I know I’m no defensive coordinator…

… but why, exactly, was that such a great idea?

By the way, Georgia was 11th and 8th in the SEC in sacks per game over those two seasons.


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12 responses to “I know I’m no defensive coordinator…

  1. Greg

    Just a guess here, but thinks Pruitt did a lot to cover the weaknesses of the secondary last year. Overall D’ was not that bad. I am gonna miss Pruitt….I thought we were building something with him.

  2. Skeptic Dawg

    While no expert, I am of the opinion that Floyd was too thin to consistently rush the QB in the SEC with great success. His size made it far too easy for a OT to take him out of the play. Great kid with great talent, just undersized.

    • merk

      We also played 2 Triple Option based teams and 2 other teams had worse QBs than us (Auburn & Mizzou). Clearly, other teams in the SEC played Auburn and Mizzou, but it does help to look better when you do not play good QBs.

      • Greg

        Still….no matter how you shake it, the dawgs were 7th in the nation in total D’ and 8th in the nation in points allowed. Averages, all teams are working with them. I just hope the next guy is as good as the one before, the offense will be better imo.

  3. W Cobb Dawg

    I suppose it could be any number of reasons: playing to Floyd’s strengths, disguising weaknesses, playing spread offenses, etc.

    Surprised to see some ‘analysts’ projecting Floyd to go in the first round, in what they say is a strong draft along the defensive front. Shows how desperate teams are for pass rushers, I guess.

  4. Red Cup

    Playing Floyd at Star in the 2014 beat down of Auburn was genius.

    • Because he decided that he was going to set the edge rather than try to run down every play … If he had done that against UF, we may have been able to control their power running offense in 2014.

  5. kckd

    I still don’t get why he is projected to go so high. To me, he was almost great. So many times he got pressure but couldn’t finish the drill on a sack.

    • Greg

      My guess is potential, he is still growing and maturing. Plenty of upside, I can’t think of many with his size and speed.