If it’s so easy…

… then why are there only four programs on this list?

Face it, kids.  It’s harder to pigeonhole Mark Richt’s legacy than some of you like to admit.  That’s not exactly a low bar for Kirby Smart to exceed, either.


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  1. 69Dawg

    Senator, you old click baiter you. We will now have another attack of the angry Richt fans and the “but they were not quality wins” anti-Richt fans. I think I’ll hang up and listen.

    • Russ

      LOL! I agree. The good Senator is just bumping up the click revenue, and I’m a-clickin’, boss!

      • You guys have a wildly inflated idea of what a click generates, as well as what this site generates in revenue.

        Let’s put it this way: I’m not quitting my day job for a while.🙂

    • BWD

      Seriously. Wtf could be the purpose of that statistic other than to stir up a comment thread like this? Someone is trolling us.

      • Irwin R. Fletcher

        Wellllll….the guys who run SportsSourceAnalytics are Vandy and Tech grads….so you may be on to something.

  2. sniffer

    Two of those are not like the others (NC). Nice stat, but 8 wins per season doesn’t excite anyone. If you said UGA would average 8 wins over the next 15 years, I would say fire Kirby now. Amirite?

    • Hopefully not 2012 Derek

      What if CKS averages nearly 10 wins over the next 15 years. While playing for 6 SEC titles, winning 2. Yet not winning a NC. Would you fire him then?

      • sniffer

        No. I wasn’t one who thought Richt underachieved, either. It ain’t easy to win in the SEC snd Richt won a lot. Just not the ones we wanted most.

      • Herschel Krustofski

        First, I’d like to point out that this would mean Smart played for 1 more SEC title than Richt.

        But if everything else was pretty much the same as the last 15 years, hell yes I would fire him.

    • Derek

      Actually only one (lsu) won a natty (twice) in that time frame. The Sooners won after the 2000 season. Fire Big game Bob!

      I don’t think the point is whether 8 wins is exciting. The point is that EVERY OTHER PROGRAM SAVE 4 HAD MULTIPLE BAD SEASONS. That includes a lot of very good football programs like Alabama, Florida, auburn, USC, Ohio state, Texas, Michigan, FSU etc., etc….. It’s difficult for any program not to fall off the map here and there. We didn’t under CMR. You may take Auburn’s tainted trophy and their 0-8 sec record two years later and be content. I’m not so sure I could sign on for that.

      • sniffer

        Thank you , Derek. Oklahoma did win a MNC in 2001, though, right?

        • Derek

          The season BEFORE the parameters in the tweet? Yes they did and I said that above.

          Sorry, for the fact checking, but it seems that the whole point of the post was facts vs. perception. Facts matter and your point was wrong by exactly 50%.

  3. ugadawgguy

    Considering that Georgia’s all-time winning percentage before Richt was around .600 and now it’s around .680, and the program has had numerous coaches during that time, I’ll consider it an impressive achievement if our rookie head coach maintains the status quo of the Richt era and wins about nine games per season.

  4. Scratchy

    Eight games a year when you get to play Kentucky and Vanderbilt every year, along with the Charleston Southerns and Buffalos….not that impressive.

    • Are you saying that Georgia’s played a weaker schedule over that fifteen-year period than all but a few schools? Because otherwise your criticism isn’t that impressive.

      • ugadawgguy

        The same counterargument applies against those who measure Georgia’s recent win percentage against winning in earlier eras.

        25-35% of the schedule has ALWAYS been comprised of weaker teams, at least since about the 1950s.

      • Bob

        That argument about the UKs and Vandy’s and Buffalos of the world is bogus. LSU has benefitted recently from the rise of the West, but I can remember when MSU and Ole Miss were Kentucky. In this 15 year window, Georgia played 163 Power 5 opponents; LSU played 155 and OU played 165. Georgia played one more away game than LSU and 3 more than OU. And don’t forget, OU has gotten to play KU and Iowa State and company as well as Baylor when Baylor was still Baylor. 😉

    • Sanford222view


    • Cojones

      Are you speaking of Buffalo, the team that gained nearly 500 yds on the ground and made our D look like shit? That Buffalo? Long ago, Buffalo was at the bottom of the Bottom 10, but came back lately to do very good in their conference and at ooc gamesw.

  5. Skeptic Dawg

    So winning 8 games a season is now a good thing? Just to make sure I have everything straight…8 wins a season is very good. The NCAA is awful. Not paying players shameful. The new Georgia state FOI law is the worst thing ever. Did I miss anything? Oh, playoff expansion will be the death of college football. It appears as if someone is growing cranky.

    • Jared S.

      His point is that history shows its damn hard to average 9+ wins per season for 15 straight years.

  6. Otto

    Early in Saban’s tenure at Bama, the criticism was that Saban has a down year every 3 or so years, and then goes on a title run. I’ll take that over regularly being good but not great.

    • Irwin R. Fletcher

      Saban with Bama’s resources would be preferable than Richt’s run at UGA???????

      HOT TAKE!!!!

      It’s moments like these that I’m thankful the Internet exists…otherwise I would have continued to live in ignorance.

      • Otto

        I think you missed the point, the comment was from the point of view many had of Saban in his first few years at Bama not the current monster. I don’t think anyone expect Bama to have the run they have enjoyed.

        • Irwin R. Fletcher

          Riiiight. Bama gave him 8 years and 32 Million to make him the highest paid coach in college football on a lark.

          The Saban hiring was trumpeted from the very beginning as a return to greatness. He had won a national title at LSU…imagine what he will do with Bama’s resources, said everyone.

          • Otto

            Revisionist history, look at his LSU record, and the state was load with defensive talent. Bama had to recruit out of state and had the text book NCAA investigation hanging over the program.

            At any rate I would take what he was doing at LSU over winning 9 and blowing chances at title shots, and then even getting to the SECCG.

            • Irwin R. Fletcher

              Revisionist history?

              At any rate I would take what he was doing at LSU over winning 9 and blowing chances at title shots, and then even getting to the SECCG

              Clearly one of us has an axe to grind and it a’int me.

              Beauty of the Internet…

              His agreement with Alabama is for eight years and a guaranteed $32 million, …”When I set out on this search, I noted that I was seeking a
              coach who has a proven record of championship success and
              achievement,” …Moore said the high-profile hiring “signifies a new era of
              Crimson Tide football.”

              This is my favorite…removed from a 7-6 season, Forbes calls him the most powerful coach in sports, raves about the #1 class in America that he just signed, and all but hands him a dynasty.

              But yeah…I’m cleary making all of this up. :-/ #eyeroll

              Peace out.

          • sniffer

            No, Irvin, it wasn’t. Saban wasn’t even Mal Moore’s first choice. He offered RichRod, RR accepted the job and quit soon after. Moore had to give away the farm to get Saban. Your memory of the times is faulty.

            • Irwin R. Fletcher

              Here’s the deal…I’m not claiming to have a ‘memory of the time’. I’m citing folks who were actually there, ok? You have a problem with ‘history’, argue with people like the 2007 versions of Nick Saban, Mal Moore, Len Pasquerelli, Kevin Scarbinsky, etc. etc. etc.

              Their versions of how Saban got to Bama goes something like this…Moore was making overtures to Saban’s agent mid-season…that all included offering him the farm, Saban rebuffed those but knew the job was his if he wanted it, Moore had to offer Rich-Rod because the recruiting dead period was closing and it looked like Saban was a no(because he had turned it down), Rich Rod turned it down, Saban’s wife finally convinced him that they had to get out of Miami/NFL and settle down in T-Town (not to mention that he was going to get 8 years/32M and total control of the most powerful football program and budget in the country. Again, that’s not my version of the events…it’s online, in books, etc.

  7. Uglydawg

    My biggest problem with CMR was not his record, but his downright refusal to name a starting QB during halftime of the Spring Game every year.

  8. I haven’t forgotten that the majority of my Dawgdom was spent in that wide gulf of mostly less than fun times between our last NC and that first trip to the Georgia Dome. I also haven’t forgotten that, in 15 years, the administration and boosters never fully supported the man who brought us out of that, yet, went all in on a man who is yet to coach game one.

    See..for me this isn’t so much about Richt, who I have a great amount of appreciation and respect for, or Smart, who I see great potential in. My frustration/concern is about an administration and boosters who I believe have no clue about how to get us to the next level. I feel less than confident that any coach would make a difference with this current group. 8, 9, 10 wins a year is good not great but I’d be lying through me teeth if I said I have confidence in this group to keep us from going back to that dark place. I already feel like a program is much more likely to stay put or even regress with a new coach than it is to get to that next level and I think CFB history supports that. Toss in incompetent administration and…well…yeah.

    People say “you can’t let fear dictate or impede trying to get better”. Well that’s the eternal struggle for all of humanity but at some point you have to look history, odds and most importantly, WHO is making these decisions and taking these chances. We(or they) don’t have a good track record and the best decision they ever made was never given full support.

    • ugadawgguy

      I could not agree more.

    • Debby Balcer

      Amen. I fear some actually only care if we win it once and then they can move on. Those are the people I don’t enjoy sitting around in the stadium. They are loud and obnoxious and ready to boo our players if they are not perfect.

      • Cojones

        A few of them exist on this blog as well. Start with the QB position and work your way up.

      • Hopefully not 2012 Derek

        Debby, I like to refer to these people as our Bama types. While most schools would have 15% of their fanbase that is batdung crazy, know nothing about tradition & history and are mostly illiterate….the Bama fanbase is 85% that way. Our 15% has been way too vocal lately.

    • Derek

      This is why I feared change. Chances are that you backslide. But we did what we did and we are where we are. Pleasantly surprised with most things so far and optimistic about the future. Save the rubbers and the Turman issue, I feel pretty good about things.

  9. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    The only thing I will say is that a more telling stat would be overall winning percentage over that same time. Just saying that 8+ wins 9 times out of 10 just doesn’t mean as much as, say, winning 75% of your games over that same span. I don’t know what those numbers would be, and don’t care enough to go look it up, but what is magical about 8 wins in an 11 or 12 game season? And why 15 years? Why not 6 or 7 so we could gauge current trends [answer because then the Bamas and Clemsons and Baylors, etc. would start sticking out]. I am just saying these are numbers that are chosen to make a point that is kind of irrelevant to our goal.

    UGA, OU and LSU have never been bad teams – they both recruit well for obvious reasons – they simply have too much talent to be crappy. Boise State is just barely an FBS school, imo.

    • Irwin R. Fletcher

      UGA, OU and LSU have never been bad teams

      Right…except for that whole decade before 2001.

  10. And yet, no NC and not even an SEC championship in a decade.

    Lets face it, Richt was shitcanned because he would win the games that didn’t matter and lose the games that did.

  11. RugbyDawg79

    I can handle a lot of things – Losing to those stinking gaters is not one of them

    • DawgPhan

      It’s all perspective.

      For me, beating Auburn and Tech are the most important games.

      CMR did that like no one else. I didnt care as much about Florida. I will be extremely disappointed if the Auburn series goes back to the historical norm of 50/50 split.

      • PTC DAWG

        my 2005 Sec Championship is getting old. A new one of those would be nice.

      • I like beating Auburn and Tech But I had to put up with years of a colleague who is a Gator asking me before the Cocktail Party questions like “How much do you think we’ll beat you by this year?” She’s retired and I don’t see her much now but we have still got to win in Jacksonville more regularly than we have in quite a while.

    • What he said. Although, Auburn Sucks.

  12. I am at the point where I can concede that Richt’s departure might have been the best thing for UGA, Richt, and Miami. Hopefully, it will be better than just financially good for Smart.

    I still did not like the way McGarity flubbed the whole situation.

  13. Bulldog Joe

    The Minnesota Vikings and Buffalo Bills each played in four super bowls.

    And no one gives a damn.

    • Derek

      Nobody thinks that Marv Levy and Bud Grant couldn’t coach though. You know how many Super Bowls those franchises got to without those coaches?


      • Bulldog Joe

        Bud Grant won the CFL Grey Cup four times as head coach and has an NBA Championship ring as a player for the Lakers.

        We was (and is) a true badass.

  14. IAmAChubbyMan

    Data mining of the finest order. Dig hard enough, and you can find a stat to make Charlie Weis’ career at Kansas look stellar.

  15. CB

    I can’t even begin to imagine the expectation on Kirby. I hope he can rise above it. The bar is 10+ wins. By the logic of most Richt haters Kirby will be off to a bad start if he wins less than that in year one.

  16. Cojones

    The more that’s dug up (good and bad) for Richt, the more the pressure on Kirby. I figure by the end of July, he’ll be finished here.

  17. I am a Richt Fan. I thought that he did great competing in the SEC.
    Now I finally have an ACC team to pull for: the first since Bowden left FSU.
    I am also an Avid Dawg Supporter & a lifelong Gator Hater. Go Dawgs.

  18. The spice must flow!

    So long as that’s happening, Jer-Bear will be all “whatevs!”

    I hope Kirby wins big. I hope Coach Richt does awesome at The U. Go Hounds. Please?

  19. rchris

    I realize I’m late to the party here but I feel compelled to note that if Kirby and Co. win 8 games this year, then we will have won 8 or more in 95% of the last 20 seasons, a feat matched only by Boise State, which obviously played a much softer schedule. To think that an SEC school could accomplish such a run is astounding and another Bulldog point of pride. (lol)