the UGA police. They don’t know what a serious crime would be, and as a father of a student, I hope they don’t have to find out often. I doubt the ACCPD would have done this unless there was another moving violation involved.

      • Macallanlover

        Let’s compromise at 16. If you are old enough to earn a license you should be bright enough/old enough to make a decisionon your own. God knows it is required once you move into traffic.

  8. Justin

    I know this will sound really naive… do they really arrest people for not wearing a seatbelt? Is that an Athens thing? A Georgia thing? A “let’s fuck with athletes” thing?

    • The arrest was probably for not having his license because they would say he shouldn’t drive the car back to his dorm room/apartment. I assume there’s officer discretion for these cases which I’m sure the Head Fife doesn’t allow.

    • PTC DAWG

      Did you read the article? No license was the offense…not he left his DL at home, no license. Still, if he had of been buckled up, no stop. Stupid is as stupid does. If you have no license, at least be smart enough to not draw attention to yourself.

      We had an old truck on our farm in South Ga, no working headlights, you think we ever drove it at night?

  9. HVL Dawg

    What are you boys all worked up over? Misdemeanor arrest.

    Have you forgotten there’s a new Sheriff in town?

    Ain’t no players missing no games unless Kirby says so.

    “I hope this helps us win a National Championship.”

  10. PTC DAWG

    No license was what got him arrested….the seat belt was a throw up in. Yes, they can pull over for not wearing one. Yes, it should be a law too, saves us all money. Don’t want to wear one, build your own private road and drive all day without it, and don’t cry to your insurance when you get in a minor wreck and run up major bills because your head went through the windshield.

    Still both charges misdemeanors, so not really a big deal.

    • Macallanlover

      Yep, because we have all seen our insurance rates drop since the nanny state dictated adults could not choose to belt themselves, or not. Naïve if anyone thinks this isn’t just another intrusion of government into private lives to control behavior. I get it with children not old enough to make that decision, but adults? Come on. Just one of so many outrageous new rules and laws that reflect someone’s opinion. (How about gubmint telling what you cn send to school in the child’s lunch? Damn!)

  11. Ejection

    Is not wearing a seatbelt still a thing?

    • PTC DAWG

      My thoughts too.

    • Gravidy

      Yes. It is (and always has been) a thing which allows police officers to stop a motorist and look for other violations.

      • Cousin Eddie

        Yep, we have a winner. As told by several police officer friends, they use this to pull suspicious looking vehicles. Was told by one officer that most of his DUI stops come from no seat belts, or seatbelt “checks” and several arrest come from this law. He felt like it was written in a way to legally pull a vehicle over for suspicion and get away with it, even if they have on a seat belt.
        And my wearing a seat belt doesn’t effect your safety so why should it be a law enforced by tax dollars. Don’t give me ‘saving insurance companies money” because if that was the case McDonalds and Cigarettes would be out lawed.

  12. NCDAWG

    Had a friend just hit head on by a driver who had side swiped another car 200 yards back. No arrest here in NC but an arrest in Athens for no seat belt and license. I don’t know what’s worse. Maybe we should practice and live in NC and play games in Athens.

  13. dawgfan

    We have thousands of illegal aliens crossing our borders commiting crimes and the locals and Homeland security do nothing. Why don’t they try arresting some real criminals for a change, putting them in jail, and posting their picture on the internet! This country is so screwed up.

    BB guns and now seat belts? Really? Our tax dollars at work!

    • Don in Mar-a-Lago

      “We have thousands of illegal aliens crossing our borders committing crimes and the locals and Homeland security do nothing.”

      Sure, they doing something. But Fatherland Security and CBP need to step up their game. Sad.

    • Macallanlover

      Back to back laughable arrests, both will result in missed games….not funny!

      • The Dawg abides

        I’m not so sure there will be suspensions. Under the old staff misdemeanor traffic offenses were not grounds for suspension. Only things like DUI or leaving the scene of an accident.

        • Macallanlover

          Agree, this may not but we have held players back for similar misdemeanors. Also, the BB gun incident is looming.

    • Bazooka Joe

      Because it isnt about the arrest, or big brother creeping into our lives. Its about a money stream into the city/county coffers. Same reason it is so easy to get these things changed to lesser charges – as long as you pay the man.
      Budgets drop, they look for new ways to get $$. This is one of them. Abuse of the confiscating items in drug deals is another (note I said abuse of…), speed traps in Waldo Florida is the poster child (they even admitted it on 60 minutes and the local population supports them because they target out of town drivers – the locals know exactly where they are).

  14. Mediocre Dawg

    But I thought we got rid of the coach who didn’t care about winning and disciplining his players?

    • Otto

      Misdemeanors that would likely never hit the news scanner at most of our rivals or Huntley Johnson would have dismissed by Thursday.

  15. Cojones

    Everyone down here knows that you will be pulled over in a second for not wearing a seat belt. You should inspect your vehicles for lights, etc to make sure you aren’t pulled over for other safety factors. If I’ve had a drink with or without dinner, I make sure me and my car are in good repair before driving.

  16. Judge Dawg

    You cannot tell whether a person has a license without stopping the car. You cannot see whether there is a seat belt after 9:00 pm. There is no reason not to give a ticket . The driver is not going anywhere nor is he dangerous. This borders on a civil rights violation.

  17. I once didn’t have my license and they let me go. Maybe they feel the need to show Smart and company who is really boss around these parts but Jimmy and ACCPD are out of hand.

  18. I’d like to ask Jimmy if he personally taught his officer to hold his gun sideways like a gangster when he goes to shoot some drunk kid on video. Was I the only one to notice this?

  19. DawgByte

    The officer should be suspended without pay for 1 month. Maybe he’ll use common sense next time. F’ing ridiculous.

  20. Martha Machado

    Most cars these days beep at you until you put on your seatbelt; it’s impossible to “forget” to put it on. Of course some people disconnect the mechanism in which case they’re playing with fire. As for the license, did he not have a license period, or did he have one but it was at home?

    If only this served as a lesson to everybody else it would be worth it, but we know that these kids don’t learn from each other’s mistakes. It’s only April, sheesh.

  21. Gurkha Dawg

    I was pulled over for speeding about 10 years ago. I had left my drivers license at home. The cop told me that because I did not have a picture ID he was supposed to take me to jail. He just warned me and said be more careful. Nice guy. Of course I was a 50 yo white guy driving a 60 thousand car. By the way the cop was black, not that that matters, like I said, he was a nice guy. Also, it was 8:00 AM.

  22. Bogart Double Dawg

    Again…really we should make sure all of players have licenses. For the ones that don’t, if they can legally get a license then we need to make sure they get one.

    Now, as someone who used to police full time for more than a decade (including many years ago with ACCPD) before moving on in my career in other directions let’s talk about this. First, the seatbelt law (which has been a primary offense for more than 15 years now) was forced upon the State of Georgia by the Feds through highway funding. Speaker Murphy made the maximum penalty $15 and it is a piddling offense. Personally I never wrote one.

    Nonetheless, the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety in Georgia has made it a priority for local agencies to write seatbelt tickets through the grant mechanisms the State awards. I am sure that these funds came from the Feds originally, and that is probably why the grants exist. I imagine state agencies (like the UGAPD) are under significant pressure to write seatbelt tickets. It is like the drinking age fiasco, the Feds impose their viewpoint upon the states by threatening to withhold money. Ultimately that is why there is a seatbelt law in Georgia (and a 21 year old drinking age).

    Many police agencies allow their officers to have discretion about making an arrest for an unlicensed driver, but many require an arrest. The rationale behind making the arrest mandatory is that there is little legal mechanisms for making an unlicensed driver appear in court if just released on a citation. A licensed driver will have their license suspended for not appearing, there is no license to suspend for an unlicensed driver. While a failure to appear warrant might be issued, those are in practice rarely served outside the county of issuance. Much less out of state.

    With a department like UGAPD, it is likely that the officer has little option but to effect a custodial arrest for an unlicensed driver in these circumstances by departmental policy. Perhaps their policies should consider differing treatments for students than the general public for arrest versus cite, but that opens a whole other can of worms that is probably best avoided (potential civil rights and equal treatment under the law issues).

    Now the above poster who mixes “Jimmy” and ACCPD. These are completely separate agencies, UGAPD and ACCPD do not operate the same or have the same leadership. While they both can have some bizarre policies, and Adams certainly influenced both greatly during his reign in Athens, fundamentally they have different populations they serve and different missions.

    Forgive me Senator for the next digression, but the above poster also raised an issue that needs clarification with the ACCPD shooting. All indications, and the publicly released video, show a clean shooting. Drunk people can shoot police officers just as sober people can. If you are told not to reach for a gun sticking out of your pockets, and then you lower your hands reaching for a gun while an officer is pointing a pistol at you expect, to get shot. The young man is lucky he is not dead, and that he was not shot more times. Both of those outcomes would have been legal under Georgia and Federal law. He is fortunate to appear to be in a condition to recover.

    As for the canted pistol grip by the officer, that is often used when holding a firearm with one hand (it isn’t likely completely sideways remember the camera’s angle messes with perception). That grip is taught by many firearms instructors. Even if the grip was inappropriate tactically speaking, which it probably was not, in a deadly force situation things are extremely stressful for everyone and tactics often break down.

    Don’t let a football player’s error in driving without a seatbelt and license (which will probably cost him about $515) color your judgment about another agency’s officer who was faced with a deadly force situation.

    • Macallanlover

      Absolutely true about the need for police to protect themselves. When I see/hear the suspect was resisting arrest, I hold them accountable for anything that happens after. That doesn’t mean the police should shoot everyone who arrests, but the citizen resisting puts everything into play at that point and the officer should err on the side of his/her own safety.

      We have a court system to deal with guilt or innocence, citizens should not challenge their authority to bring charges and too many officers are killed or injured not being forceful enough, or acting soon enough. Of course there are examples of bad judgement by police, but no one is asking to excuse that. Suspects white, black, student, or athlete, should surrender when told to stop. We were all taught that, weren’t we? Cannot feel sorry when police are run from, or attacked, because they bring it on themselves.

      Why do campus police even have arrest privileges, there is no UGA court/judge? Seems they should apprehend and then call for a “real officer” to make the decision concerning arrest. That way the Athens and Clarke County offiers could play the role of Nick Saban and say “we don’t have time for that shit” when told it is a BB gun or seatbelt violation. Kind of like the 911 operator will not send EMTs to your house for a hangnail, it is a judgement call.

      • Campus police are sworn law enforcement officers and state employees. I don’t have a problem with their ability to arrest. I have a problem with their apparent Barney Fife approach to law enforcement. That’s a tone at the top issue that only President Morehead can deal with.

        • Macallanlover

          LEOs, in my mind, must have a judicial jurisdiction to back up their enforcement. Counties, cities, states, and feds do, campuses do not. Have no issue with them apprehending, holding, and being witnesses, but they have no way to adjudicate the people they apprehend, let a legit, comprehensive judicial body handle the actual arrest procedures. Doesn’t stop the campus guys from doing their jobs but they are intermediaries. Just an opinion.

          • The campus PDs were created by acts of the Georgia General Assembly. They have the same power within their jurisdiction that any other state-approved LE agency does.

    • Uglydawg

      I love it when someone actually has facts, common sense and experience. Great post.

    • Bazooka Joe

      I read in another article that he told the cop he tried to get his Ga license but failed the test. i guess we now know why it takes the D so long to pick up new schemes and plans…..

  23. rick marbles

    i got pulled over in athens in 2000 for not wearing a seatbelt. cop was sitting at the stop sign near cloverhurst and bloomfield and looking for people rolling the stop sign and/or not wearing a belt. Sounds legit under the ga statutes.

    id also say that given how badly people are hurt in minor accidents unrestrained, as much as it is sort of my instinct to say ‘up to you to be stupid’, i feel like its a good law. I’d guess that some significant MVC trauma after midnight doesnt involve seatbelts and that population is often under or uninsured, in which case a relatively minor accident turns into millions of dollars of ICU care in a hurry

  24. PTC DAWG

    Has it been determined if he had a valid license or not? If he did, the arrest is BS….I do not care if he had it on his person or not.

  25. lakedawg

    Guess we are leDing the Fulmer cup standings at this point. No one probably warned Kirby of Athens PD, which he did not have to worry about on Tuscalooser.

  26. Gurkha Dawg

    Ya’ll should watch that video of the cop that shot the guy at the gas station. He showed great restraint. He almost had an MI chasing that guy. “I can’t chase him no more, shit! Fucking kid! Dammit.” The dumbass perp had a GA hat on. Just great.

  27. I don’t know how so many kids on the team have suspended licenses. That should be easy to track and easy to fix.

    Not so easy to fix is the attitude of the Officers in and around Athens. If you are a football player–you know damn well that the Police are targeting you…and the more bad press they can bring about against the football team the better. Knowing this–why don’t the players stop doing stupid shit? They should be extra careful–and expect that they will be caught and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law…because they are football players.

    If I was the football team I would go full on Missouri Strike until they changed something so that the football team wasn’t targeted. I think this kid was in the wrong. But an arrest is just too much. Yes the kids need to have more common sense–but the police should too. They are supposedly the adults in the situation and they have been going way overboard for years.

    If not a full on sit down strike, someone should really start selling t-shirts “Persecuted by the ACCPD” with an arrow pointing up above it. And “Fire Jimmy Williamson.” Let the players start showing up on Facebook, in instagram, to interviews, and in news papers wearing them…you know they would sell like crazy. Any group can play at the bad press game–and with the spotlight the football players are in–they would easily win.

  28. Ty Webb

    Drive unlicensed, go to jail. It’s that simple.

  29. Statesburr

    As a former US Army First Sergeant my soldiers provided their Drivers Licenses to their Platoon Sergeants. Those that did not have DVRL we provided DDC for them and the tools to obtain the DVRL… Maybe the Dir. of Player Development/Relations should take a look if licensing is an issue…