You’ve got your change and I’ve got mine.

Energy is nice

The change has also brought enthusiasm, with some players have stating how it could benefit the program in the long term.

“It’s a different atmosphere, a different energy,” outside linebacker Lorenzo Carter said. “I love Coach Richt. But it’s just different. You can tell.”

Carter likened it to changing seats in a classroom. There’s a new view and a new feel. Richt should certainly be proud of what he accomplished in 15 seasons. But Georgia let him go because of where his ceiling stood after his duration in Athens.

Coming out of the spring, you could sense not only the excitement in the fan base, evidenced by 93,000 fans out for the G-Day spring game, but by the players in how they felt about the direction of the program.

Safety Quincy Mauger agreed that G-Day put forth a statement as to what direction this program is headed.

“There is a lot of energy that Kirby has definitely brought to the table, along with all of the coaches and the leaders on this team,” Mauger said.

… but cut through the fluff and dial up this interview to about the 2:25 mark to get where the real change will come.  Emphasis on building depth on both lines is music to my ears.  Let’s hope he pulls that off with another year or two of recruiting.


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32 responses to “You’ve got your change and I’ve got mine.

  1. Georgia got a good coach here.

  2. The police targeting of football athletes at UGA is really something that has never changed.

  3. old dog

    Richt? Richt who?😉

  4. lakedawg

    All sounds good, but let’s put more than 10 wins a year on the record and we can all drink the Kool aid then.

    • Normaltown Mike

      c’mon man….don’t you want to read about how the seniors laid into some of the young guys and are being “vocal leaders” in the voluntary off season workouts?

      What about Jacob Eason and some the WR’s staying late to work on their timing and getting a feel for one another?

      Next you’ll be complaining about a “players only” meeting or some guy being a “coach on the field”.

    • 3rdandGrantham

      Why do people keep throwing around this 10 wins a year stuff? I’m going to assume you and others of your ilk are casual UGA fans at best. After all, during CMR’s final 7 years at UGA, he averaged 9.1 wins per year, with a winning % pretty much equal to Donnan (who was facing UF, UT and GT at their zenith.) Not exactly 10+ wins a year — far from it in fact.

      And even in years CMR got his 10 wins, most of them featured very few impressive wins with us mostly being dominated in big games. 2015 is a perfect example of this — we beat zero teams with a winning record from a P5 conference, got mostly trucked in big games, and had numerous ugly wins that easily could have been losses. His overall record against ranked teams over the past 7-8 years was pathetic — something like 13-28, and we had continual issues rear its ugly head over the years too (horrible roster management, mediocre recruiting, poor assistant coach hires, etc.)

      Yet, all of this conveniently is ignored, with Smart being given a new standard of 10+ wins yearly; otherwise he’s a failure, in which we should have just kept CMR. Absurd.

      • JCDAWG83

        Under Richt, 10 wins became the new undefeated at Georgia. I think Kirby needs to win 10 minimum in year 1. If Kirby doesn’t win the SEC by the end of year 3, it’s time to start looking for another coach. The Bulldog Nation does not need to fall in love with another coach who isn’t winning anything that matters. Outside of some sort of horrible injury year, like 2013, there is no excuse for Georgia to ever win less than 10 games a season playing in the SEC East.

        • 3rdandGrantham

          Your expectations are way out of tilt, imo. Has any first year SEC coach ever won 10 games? (I’m truly asking, not being rhetorical). You’re not only expecting a first year coach to win 10 games, you also expect him to (most likely) do it with a freshman QB.

          As for winning the SEC by year 3, if Saban is still at Bama, again those expectations are totally out of wack. Not to mention that, in order to win the SEC, you need quite a few bounces to go your way, along with some good luck.

          • Has any first year SEC coach ever won 10 games? (I’m truly asking, not being rhetorical)

            Off the top of my head…

            2012 – Kevin Sumlin
            2013 – Gus Malzahn
            2015 – Jim McElwain

            …Urban Meyer won 9 games his first season at Florida, but that wasn’t a 12 game schedule either.

            • DawgPhan

              all of it is so weird. CMR didnt meet expectations @ 10 wins. We have so much potential just need someone to knock the roof off this thing.

              hire new coach.

              Well lets just wait and see no one has ever won 10 games in the first year, much less the SEC East. Those expectations are unreasonable.

              whisper Florida won 10+ and the SEC east with a first year head coach last year. whisper

              Oh um..well CMR left things so bad Smart can’t be expected with these players he needs time to get his recruits in.

              Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

              • My position is that I’m not going to freak out if he doesn’t win 10 games because shit happens (i.e. 2013). However, I also don’t think it’s unreasonable to expect 10 wins (especially if Chubb is healthy) given the current landscape of the SEC East. Malzahn and Sumlin won their 10 games due to a transcendent offensive player while McElwain won his due to a crappy SEC East. I’m not going to be screaming from the rooftops if he doesn’t win 10 games, but the people moving the goalposts for expectations are also doing the same thing they accused many of the Richt supporters of doing (i.e. settling for less).

              • Let me get this straight. In your mind it is completely reasonable to hold the new first year head coach to the same exact standard of wins for next season that we were going to put on our veteran coach and his established 15 year program? Logic be damned…..

                • I haven’t made up my mind on projected wins for UGA 2016 yet, but I’m curious why you think it’s automatically unreasonable in Smart’s case. The schedule isn’t really much more difficult than 2015’s, even Smart says there’s a fair amount of talent and most of the people who wanted change claimed that Richt was underperforming. Given all that, why is it illogical to expect 10 wins this season?

                  I’m not being snarky. In fact, this sounds to me like a good subject for a post.

                  • JCDAWG83

                    I’m not say Kirby definitely does win 10 his first year, I’m saying he “needs” to win 10 in order to quiet the coach worshippers who will wail about how Richt would have won 10 (even though there would be no way of knowing if he would have won 10 or 6). I think 10 is a very attainable number, especially considering our bowl game will be against a fairly weak opponent if we win 9 regular season games.

                    The schedule is absolutely as easy as last seasons, maybe even a little easier when you consider we traded Bama for Ole Miss and it appears Auburn and the chickens both look to be horrid at this point.

                  • The simple logic for me is that Smart is building a new program. He tore down Richt’s. A new program should be expected to experience growing pains the first year. Sure there are some teams who don’t, but was the early success EXPECTED? Smart will likely win early and often, but I am not going to get my panties in a wad if he doesn’t win 10 in a weak East. I am excited about year three, four, and onward. Let the man build a program without comparing him to a guy we shitcanned for not winning MORE than 10 or better yet, a conference title in 10 years.

              • 3rdandGrantham

                Did you not even bother to read my post?

                • The Dawg abides

                  Doesn’t fit his agenda. I’m surprised you didn’t just get a response of ‘ lulz, lulz, and more lulz’.

                • DawgPhan

                  I mean, I didnt read it this time, but pretty sure I have read it at least once or twice.

              • Tim In Sav

                DawgPhan I hardly think giving a coach 15 years is a wash, rinse and repeat.

                • DawgPhan

                  so hard the lulz.

                  this isnt about the last guy, bruh. let it go.

                  • Tim In Sav

                    Why don’t you let it go……..he’s in south florida

                    • DawgPhan

                      not really sure why you think this is about CMR. This is about the expectation of UGA football, not some guy that doesnt work here anymore. I am not sure why you can’t get that.

                  • Damn. Pot meet kettle. You’re the guy who can’t let it go with the last coach. This is where the less refined would use the phrase ‘so hard the butthurt’ over Richt getting fired. And oh, almost forgot- LULZ.

                • The Dawg abides

                  Told you, man. Lulz, lulz, lulz. My 11 year old niece loves to use that term on her instagram.

          • dawgtired

            I think the 10 wins is doable but agree on the SEC Championship…only because of Saban and Bama…and it will be that way every year for several years as long as Saban is in the game.

            The way I see it, we would have expected the old staff to win 10 or more. The talent is similar to last year AND I can’t see how our OC could be worse. Kirby and Tucker are of the Bama clan so our D should not waver.

            If we only win 9, losing to NC, UT and Ole Miss, it will be understandable but not totally expected. A loss after those three would certainly be unexpected.

          • JCDAWG83

            I’ll modify winning the SEC to playing in the SECCG. I still think 10 wins this season is very doable with the schedule we have. Outside of Ole Miss (it’s hard to believe Ole Miss has become any sort of team I would worry about), we stack up well with every other team we face in the regular season.

            Tennessee doesn’t worry me as much as they do some other people. We blew a 20+ point lead in 32 minutes of football last year and still came within a dropped wide open pass of catching up. We get them in Athens and if we can generate any running game, I think we beat them.

            Only because it’s the first game does UNC give me any concern. I still see them as an ACC basketball school trying to pretend it’s got a football program worth watching.

            Every other game is against a team with much bigger issues than we have. 10 wins should be very doable unless we have injury issues.

      • Tim In Sav

        Dead on 3rd

      • lakedawg

        Son, I have been a DAWGFAN longer than you know what a football was. Still attend every game home and away and some one says casual fan. We said we wantedawinner and by damn we better have one.

  5. W Cobb Dawg

    Kirby’s doing a terrific job building depth. These PWOs are going to make a difference. This may end up being the best recruiting class we’ve had in a long time, particularly if we land DRob.

    And yes, the level of energy and enthusiasm Kirby’s established is palpable.

    • DawgPhan

      The best recruiting class since way back in 2015 when we had the #5 class in the country.

      Would be nice to return to those glory days.