The secret to their success

Kevin Scarbinsky still thinks it’s cool to fellate Mike Slive.

That won’t please Sankey, but here’s something that should. Unlike the Pac-12 and the Sun Belt, the SEC understands the meaning of solidarity.

A number of things separate the SEC from its Power 5 conference brothers. Richer recruiting territories, more passionate fan bases, more opulent facilities, 250-pound Heisman quarterbacks and 242-pound Heisman tailbacks, to name a few.

Those advantages, you can see, but what makes the SEC unique among the big-boy conferences is something you can’t always see. It’s 14 schools realizing the power of their collective self-interest.

Mike Slive had a saying for it while he was trying to herd a lot of big cats in the same direction during his wildly successful tenure as commissioner. The schools might be split down the middle on an issue when they walk into a room, Slive would say with a grin, but when they walk out of that room – after proving “the First Amendment is alive and well in the SEC” – they walk out with a unanimous face.

A slight exaggeration, perhaps, but it’s no coincidence the greatest period of prosperity in SEC history, by virtually any measure, came on Slive’s watch.

Solidarity = prosperity.

Let that be a lesson to any SEC wannabes.

Yeah, SEC wannabes.  Pay no attention to the people who made Slive look a lot smarter than he really was.


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4 responses to “The secret to their success

  1. Walt

    “250-pound Heisman quarterbacks” Cam Newton? Tebow? Doubt if either played at 250 lbs. Besides, you can’t count on the GPOOE’s to come along every year can you?