The early CW

Stewart Mandel has his first preseason top 25 list posted, and his view of Georgia at #19 is pretty consistent with the other lists I’ve seen to date.

19. Georgia (10-3): New coach Kirby Smart will not be lacking for talent, starting with star RB Nick Chubb’s return from injury. DE Lorenzo Carter and DT Trenton Thompson could thrive in his scheme. The Dawgs’ season largely hinges on how quickly incoming freshman QB Jacob Eason is ready to take the reins of coordinator Jim Chaney’s offense.

I’m thinking Chubb’s return will have a bigger impact on the season than Eason’s arrival, but who knows?  In the meantime, check out which squad is Mandel’s pick after Georgia.


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10 responses to “The early CW

  1. sniffer

    Two top 20 teams on our schedule, according to Mandel. How bad are the Gators?


  2. Aubum is not a top 20 team? Their fans say they will win the Natty this coming season.


  3. Vols are over rated. I just don’t see them higher than 23 or 24 if that


  4. Walt

    Last year’s SEC East winner is not even in the top 25, and 3rd best in the state of Florida. Tebow wept.


  5. Uglydawg

    That’s from January, but he has Ole’ Miss rated pretty highly. That should be Georgia’s toughest game of the season.


  6. lakedawg

    We will be favorites in every game except Ole Miss and Vols toss up. So looks like 11 wins minimum.


  7. JCDAWG83

    Bogus list, SC was not ranked as pre season national champs. Everyone knows they are going to win it all every pre season.


  8. waterloodawg

    I didn’t realize GC was DC at NC.