Regrets, Richt’s had a few.

For the most part, I like Mark Richt as a person, but there were times when he’d come out with some comment or observation that would get my back up.  The most famous example of that was his “in the arena” brush off from a few years ago.  Here’s another:

“When you turn over the play-calling as a head coach, you become more of just a CEO-type of coach,” Richt told SiriusXM College Sports Nation. “Obviously a lot of coaches had success doing it that way, and we did at Georgia, but it’s just not as much fun. You’re just not as involved. I think the players, over time, see you as the grandfather figure, just keeping an eye on everybody.”

At Miami, Richt is calling plays and coaching quarterbacks, and he says it’s mutually beneficial.

“Now, I’m in the heat of every meeting, the heat of every battle on the field, installing stuff, calling stuff, competing on a daily basis against a defense,” he said. “They see my energy, they see my competitive spirit that is more reserved if I’m not in the heat of it. I think it’s healthy for me. I’m enjoying it tremendously, and I think it’s healthy for the players to see me get down and dirty with everybody else.”

Jeez, you’re the head coach.  If you don’t like the effect the program structure has on the way you run it, that’s on you, gramps.

And just to repeat the obvious, nobody made Mark Richt hire Schottenheimer when Bobo left.  If it were best for Richt and the football program for him to be in the heat, that was the perfect opportunity to put himself back in the fire.


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    I wish him well. I believe he is the highest paid coach in the country this year. 8 MILLION DOLLARS or so…give or take a few thousand.

    Steal some recruits from McElweenie I say.

  2. Silver Britches

    That also goes to Richt’s biggest flaw in my opinion. Waiting way too long to diagnose a problem, and waiting even longer to act on it.

  3. heyberto

    Well, hind sight is 20/20 Senator, and I think this is something he’s realized since he left. Would’ve been nice if he realized it while he was here, so yeah it’s on him.. But I’m not sure he realized it at the time, or he would’ve done it. Just sayin’.

    • Didn’t realize it? How could he not realize it? Bubba and Earl realized it. Wasn’t like it wasn’t an opinion vocalize by just about everyone.

      • heyberto

        One, obvious things aren’t always so obvious when you’re close to the situation, and ( I would guess) focused on the day to day. Two, Richt isn’t one to change course in the middle of the season, and I think you might be getting a glimpse of what might have happened the next season.

        • Jared S.

          This was my reaction as well…. it’s easy for us armchair QB’s/coaches to say he should’ve known better and DONE something about it sooner. But chances are we would’ve done worse. Much worse.

          • wet willie


          • @Jared: oh my god how can you say that.. There are 25 million better football coaches sitting in the stands and watching on TV than the actual head coaches. Just ask mos of the folks on this blog. Plus, they never make mistakes at their job and notice the correct time to do everything. That is why, I had no trouble with Richt’s or any coaches comments about being in the arena. Till you have been there your opinoin is just that. Let the bitching commence.

        • gastr1

          He was getting paid however many million dollars to recognize it whether obvious or not.

        • “Right isn’t one to change course in the middle of a season”

          Well, except for that time he started Bauta in the Florida game…

          • Yeah, no shit. I find it laughable to suggest that we would have seen anything different this season. It took getting canned for Richt to change his ways. You can attribute that to whatever you want, but it’s not as if he didn’t have chances to change.

      • Bazooka Joe

        I wonder how much of it was also Mcgoo – he had been putting pressure on CMR for years to do more of the back-slapping, alumni meeting crap that Kirby has already said/shown he is doing less of. McG is in it for the money (reserve fund) and he wanted Richt out there schmoozing them to get more $.
        Now if this is true, Richt could have still put his foot down and said no, especially as the program continued to slip.
        Just my opinion…..

  4. @gatriguy

    What infuriates me about this is that it’s not like there wasn’t an aspect of the game after he turned over playing duties that didn’t have a coordinator that kept costing him time and time and time again. Urban set a model for special teams by learning about it himself and then being the ST coordinator.

    If there was a reason other than disinterest or bullheadedness why Richt never tried this model, then I never heard it.

    I’m convinced that the FG into a 35 mph crosswind in Jax. and then being unprepared for a fake into the very same crosswind was Richt’s point of no return. Just completely and absolutely negligent special teams preparation.

    • PTC DAWG

      FSU working hard to get their annual tilt with Miami moved to Jax…

    • Raleigh St. Claire

      I’ll simply never get over the FG attempt into the crosswind. It was 4th and 2. The chances of converting the 4th down were so much higher than making the field that it rendered the field goal attempt idiotic. Just a moronic decision. Indefensible.

      • @gatriguy

        Agreed. I just remember thinking that he has no feel for momentum or how to manage a game. It was the breaking point for a lot of people I believe.

      • That and the infamous “pooch kick” at home versus Tech.

        • @gatriguy

          Honestly, there are too many ST disasters to list. Urban absolutley slaughtered people with field position, blocking punts, kick coverage, etc. It will never, ever make sense to me why Richt wouldn’t copy that, especially since he wasn’t coaching a position.

          Probably the most frustrating part of his tenure to me. Even more than the idiot roster management.

      • Go Dawgs!

        The man loved him some field goals, that’s for sure.

  5. He should of taken over the offense and been his own cordinator, he might of saved his job. Hind sight is 20/20 and glad Kirby is here to right the ship.

  6. Meh. This didn’t ruffle my feathers. Richt had a few critical weaknesses as a coach, but this just sounds to me like he’s owning up to it and learning.

    Disclaimer: I’ve been loyal to UGA through 5 head coaches now, so my allegiance isn’t to Richt. However, because he’s such a great person (and a very good coach,) I’m willing to admit I’m a little biased. I was really rooting for him to turn the corner w/ the program. I am now, however, firmly aboard the Kirby Express.

  7. Minnesota Dawg

    I, too, wish him well. Heard the Stewart Mandel interview with him on The Audible podcast a few weeks back. He sounded exhausted…and frankly, older, than I’ve ever heard him. May have just been the end of a long day. Basically admitted that he’s working harder right now than he’s worked in a long time…. Left me with mixed feelings, but couldn’t help think that a year or two off would have been the best approach for Richt, on a couple different fronts.

    • I’m guessing that he would have taken a break if his alma mater hadn’t had an opening

    • @gatriguy

      Agreed. I think he jumped back in he fire way too quickly. He could’ve sat out a year and probably had Nebraska, maybe Penn State, etc. I really do wish him well; I just think it’s going to be a row to hoe. A lot of his pesonality traits that bought him goodwill in Athens aren’t going to carry him as far in Miami.

    • 3rdandGrantham

      I heard that and had the same reaction — I kinda winced a bit throughout the interview while basically hoping he was feeling ok.

    • JCDAWG83

      I bet he is tired. He hasn’t done much work the past 8 years in Athens so he’s not used to actually having to do the job he’s being paid for. I don’t think the Miami fans will fall in love with him like Georgia’s fans did. He might have to keep working to keep this job.

  8. Gene Simmons

    Perhaps he can get it right at the U.
    Time will tell, but it appears as if both schools made solid hires.
    Best of luck to CMR-as he continues his dominance of the NATS!

  9. 3rdandGrantham

    Comments like, “he’s no longer coach…quit beating a dead horse already” and “Kirby damn better win 10+ games yearly or else” will be coming down the pike in 5..4..3..2..1..

    Simply put, CMR got too comfortable, and too fat and happy to initiate that deep, inner drive as a motivation to necessitate change or success. Basically a blissful state of drift, if you will. May of us have been there — myself included with my first employer after college, in which the sales were almost too easy with guaranteed high incomes as a result.

    • Dog in Fla

      “Many of us have been there — myself included with my first employer after college, in which the sales were almost too easy with guaranteed high incomes as a result.”

      Almost like being in the arena

  10. Go Dawgs!

    Nobody made him hand over the playcalling duties to Bobo in the first place, either.

    I’m with you, Senator. I love Mark Richt, but this kind of stuff really hacks me off. And watching what a joke our offense was last year with Schottenheimer setting the building on fire while Richt just sort of watched (perhaps playing a fiddle) did not sit well with me. You want to coach offense? Should have done it last year, starting somewhere around Game 2 when it became obvious we didn’t have one.

    • Gaskilldawg

      No one made him hand off the play calling duties to Bobo in 2006, but his Wife was battling cancer that year. I will bet that Richt was willing to free up a little time by moving some responsibility to Bobo, and after Kathryn got better Richt was pleased with the results his protege was producing and did not want to take that job away.

      When Bobo moved on in 2015 Richt could have moved back into that role, true.

      • Go Dawgs!

        Richt handed Bobo the playcalling duties in the Georgia Tech game that year, so I’m not sure I agree with your assessment that he did it so he could spend more time with Kathryn.

        However, I think you’re dead on with Kathryn Richt’s cancer being a turning point in Mark Richt’s coaching career. He never seemed to be as intensely driven from that point on, and I say that without a drop of ill will. I am sure that I’d be the same way. We had some very good seasons after that. Obviously, we came within a few yards of beating Alabama and playing for a national championship (thanks to a strange year that wiped out the importance of our getting slaughtered in Columbia). But Richt seemed to note the importance of smelling the roses after Kathryn’s recovery. If he’s back to being more driven and wanting to get his hands dirty, good for him. I wish him well. It’s easy to wish him well because I love him, hate a lot of the teams he’ll be playing, and I’m very happy that we have Kirby Smart coaching here now.

  11. I still don’t understand why CMR decided that it was either/or (CEO vs hands on). All he needed to do was look over the border at Alabama. Saban is a CEO. He sets the direction and monitors the operation of the program. He also gets in the details of the game planning of the defense and DB coaching. In hindsight as others clearly mentioned, CMR should have probably taken the OC or QB responsibility back or put BMac in that role.

    • Siskey

      I agree. I think that Richt had a great run as coach and as OC. Bobo did great as OC when he had the talent in place (2007-2008, 2011-2014) but the teams were never as good all around as when Richt was the OC and HC. I don’t think that there is necessarily correlation as the defense was very suspect from 2006-2015 in at least one area or for one or more games during those seasons.

    • @gatriguy

      Richt doesn’t have Saban’s hyper organization or attention to detail. In all fairness, neither does anyone else save maybe Urban.

  12. Semper Fi Dawg

    I believe 90% of the fan base screamed for him to take back the program for several years. I’m glad he finally had an epiphany that he had become bobby bowden jr.

  13. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    This is going to sound crazy- and I have no proof nor do I claim any inside information – but for make that statement and do the things he did the last few years make me wonder if he didn’t want to get let go. That he was frustrated, and just needed a change of scenery, but was too proud to just come out and say it. I dunno, I hope he does well at Miami except when he plays us, but I will always wonder what happened the last five years or so.

    • Normaltown Mike

      I got the feeling he wanted to retire the last few seasons. He seemed exhausted so often.

      Which makes the super quick jump to Miami feel very impulsive. Which is totally un-Richt.

      Hope he does great and wins every game, with the exception of those against us.

      I also hope he continues his unbeaten streak on the Flats.

      • Irwin R. Fletcher

        There was a rumor on some of the boards that Richt was considering going back to the OC/playcaller after Bobo left and that he was basically overruled by the AD.

        On the one hand, I’m not apt to buy into that too much…on the other hand, this is a guy who clearly had issues with administration and had lost any leverage over them years ago (if he had any to begin with).

        I still get the impression that Richt would still be coaching and under the thumb of the AD if there wasn’t the fear of letting Kirby go to USCe and then getting fired over it if Kirby was successful because every booster from here to Bainbridge knew he wanted to come to UGA.

    • 3rdandGrantham

      IMO, when his wife was diagnosed with cancer, everything changed with him. Suddenly winning wasn’t as important, and he seemed to have lost that overall edge you need in order to succeed in the utterly ruthless SEC. It also didn’t help matters that he had some health issues with his hip, continued to age quite a bit, and gained a fair amount (some might say considerable) of weight as well. This zapped quite a bit of his energy, and he often seemed tired, worn-out, and basically looking like he needed to take a long break from the coaching grind.

      His departing speech to his players at least somewhat exemplifies his new attitude, as he basically stated to the team that friendship is more important than winning (something about rings collecting dust but memories lasting forever), which no championship caliber coach would ever be caught dead saying.

      • UGA85

        I completely agree. His wife’s illness changed much about CMR. I credit him for a wonderful perspective on life and its priorities, but at the same time I am glad for a young, energetic voice on our sidelines.

      • Irwin R. Fletcher

        that friendship is more important than winning (something about rings collecting dust but memories lasting forever), which no championship caliber coach would ever be caught dead saying.

        This is so ignorant. The subtle digs at Richt because he is religious or is family-focused or however you want to describe that thing that makes real ‘winners’ cringe about him are just so tired. Regardless of the fact that the man was a championship caliber coach at UGA.

        “What has become extremely important to me as I’ve grown in this position is relationships. Relationships have become the primary objective in my career. I still have a hard time when former players, guys we’ve battled together, and after a year or two, they walk up to me and say, ‘I love you, Coach.’ When that first happened to me, I didn’t know how to respond. I was like, whoa, wait a minute. This big tough-guy business, you’re not supposed to say that and do that. But I can tell you right now, it has become the source of drive for me, when our players come back to me and say, ‘Coach, I love you.’

        You go and read what guys like John Wooden, Coach K, Bill Walsh…you know what, nevermind. Who cares at this point.

  14. doofusdawg

    People don’t change. He will revert back to ceo status. Wish him the best.

  15. Squatch

    This is the same thing he said after the 2010 season…that he’s now able to spend more time “studying the game of football”, less administrative work, etc. Also how he’s revived, rejuvenated, blah … blah …

    As you noted Senator, when you run the program you can pretty much be involved as much as you want.

    • Normaltown Mike

      yeah, but I heard after 2010 that the players had really “come together” and the seniors were “stepping up”.

      Next you’re going to say that Michael Bennett wasn’t a “gym rat’ and Murray wasn’t a “coach on the field”

  16. merk

    I get this, but if the HC is busy drawing up game plans, running every offensive meeting, and trying to teach QBs how to play, then who is running the show? Kirby has come in and quickly put into place a lot systems that help recruiting and show that he is in control of the ship with a destination in mind. Just as with any job or task, if you spread yourself too thin trying to do everything, then you just end up screwing each part up.

  17. Jim

    All this conjecture about being hands on ignores the fact (at least in my opinion) that Richt and the Bobby Bowden formula were passed by in the early to mid 2000s. What worked for Florida State in the 90s worked for Georgia in the early 2000s. Namely better athletes at skill positions making up for shortcomings or lack of focus on details elsewhere

    Enter Urban Meyer and Nick Saban. All of a sudden there is an approach to program and coaching details that hadn’t previously existed. And suddenly you see the same coaches winning consistently and only being challenged by the occasional program with a truly special player (Cam Newton, Deshaun Watson) that can carry a team on their back against elite competition. Every couple of years you will see a team like that and they’ll challenge the true powers, but the true powers are the one’s winning consistently. They may lose one here or there but for the most part consistency of approach and attention to detail will trump skill position players who are simply coached to “play ball”

    I complained about Richt’s strategy of trying to “out-athlete” our competition for years before we started to see the real breakdowns in the program. It worked pretty well for a while, even if it was frustrating to watch at times, but ultimately the bar was raised in terms of how you run a program and I don’t think Richt was or is capable of running a program that way

    So while I think he is a good man, I’m pretty indifferent as to whether he succeeds at Miami or not. If I were a betting man I’d bet Miami will show flashes but ultimately consistently lose to better coached teams and better run programs

    • JCDAWG83

      Excellent post

    • Normaltown Mike


    • Irwin R. Fletcher

      Namely better athletes at skill positions making up for shortcomings or lack of focus on details elsewhere

      Hilarious. Yup..Bowden and Richt really had everyone fooled…they couldn’t really coach, they just had players that were SO MUCH MORE ATHLETIC. For a program that has never had the best recruiting class in the SEC…let alone the nation…I can’t believe how well Richt’s ‘out athlete’ approach actually worked. <—sarcasm

      Urban and Nick’s approach isn’t new and isn’t even novel. Saban didn’t invent “The Process.” However, what he and Urban and the other great coaches have that others don’t is called skill and talent. They come up with new twists before others, they call the right play more often, they recruit the right player more often, etc.

      • Normaltown Mike

        what was FSU record (under Bowden & Richt) against Miami and UF?

        And what was it against Wake, UNC, Duke, Tech, etc. during that run?

        Ask yourself, is the SEC more like Miami and UF or more like Wake, et al.?

        • Irwin R. Fletcher

          You’re kidding, right? FSU was 5-3-1 under Bowden/Richt against UF including a 5-2-1 record when UF was ranked in the top 5 in the country and 5-2 over that same stretch against Miami.

          But you know…Spurrier wasn’t recruiting ATHLETES like Bowden was. If only they could have gotten some talent at UF in the 90s so that the superior coach could have won those games.

          Any other brain busters?

          • Normaltown Mike

            And what was Bobby & Richt’s record versus the ACC during the run?

            I’ll save you the research…78-2.

            I went to Georgia so I can’t make out the difference between the two records.

            • Irwin R. Fletcher

              I know intellectual honesty isn’t really what you are going for but from 94-01 when Richt was OC and Bowden was HC, FSU was 54-2 in the ACC. Florida was 54-6 in the SEC including the SECCG over the same stretch.

              So the same Florida team that dominated the 90s in the SEC to the tune of 54-6 was 3-5-1 against FSU and you think it was because of ATHLETES and not coaching or that somehow because FSU played Wake Forrest instead of Vandy that makes it any less impressive?

              Whatever makes you feel good, my man.

              • PTC DAWG

                I’ll go with Irwin here..the Bowden/Richt FSU teams could play with anybody anywhere.

                • Normaltown Mike

                  so Richt just forgot how to coach when he started going against better talent?

                  • Irwin R. Fletcher

                    Well, that’s one theory. Another is that you are making up fake history to suit your preferred narrative.

                    I’m in the latter camp….’with all due respect ‘

                    Peace out.

              • Normaltown Mike

                I’m sorry that suggesting that Richt’s success in the 1990’s against Maryland, Wake & NC State had less to do with being a “coaching genius” and more to do with athletic superiority is so unsettling.

                As the new HC/OC/QB coachin’ Richt is unleashed on Coral Gales, you can glibly cite the withering scores over Wake & NC State as proof that Richt is a genius again and somehow Georgia held him back from great success.

      • Jim

        We may disagree on some specifics, but it sounds like we are in violent agreement that the game passed him by (or at least enough to keep him from performing at an elite level).

        And I don’t think any number of quality control assistants or high priced coordinators any sooner would have helped. Richt simply doesn’t know how to run a program in the manner it takes to succeed at an elite level in the current times.

        I was hopeful too when the purse strings started to loosen but it didn’t take long to figure out Richt didn’t know how to utilize those resources and, as a result, they didn’t do any good.

        And no amount of spending can make up for fundamentally flawed approaches around things such as depth and number of players on the roster.

        • Irwin R. Fletcher

          Knowing what to do and doing it are two very different things that I think far too many people confuse. Richt does know how to run a program in the manner it takes to succeed at an elite’s right there in black and white when you look at his coaching record.

          Was he executing at an elite level? Nope. And to me, that’s the point of the whole thread. If you know what you need to do, what’s stopping you (or what stopped you at UGA?)?

          • Jim

            I guess if you can’t execute what you know it makes me question whether you really know it or not. But I agree his execution left a lot to be desired. Hence, here we are

            • Jim

              “It’s right there in black and white when you look at his coaching record.”

              I’m curious which years you believe we were elite after Saban and Meyer raised the bar. Was it 2007 when we got our doors blown off in Knoxville? Was it 2008 when Urban took us to the wood shed and embarrassed us on national TV? Was it 2012 when we diarrhea’d all over ourselves in Columbia? Or when Alabama decided they could just run it down our throats in Atlanta due to their superior lines and depth to win the game? What about the years when we were effectively on a self imposed NCAA penalty with scholarship numbers way below where they should be?

              The coaching record I see over the last 10 years is pretty mediocre when you look at things like records against ranked opponents or in conference.

              More recently The east was laying there on a silver platter three years in a row and we couldn’t get it done.

              Thanks for keeping our back and forth civil

              • Irwin R. Fletcher

                Did you mean ‘years’…because all you cited were individual games?🙂

                2002, 2005, 2007, and 2012 were all elite in my book. If you’re looking for an argument that Richt didn’t have a let down game in each of those seasons, that it wasn’t time for him to move on, etc., you aren’t going to get it from me.

                My general opinion is that some (many?) got so wrapped up in making arguments that he should go/he wasn’t good enough started to truly believe what he had actually accomplished didn’t happen. I’m not trying to be an apologist…but I’m an unapologetic realist.

          • Semper Fi Dawg

            Dude, get a grip. He’s gone. its done. no need to protect the shield anymore.

            • Semper Fi Dawg

              (Dude as in Fletcher)

              • Irwin R. Fletcher

                Meh…I just get a little stir crazy, I guess.

                IMO, there is no need to diminish the man or what he accomplished for UGA to make the case that he didn’t produce the results that he should have over the past X years. They are independent of each other. I mean, here is someone who arguably left the program in better shape than when he took over and you have some people that want to call him fat, say he didn’t talk like a winner, wasn’t a good coach and instead accomplished winning with smoke and mirrors and ATHLETES, oh and say that he lost his championship fire after his wife had cancer. Seriously?

                Criticism of the overall performance is certainly valid…but what I can’t stand is dismissal of real work and equity he put into the program. You look at the momentum of the program…the IPF, Jacob Eason and Nick Chubb, etc. etc. etc….Kirby didn’t waive a wand and make it appear. Doesn’t mean it was perfect or even as good as it should have been…anyway, beating a dead horse at this point…

                BTW…heartfelt thanks for your service. (I’m assuming based on your handle)

                • Go Dawgs!

                  This is a good point. People around here seem to forget that when they’re talking about Mark Richt they are talking about the best coach in the history of our program.

                  • @ Go Dawgs: Iam an UGA fan, have been since the early 50’s. A number of coaches since then. Richt did a very good job, but basically burned out(imho). However, there are some folks who thing he is the evil master and that he never did anything worth a damn or will ever do anything worth a damn. That means winning a National Championship. I hope Smart does super well. If he never wins a National Championship, I will still be an UGA fan. However, some folks will not. It is the name of the game and any coach should recognize it. And my response as a coach would be talk to the coke bottle.

  18. UGA85

    15 years is a long time to be head coach at the same program. CMR’s burnout is understandable; he clearly needed change, as did UGA. I hope that returning to his alma mater will energize him again. I would love for him to have another run like the one he had during his first five years here.

  19. 69Dawg

    Ok, I’m older and I think the real reason for some of the things Coach Richt did are multiple. He was a Bobby Bowden coach. He saw Bobby call plays and he saw that as Bobby got older he left it to others. Mark had been the beneficiary of that move. Mark liked Bobo and I’m sure he realized that if he didn’t promote him to OC Bobo would leave. He had gotten the opportunity from Bobby and now he was giving it to Bobo. Once he gave it he was not going to not support Bobo, no matter what the fans said.

    The other problem was the AD. I know he was paid well but when you have to grovel every time you want something, it becomes a grind that will wear anybody out. I think this is why he looked so ready to go when he was let go. He was never going to quit, not because of the money as many of you are quick to point out, but because he had always said that he was at UGA until “they get tired of me”. He said it from day one and never changed his tune. He was a man of his word. I also don’t think he would have held UGA to the unsigned contract’s severance. McFurgal made that decision to save face. McFugal could have paid him his 2015 pay and wished him well.

    In summary it was just time. Like SOS said 10 years is about all a coach should stay.

    • Debby Balcer

      It was a combination of things. He was not given the support to add staff at the level Kirby has. He was obligated to do many more fund raising events. His wife’s illness. His health due to hip injuries. The death of Paul Oliver. He answered every piece of correspondence personally. Hopefully starting over with full support will allow him to enjoy his profession again. As to the quote about rings gathering dust in the context of life they do. Ask former athletes if when football falls away those rings and trophies have been able to help them. They have not but the relationships formed can. That is why you see players show up to help one another years after their time together on the field.

      • The reason Kirby is getting what he wants is that his boss realizes his neck is in the noose if this doesn’t work out. Does anyone think our AD would have pulled out every stop to get 93K to a glorified scrimmage if Richt had issued a challenge similar to Kirby’s?

  20. Lakatos Intolerant

    I wonder if Richt regrets not reclaiming play-calling duties mid-season as the offense unraveled from bad to worse. It was evident he wasn’t happy with the production and thus became more involved with game planning and gameday decisions/strategery. Sure, such a decision would’ve completely undermined Schotty’s credibility and likely lead to a voluntary parting of ways in the offseason, but riding it out clearly didn’t do him any favors. Mike McCarthy relinquished PC duties to Tom Clements after the 2014 season, saw the direction the offense was going during a 2-4 stretch (after starting 6-0), and nutted up to what I’m sure was a very tough, awkward decision to reclaim those duties.

    • Normaltown Mike

      well he didn’t reclaim play-calling, but he did orchestrate the big ha-ha joke on the media about starting Bauta against UF. Instead of putting the best team on the field, he spent a week trying out a 3rd stringer and checking the Vent to see if news of the switch would leak.

      To call this bizarre is generous.

      BTW, great name.

  21. Cojones

    Richt’s “You aren’t in the arena” remark goes double here. None of us are gifted with knowing more than those involved and remarks to the contrary only come off as someone’s fee-fees got hurt outside the arena. That remark was for the self-indulgent officionados who really do think they know more than coaches on the field. That makes the recipients worse than the rednecks who shout crap at the coaches from the stands. It’s as ignorant as Republicans at a climate change conference.

    • Truth Squad 1

      Yeah, its Republicans who are ignorant:

      “Climate policy has almost nothing to do anymore with environmental protection, says the German economist and IPCC official Ottmar Edenhofer. The next world climate summit in Cancun is actually an economy summit during which the distribution of the world’s resources will be negotiated…

      But one must say clearly that we redistribute de facto the world’s wealth by climate policy. Obviously, the owners of coal and oil will not be enthusiastic about this. One has to free oneself from the illusion that international climate policy is environmental policy. This has almost nothing to do with environmental policy anymore” –

      – Ottmar Edenhofer

  22. It’s only slightly ironic that the same people who pull the “you care more about the man than the program” garbage anytime someone defends him are STILL going out of their way to bash him as a person and coach. You tell people to move on yet don’t practice what you preach. Smh

  23. Bright Idea

    Richt might could have survived the CEO plague with a Bobo AND a content Pruitt. Once Bobo left and Pruitt went rogue on the AD and offensive staff it was over. Pruitt would have never gone off on Bobo if the offense had struggled.

    • @gatriguy

      I’m not so sure about that. Pruitt proved himself to be a horribly insubordinate employee. I wouldn’t put anything past him, especially since I’m not convinced that jumping over Richt to the head job wasn’t his objective from day 1.

  24. Scratchy

    He’s a pro-style passing game coordinator. Not much else. In the days when Brian Billick and Mike Martz were top NFL coaching prototypes, this was desired. It’s not anymore.

    His inability to realize the role of the line of scrimmage, of special teams, of size and strength at all positions all point to this fact.

    I don’t care, but I don’t expect him to succeed at UM. Remember, they’re broke, in addition to other troubles.

  25. Jared S.

    I hope Richt just goes ahead and wins the National Championship his first year at Miami (Since Georgia will go 8-5). There. I said it.

    • @gatriguy

      If UGA goes 8-5 next year then so be it. I do not believe they will finish one single game worse next year than they would have had they kept Richt. Which is really the litmus test that we should be using. How does Kirby do versus how we realistically think Richt would have done. Not how did Kirby do versus how Richt did historically.

      • Otto

        I disagree that next season’s record should have any comparison to what Richt would have done. Year 2 will really begin the comparisons on the field. Smart does seem to be recruiting better which is the comparison I am interested in at the moment.

        Smart may go 8-5, he may win the East. I am expecting some bumps in the road with the change in coaching styles. I fully expect some kids to quit and others to perform even better than expected.

  26. JKTomberlin

    Dude- let it go.

  27. DawgGrad

    I always liked Richt but for crying out loud, how many games could he lose and then stand on the sidelines like Ghandi? He had lost the fire in his belly. I hope he gets it back at Miami but as a Dawg fan, I have moved on.

  28. Richt Is At Miami. Let It Go. Still I Think He Did Extremely Well At UGA.

  29. Senator my brain gets foggy this late in the day but weren’t the nattering nabobs complaining about Richt calling plays which led to him making game management mistakes. I could be mistaken but I swear he caught crap for certain game management blunders( misuse of time-outs, etc.) that led to cries for a new OC and let him game manage?. My point is if you look back far enough into Richt’s tenure I believe this was a complaint early on and as such seems to me to be another damned if you do damned if you don’t situation. Rosanne Rossannedanna was right… its always something…..if it ain’t one thing its another. And if you don’t know who Rosanne Rossannedanna is get the F— off my lawn .

    • Russ

      You’re exactly right. People lambasted Richt for his overly conservative play calling (we set a record for field goals one season) and wanted him to give it up. Of course, some of those same people were later lambasting Bobo for not breaking UGA offensive records by a wide enough margin.

      • Otto

        It wasn’t Bobo breaking records, he always seemed boom or bust rather methodical clock managing drives. Scoring drives seemed to require a big play. Richt and Green had an ability to produce long steady clock killing drives in the 2nd half. In my opinion Kiffin is a step down from McElwain and Nussmeier for many of the same reasons despite producing more yards / points

        • Bobo’s offense didn’t require big plays. It produced big plays. Matthew Stafford and Aaron Murray with a supporting cast that included AJ Green, Todd Gurley, a healthy Keith Marshall and Knowshon Moreno produced big plays using the same damn plays we called last year. You have a QB of the quality of those two with the skill players like they had, and big plays are coming. Go back and watch the game killing drives against USCe and Florida in 2013. Those were physical and mental domination.

  30. (No one made him hand off the play calling duties to Bobo in 2006, but his Wife was battling cancer that year) this is true and could be the reason he did that. I’ve heard for years that Dooley made Richt hand over the 2 minute play calling to Bobo after 2001 because of bad last minute calls in the SCjr game and the Barners run the ball with no timeouts and 15 seconds on the clock. If that’s true, only Bobo, Richt and Dooley know. I just hope that all those bonehead calls are behind us and UGA can become great again!


  31. MLB2

    Wow. Look at all the responses. Bluto! You clickbaiter!

  32. 92 grad

    Senator, I agree. This stuff blows my mind. The amount of money and how high the stakes are in our conference, how in the hell didn’t he know that he needed to get his hands dirty to get things back to where they should have been.

    Yet again, I wonder if you’re really posting this as proof of some of the secret inside information you have and you’re testing your readership to see who “gets the picture” of the political landscape within buttsmear. Are we supposed to be realizing the level of hindrance that CMR was fighting?

  33. I get the frustration. And in so many ways feel like you, good Senator.

    But I was under the impression that the reason his contract wasn’t signed was that it codified his time in a way which would prevent him from being more hands on? I could be mistaken or ill-informed. I trust you have better information than I do when you write “…nobody made Mark Richt hire Schottenheimer when Bobo left. If it were best for Richt and the football program for him to be in the heat, that was the perfect opportunity to put himself back in the fire.”

    I thought Greg and Jere wanted him doing other stuff which necessitated hiring an OC.

  34. HVL Dawg

    Congratulations for the highly successful click bait. I’d say your off-season performance this year is mid-season quality.

  35. Rosezee

    All I’ll say is thank God that lazy, low energy simpleton is gone!

  36. Athens Dog

    I like the post because it points out why I was going to withhold contributions. And many of my like friends and alumni.

    But i dont care how he does at Miami. Have always hated that thug culture. Yes I’m an old white guy.

    Fully behind Kirby. Focus on us.

  37. I am curious if there will ever come a day that people just move on with this. I swear Georgia fans are like ex wives. Let it go man for Christ sake.

    • ugafidelis

      It’s the off-season. What else are we going to do? Continuously speculate about next year?

    • Is your advice really for us or Richt? After all, he’s the guy who brought it up in the first place.

      • Russ

        So which reporter did he call up and say “I want to get this off my chest”?

        Questions were asked, he answered them.

      • 3rdandGrantham

        Exactly, well said. And the overwhelming majority of CMR related topics here in recent weeks that I’ve commented on were initiated by CMR supporters, who would say things like, “Smart better win 10+ games or else,” and other similar remarks. I would simply reply to their thoughts, and I would then immediately be told to quit beating a dead horse and let it go.

        In other words, its okay for CMR supporters to defend his record at UGA and/or take subtle shots at Smart, but when you chime in to set the record straight (such as the nonsense about CMR recently averaging 10 wins a year) or support Smart, suddenly you’re the bad guy who won’t leave CMR alone.

        • I’m really not trying to start a brouhaha, but I’m genuinely curious…why is the 10 win average nonsense?

          • Herschel Krustofski

            Probably b/c he didn’t win 10 games in 4 of the last 7 seasons. And no, I’m not giving him credit for the bowl win last season (if anyone has any doubt that there was at least a 50/50 chance that he would have found a way to lose that bowl game, they’re delusional).

            I’d also add that 10 wins now is not the accomplishment it was 15-20 years ago. It was a bigger deal when teams played fewer games. Hell, you can win 10 games now and still lose 3 or 4. The elite teams are winning 12-14 games. I’d say 11 is the new 10, which happened once at UGA in the last 8 years.

            • 3rdandGrantham

              Right. And with last year’s 10 win team, let’s not lose sight of the # of teams from a P5 conference that UGA beat that had a winning record. That would be zero. Like many of CMR’s recent teams, even in years with 10 wins, often times they featured very few impressive wins while continually getting throttled in big games against ranked opponents.

          • 3rdandGrantham

            A few reasons: First, CMR averaged 9.1 wins per year over his last 7 years at UGA. Yet CMR supporters continue to tout CMR being a 10 win a year coach, and thus Smart surely must equal if not better that. Other reasons why I consider it nonsense is many of us were beyond frustrated with the myriad issues that kept cropping up with the program that went beyond just wins and losses. Also, CMR’s record against ranked teams over the past 10 years or so is abysmal at best, with something like a 32% winning percentage. And in many of those games we got utterly embarrassed, with an average margin of defeat of around 13 points.

            I can go on and on, but those are just a few…

        • DawgPhan

          So someone expressing their opinion about their expectations about UGA and CKS is really a comment about CMR.

          Yeah its everyone else and now you..

    • Herschel Krustofski

      That’s funny b/c I just spent the last 6-7 years wondering when Georgia fans were going to “just move on”. Glad you finally let it go.

  38. Hopefully not 2012 Derek

    Hopefully, we won’t have regrets bringing in CKS. Or bringing in the same staff that manned the Jolly Volunteer into disaster.

  39. Irwin R. Fletcher

    Richt’s first season will begin with home games against Florida A&M and FAU, before trips to Appalachian State and Georgia Tech.

    So there is a very good chance that on Oct 1 we get flooded with “Richt returns to Georgia Tech…this time with Miami” stories and then on Oct 8, Miami hosts FSU at 4-0 with a top 20 ranking.

    All the while UGA would have played UNC, @Mizzou, @Ole Miss, with a 10/1 home date against Tennessee.

    Honestly, my head hurts just thinking about the comments sections those two weeks.

    • Jared S.

      … I wonder how long Richt posts will generate the most replies of any on this blog. Ha. It’s interesting to me that opinions on Richt still generate THE most passion – positive and negative – among the readership. I wonder how long that will be the case.

      Miami fans have every right to reasonably hope for a 10-win regular season out of Richt and the Canes this season. Their three toughest games should prove to be FSU, Notre Dame and UNC, and I think it’s perfectly reasonable to expect them to win at least one of those.

      If Miami has 10 wins and we don’t then some people will throw a fit. (Not that it will be fair to compare the two, but people will).

  40. Bulging forehead veins win championships.


    Yep….obviously the worst UGA coach since Goff. We would have 5-8 MNC if we hadn’t hired him. And all that character crap…..worthless.

    Don’t understand the obsession with bashing former coaches. I know you’ll say it ain’t bashing….but it is. Goff still gets a bashing from time to time. It’s the Georgia Way……

  42. CB

    2015 would have been a good year for Richt to take back over play calling whether Bobo left or not. I’m not impressed with 50+ points against Troy, Kentucky, and Charleston Southern if we can’t put up points against Florida and Tech when we need them. If you go back and look at Bobo’s tenure as OC before 2014 you can pick out at least three games per season where the offense under performed. There is a reason we were able to pay him so little for so long. He didn’t have the leverage of other job offers to use against BM.