Got a couple of hours to waste?

‘Cause I got your G-Day replay right here.

Watch Ramsey on his first scoring drive.  I know it was against the number twos, but when’s the last time you saw him look off and throw the ball with touch, the way he does at the 30:00 mark?  Chaney can coach quarterback a little.


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4 responses to “Got a couple of hours to waste?

  1. Uglydawg

    If I had to bet, I’d bet on Ramsy starting against NC.
    If his head is finally right, he will do very well.


    • 6claude

      Think it was against the ones unless I looked at a different throw.


    • Jared S.

      Overall, Ramsey would probably do very well if he started and completed a whole game. And he may just lead the Dawgs to victory against UNC if they started him…. and let him finish. The question is whether they will after he turns the ball over two or three times in the first half.


  2. W Cobb Dawg

    It’s never a “waste” of time watching the Dawgs! Only by dedicating oneself to following the Dawg’s every move can one reach Dawg nirvana.