Cranking up the narrative to 11

So, based on this, this and this, by which game will it be when you expect ESPN crosses the line into outright skepticism about Kirby’s coaching acumen if Jacob Eason hasn’t been named the starter?


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  1. ugadawgguy

    I think it depends on game results. If Georgia loses the opener to UNC and Eason didn’t play most of the game, a lot of those folks are going to go nuts. If they lose two games before November without Eason taking the lion’s share of snaps, more of the same.

  2. By current day standards of journalism and social media they already do. All this talk is setting the stage for the day(if it comes) he’s deemed a bust. “Journalists” like Dan Wolken and. Barrette

  3. Sallee will be waiting in the wings to pat themselves on the back and say they told us so.

  4. dawgtired

    Oh they will critique him game one, if Eason doesn’t play. Just one glorified but scaled-down scrimmage and these guys are experts on who Kirby should start. Kirby don’t stand a chance to please them if Eason doesn’t play. But judging by the way Kirby has handled things from the start, I don’t think it will matter. He will put the players on the field that best give us a chance to win…especially QB. I do hope to see Eason get his feet wet when the opportunity arises.

  5. Derek

    Just win baby. If you lose its because you’re fucking stupid. Guys in the press box and in row 37F could coach circles around you. Welcome to head coaching Kirby.

  6. Big Shock

    If UGA loses after starting Lambert or Ramsey, Smart will get killed by ESPN. If they lose while starting Eason, they will be “playing for next season”. If they win a national championship starting Lambert, ESPN will comment on how much more decisive the national championship will would have been if only we had started Eason. I think Eason is the option that will get Kirby the least amount of criticism. I love watching a big armed QB. I also understand there is a lot that a QB does beyond throwing passes. I just hope one of the three wins a bunch of games next year.

    • Derek

      There is a better chance of simultaneously getting struck by lightning and cashing a winning lottery ticket all while being attacked by Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster than winning a National Championship with Greyson Lambert as your starting QB. We can scratch that one off your list.

      If that happened then Jim Chaney should immediately be enshrined in every Hall of Fame for which he is eligible. I don’t care how much bronze it would take, get a statue or statues.

      “Welcome to beautiful Chaney Stadium at Chaney Field in the middle of the campus located at the University of Chaney in Chaney, Chaney where the number 1 ranked Chaney Chaneys will take on Louisiana Monroe.”

      • Cojones

        You can scratch them all off your list then. If you don’t think that Lambert is Smart’s QB thus far, you ain’t payin’ attention.

        • Derek

          FWIW: I think you’re wrong. I think it’ll be Brice because of his feet or Eason because of his potential. Those are safer choices for him as coach. What nobody wants to see is more of the same from 2015. Unless, Chaney is working some voodoo magic that failed to materialize on G-day, that is what Lambert offers. Besides Eason is great for recruiting. Even if we aren’t winning, the kid would be putting up big numbers and the future would appear bright even if the record is similar to 2015.

          • MLB2

            Chubb and Holyfield’s fall camp performances will factor into their decision pretty heavily I’d imagine.

            • Derek

              Not sure it should. If they are studly do you go conservative with Lambert thinking the backs can carry the load? If they aren’t, do you go chuck and duck with a freshman? You probably should because chuck n duck with Lambert would be grotesque, but that just confuses the issue. If I’m coaching I’d be thinking who I as a dc would least want to see trot out there. Answer: it ain’t Lambert.

      • It will take a lot of bronze.

        Sorry. Couldn’t resist.

  7. Otto

    As others have said it depends on results, if the offense plays like it did last year, and the D is in rebuilding… very quickly If UGA wins like it did against Mizzou, Ga. Southern, and GT anemic offense, good defense, slightly less quickly.


    If we get to Jax with the East on the line, I will be a happy fan. Doesn’t matter to me who the QB is.

    • MLB2

      Especially if we beat Tennessee. They are salivating at the prospect of us being “down” this year. Nothing better than a Dawg made orange crush.

  9. Cojones

    Ostendorf comes closest to predicting the scenario in my book. We call can hope for Eason, but the starter giving the best chance is Lambert.

    Think about it, folks. It’s a new O and who seems to have the new signals down pat and is able to adjust the line to those new signals? According to the Head and O-line coaches, it’s Lambert. When the other three can do that , they will be in the mix, but not until.

    Nick is my come-from-behind guy!

  10. CB

    I would tend to agree, we basically have Matt Stafford incarnate (hopefully sans the untimely interceptions) and we’re talking about whether or not to start two guys who have turned out to be even worse passers than Hutson Mason (didn’t think that was possible). Todd Gurley still has the longest completion on the books since Murray left. Start Eason. Maybe we lose a game or two early that Lambert could have dink and dunked us through to victory, but the reality is we’re probably not going to win the SEC in 2016 so let’s get ready for the future.

  11. Semper Fi Dawg


  12. Rocket Dawg

    Physically I don’t think that there is any comparison between Lambert and Eason. Ramsey has almost if not equal arm strength.

    Mentally I think Lambert is ahead simply due to his experience. Eason has never been through a fall camp and preparation for a game. He also isn’t nearly as experienced reading defenses or shifting protections. Ramsey could be ahead of Eason if he puts in the work over the summer.

    Intangibles goes to Eason by a long shot. You could see the team get a lift when he ran onto the field for G-Day (yes I know it’s G-Day). I also think the kid is just a winner all around and that is something you can’t teach.

    I think that the question of who will be the starting QB depends heavily on the health of Nick Chubb’s knee and how the defensive line shapes up going into the season. If Chubb is 100% healthy and Michel and Holyfield can shoulder the load and Kirby feels like the defense is good enough to hold UNC to 20-24 points then Eason is the starter. If Chubb isn’t ready for significant carries and Kirby feels like we have to outscore them to win then I think Lambert gets the nod due to the fact that he protects the football.

    I say dumb the offense down, run 80% out of the gun and give Eason 10-12 plays a game out of 3 or 4 different looks and call the audibles from the sideline. Spoon feed him a little more each week as he shows he is ready.

    • Cojones

      Has anyone considered the lynchpin significance for this team lies in the O-line? That’s why Lambert will have a better year; the teamwork of the O-line/QB should be up if we are to believe the press that our O-line coach gets and when he’s protected, Lambert has performed. That doesn’t mean that I don’t think other QBs can’t perform as well as or better than Lambert.

      Everyone might carefully go over the G-Day film that the Senator provided and count the passes dropped that were right on target plus the adverse TD call and add them to Lambert’s average and overall performance before getting the same-old same-old last year’s attitude about Lambert or any player. It helps in solving the damnedest vexing mystery in the East Division; Who’s gonna start?

      I think we have a great QB core to build on and wouldn’t be surprised to see some of our new athletes excel in games. Exciting runbacks and interceptions (by our D) taken back by a few guys in the 2016 Class may abound with the new coaching. Looking forward to the NC game to see these guys perform and for resolution of our all-important question with the owl-like answer – Who?.

      • You lost me at “Lambert will have a better year.” In case YOU have not been paying attention, the guy can’t even hold on to a wet ball. Now excuse me while I go laugh my ass off.

        • dawgtired

          Well Cojones did say “better”. It wouldn’t take much to be “better”. Not playing Bama, no games in the rain, a few less dropped balls by receivers, one less ball slipped-from-the-hand, on less thrown into the dirt…

          In any case, right now Kirby seems to like Lambert’s ‘management of the huddle’. At least early on we may be looking at Lambert ‘huddle-managing’ while the D and run game keep us in the game. We will have to live with it until Eason is ready…
          I don’t have a lot of confidence in Ramsey but I keep hoping a light will appear and he understands what to do with the tools God gave him.

          If summer work outs and fall camp bring a cohesive OL and Eason has improved enough to change Kirby’s mind….(or if ESPN pressure gets to Kirby); we may see the freshman early.

        • Jared S.

          Dude has small hands.

        • Cojones

          Dude, if you care to really compare scientifically, you might watch each QB for any mistake that they make, make a chart and look closely at the results. I have, starting last year. That’s why I don’t get upset at those who post only of Lambert’s mistakes. If you would look closely at the passes that were dropped G-Day, you couldn’t fail to see the two Lambert threw that were behind the receivers, but they reached back and caught them anyway. If you view Lambert only for imperfections or outright warts, your judgment will miss the same warts in others taken in concert with the performance of all. Take good note of the O-line performance on each pass play that you judge as well. You may even end up understanding why two SEC Head Coaches and one ACC Head Coach names Lambert as their starter.

          Thought we were discussing all the QBs, not digging a hole for one of them. That’s pretty easy to do with any player if you have a mind to, but I don’t have a mind to do that to any player on UGA’s team.

          • You may even end up understanding why two SEC Head Coaches and one ACC Head Coach names Lambert as their starter.

            Who’s the second SEC head coach? And why did the first one bench him mid-season?

            • Cojones

              I…I…I included Kirby, who has him as his starter now? The first SEC coach didn’t bench him midseason, he was just saving his job until after Tech by starting Ramsey to satisfy the cacophony of voices asking him to quit trying to make Lambert look good when it was a foregone conclusion he wasn’t worth a shit even though he earlier set an NCAA record for single game completions.

              Do you consider that he was not the starter for Richt?

              • Kirby has specifically said that he hasn’t named a starter.

                And I have no idea what you’re saying about the Florida game. All I can tell you is that when I was in the stands in Jax, Lambert never left the sideline to play. That’s pretty much a textbook definition of “benched”.

  13. Hogbody Spradlin

    What is this ‘by which game’ you speak of? How bout ‘by which possession’? There’s Viagra to sell, ya know.

  14. RedHotChiliDawg

    What’s forgotten about Lambert is that Kirby has seen him up close and personal in a live game situation. Bama thoroughly shut down our offense last year by stuffing the run and forcing Lambert to beat them, which he was completely incapable of doing.

    I’ll support whoever Kirby runs out there, but you have to think he recognizes the ceiling with Lambert because he saw it live. At least Eason has the arm to make defenses pay if they load up on the run. Sure, maybe he throws more picks than Lambert, but maybe he also makes enough throws to keep running lanes open for our RBs.

  15. ugafidelis

    I don’t give a damn who is the starter. But we’ve GOT to beat Florida. If we don’t, it really doesn’t matter what else happens.

  16. Red Cup

    Remember when we played Clemmons in 2014 and when D. Watson, true freshman came in and led them to a TD pass over the middle just past the ear of our LB. and how relieved you were when he didn’t go back in until we were way ahead and rushing the passer like our hair was on fire. Dabo learned soon thereafter and Watson became the starter. I bet we see something like that with Eason v UNC. Kirby better have the sense to put him back in there before Lambert pisses it away.

    • Cojones

      And if Lambert starts in Atlanta and has another game like his NCAA record-setting game last season?

      I will be as delirious as everyone else if the kid comes into the game and “saves” us from having defeat snatched from the jaws of victory.