Only in America

I’m sure some of you will vehemently disagree with me, but I sure find it strange to live in a place where the media have to apologize to fans of a football program for doing their job.

Which isn’t to say those guys are totally blameless – when it comes to snarking the AJ-C, I think I’ve established my street cred, so to speak – but, dayum, this really shouldn’t have to be written:

As for our part, reporting that Briscoe was arrested, I just have to say that it’s our job to do so. Arrests are public information and Briscoe, being a scholarship football player for the Georgia Bulldogs, is a public figure. Therefore, it’s our duty as reporters to simply let folks know this happened.

And the other part to consider here is that there’s a public interest in what’s being reported.  If we didn’t care about Georgia football as passionately as we do, the AJ-C and its peers wouldn’t care as much, either.

Okay, you can fire away now.


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  1. Normaltown Mike

    ehhhh, when did journalist start to give a crap about what non-paying “readers” think about them?

    This is as inane as the journalists who respond to the slobbering idiots that anonymously rant on twitter or a website (me included).

    You know what William Randolph Hearst or HL Mencken never did? Consult the graffiti over a pisser and then write an editorial response.



    I fully realize that arrest records are public record etc…but I just don’t care that much about it. Especially in a case like this, there was no victim…no harm done…not much at all..Obviously I am in the minority.

    Was it ever determined if he had a valid license or not? IF he did, the officer would easily have access to that record and an arrest was way over stepping the situation…IMHO.


  3. McTyre

    Agreed that factual reporting on a topic likely to captivate the target market doesn’t rate an explanation. Some fans dismayed that the AJC isn’t the marketing arm of UGA athletics either misunderstand capitalism or think media (and law enforcement) ought to have the “all in” mindset prevailing in Auburn, Knoxville, Tuscaloosa, Oxford, Columbus (OH), et al.


    • PharmDawg

      No problem with reporting the facts and don’t to hide news.

      However, the comment on marketing and AJC is laughable since journalists forget they aren’t the marketing arm of the Democratic Party and most journalists are all in for that. (Side note: pretty disgusted with politicians on either side of the aisle.) Wish AJC reported DNC politics the same ay they report UGA stories.

      Now back to Dawg talk… I do agree with others that Athens law enforcement could use more Andy and less Fife with athletes and non-athletes.


  4. ZerPointZero

    It’s low hanging fruit and guaranteed click bait. No apology required. It’s an easy story. I’d be more impressed if they wrote an in depth article on the gestapo practices of the UGA police, who is in charge over there, why are they still in charge, what makes them tick. Shine a little light in both directions. Then follow that up with an article about each school in the SEC/ACC and what their drug policies are, etc. I promise to click those articles for you and I’ll even click a couple ads too. What’s the seat 37F version of pissing off Chief Jimmy for a journalist? A cold dark cell?


    • A cold dark cell? They should be so lucky. You question Chairman Williamson at your own peril–each journalist would be summarily drawn and quartered.


    • A cold dark Cell!? They should be so lucky. You question Chairman Williamson at your own peril. I would think each journalist taking part in that kind of coverage would be summarily drawn and quartered.

      Wait–didn’t Kim Jung Un have his uncle executed for falling asleep in a meeting by shouting him with an anti-aircraft missile? Maybe he would use that punishment. Does Jimmy have access to one of those? Man I hope not–there might be a player on the team that carries a pocket knife.


    • Eldawg

      That would mean Chip would actually have to do his job and do some real reporting. Fat chance.


    • dubyadee

      And said story should include a comparison of bond amounts required on misdemeanor arrest in ACC v. the state as a whole. That would be really impressive.


  5. 3rdandGrantham

    Well, if there’s anything good that came from Briscoe’s arrest, its that Smart and ADGM have already begun to pressure the GA state legislature to enact a new resolution calling for the end of arrests for those without a license. Instead, they will have 90 days to produce a license/become a legal driver from the time the infraction occurred.


    • Derek

      I’m waiting for the legislature to pass out a “license to kill” like 007 has and to grant the privilege of prima nactae to every scholarship football player. That would get us a national championship and we should do it. You’ll only disagree if you’re a mamby bamby Richtophile who doesn’t like winning!.


  6. Hogbody Spradlin

    In this case I’m not buying it. Yeah there’s public interest, but Juwan Briscoe’s arrest, or not, doesn’t heal the naked, clothe the hungry, or feed the sick. It’s entertainment, and the AJC reports it to increase profit (or reduce loss). Spare me the ‘duty’ crap.


  7. TnDawg

    It is funny as hell that he is apologizing for reporting the arrest.
    Poor poor AJC. Picked on by readers. So sad.


  8. AusDawg85

    Just wanted to highlight this quote for public consumption:

    But I’m sure there is a good reason. If I’ve learned anything about the UGA Police and other local law enforcement in Athens, they follow the letter of the law. If they did as a lot of people suggest and just made on-the-spot judgments and let things slide, there could be serious repercussions. Just look around the nation where lax attitudes toward athletes from law enforcement has led to trouble.


    • There’s a big leap between driving without your license and accusations of rape, texting threats to your girlfriend, and discharging an AK-47 in public. Briscoe would have been escorted back to his dormitory and no charges filed. Someone needs to make an Andy Griffith parody of the UGAPD.


  9. Semper Fi Dawg

    It could be worse; imagine if someone like Paul FInebaum reported that Ludacris had requested trojans in his performance contract


  10. W Cobb Dawg

    Towers is like the “Randy” character in Silver Linings Playbook. He loves to “twist the knife” whenever anything negative arises about the Dawgs. Spare me the b.s. ‘I’m just reporting’.


  11. I mostly consider current day journalism nothing more than a byproduct of social media. Clicks and subscriptions now take precedent over truth and factual reporting. How much did Turner purchase Bleacher Report for? 100 million? 100 million for the TMZ of sports reporting.


  12. Tony Jackson

    When the AJC begins reporting ALL the News honestly, then maybe I’ll give them another shot. Given the FACT that it is owned & operated by Maoists, never misses a chance to race bait, & kisses the Democratic Ass on the mouf, THWTAJC.


    • 83dawg

      Oh man, I missed this conspiracy theory.

      So is it James Cox Kennedy, or Anne Beau Cox Chambers that are maoists, or both?

      They are both Capitalist billionaires…

      Liked the Ludacris reference, though (‘Word of Mouf’, 2001)


      • Tony Jackson

        Poor choice on my part, agreed. Perhaps simply stating they are “Establishment” (given its modern connotations) will suffice.


  13. Bright Idea

    It is the headlines that kill: “UGA player arrested” Oh, traffic violation.


  14. This whole story about what happened to Briscoe reminds me of what happened to my twin brother when his license was suspended and he had to go to jail for trying to use my drivers license. I believe we were stopped for a seat belt violation the same way. Its been over 20 years but I guess the laws are the same in Charlotte, NC as they are in Georgia. If you drive without a license you will go to jail. Of course my story wasn’t in the Charlotte news.