Department of Justice 1, SEC 0.

Guess Kirby’d better get his satellite camp plans dusted off.  You know Bert’s raring to go.

Oh, and I hope Hugh Freeze posts his teary farewell to his family as he hits the road to do his job.  Oh, the humanity!


UPDATE:  The SEC prepares to unleash itself upon an unsuspecting world.


UPDATE #2:  Of course…

I’d love to hear somebody in the media ask Greg Sankey about that.


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21 responses to “Chaos!

  1. Cojones

    As Michigan liked Fl, we can opt for Ca, baby. Wait until those west coast recruits see an SEC team racing around Compton!

    And I can give them directions where to go eat barbecue and mix with the local gentry.


    • Will (The Other One)

      Is there any good BBQ in Los Angeles? My friends who have moved out there say a lot of it is electric smoker stuff, which is better than nothing I guess, but not the real thing.


      • Cojones

        The last sentence was an attempt at self-deprecatory humor at previous postings. DIF probably got it along with a few others.

        Seriously, yes.. but you should have an African-American friend to accompany you or, in my case, a 6’5″ fellow manager who could frequent the area in the 80s and 90s. He was from Louisville, Ky and knew what good pork barbeque was and where to get it. Pretty unique guy. He was the first (and only) African-American on the Rose Bowl Committee and looked like Gregory Hines. In my single days, he and I hopped a few bars in So Pasadena and places west.

        He offered to get some for me on several occasions, but informed me that if I ever accompanied him, I had to be mute. It was ok for him to have a Southern accent at the eatery, but I might be viewed askance with mine. I let him bring lunch several times and it was properly smoked with a Memphis quality-tasting sauce. He and I devoured a few sandwiches, but I understand that they had ribs as well. Yeah, I’d say they were very good and I couldn’t tell you the name of the place if my life depended upon it. He told me that rib shacks were around and I would suggest that’s the first place your friends look, west of downtown.


  2. Scratchy

    NCAA is one well run organization, isn’t it?


  3. Go Dawgs!

    This is annoying, but in the end it stands to benefit lesser recruited athletes and smaller schools much more than it will ever benefit Michigan and its blowhard coach. SEC and ACC schools may lose a few kids to the frozen northern schools, but I think most of the kids down here would prefer to stay down here.

    Maybe this will let Kirby grab some talent from Texas or California.


    • Visionary

      It might benefit the lesser recruited athletes, but I doubt it will benefit the smaller schools. I can’t many of them being able to afford the cost of running the satellite camps.


      • Go Dawgs!

        They don’t run them, they participate in them. That’s where Hugh Freeze’s moment of regret came in. Ole Miss used to let coaches from other smaller Mississippi or area colleges come to their camps and teach. They’d make connections with the guys who weren’t good enough to be Rebels and recruited them.


    • ACM

      Now, if this were 1975, it might be a game changer. But, today, when most all of the top Power-5 teams are national brands who play on TV every weekend and whose coaches are all over ESPN and who already spend large chunks of their budgets flying their coaches across the country to visit high school players, I just don’t see it making much difference. The internet has already made evaluating and offering prospects nationwide very easy.The four and five star kids in the state of GA, no matter what small town they come from, already know about Harbaugh and Meyer and the top ones have likely already been offered.

      Other than the first few to do it, who can get the publicity from it and maybe grab the attention of some recruits, I don’t see many schools benefitting. Once everyone is doing it, it will be a wash.


  4. Dog in Fla

    “UPDATE: The SEC prepares to unleash itself upon an unsuspecting world.”

    All hands on deck for launch preparation in The SEC mission control room


  5. Dog in Fla

    Hugh Freeze’s wives wave goodbye as Hugh departs for satellite camps from a state of the art cotton loading dock on the Mississippi


  6. Derek

    But…but…what about the children? I got a feeling that if we hadn’t have made a move on CMR, this would have done him in anyway. Kirby is going to have “barbarians at the gate.” Protecting the state just got harder.


    • Tommy

      Maybe (probably) I’m just rationalizing, but I think the teams whose lives just got harder are everyone else who recruits the state of Georgia.

      Hear me out:
      Stipulated that there is more elite talent in Georgia than any one team can take, but UGA, as a historically and currently successful flagship program with a balls-out recruiter like Kirby at the helm, is probably going to get its picks of the litter (to the extent that they meet our needs). That’s not to say we won’t get beat out or outbid for some studs, but, in most years, we should get more of the top 20 players in the state than anyone else. The primary factor being that we’re the only viable program (sorry, Tech) with proximity in our favor. Michael Elkon and others have demonstrated repeatedly that proximity is the most predictive variable for which school a kid picks, especially if the in-state school is having success.

      So, whom Michigan muddies the waters for is primarily everyone else — Tennessee, Auburn, Clemson, South Carolina, etc. And I’d much rather lose a kid to Michigan than to some team we play every year.


      • Derek

        I’m not suggesting its insurmountable. You are just going to have more outsiders with more access and earlier in the process. You get a 15 year enamored with Urban or Jim or whoever, it just makes it that much harder. Theses kids don’t have to trip to Columbus or Ann Arbor at 15 to start that relationship. They are coming to the kid. Assuming he’s interested in the camp and why wouldn’t he be? We know how important these initial impressions are and how much these kids hold on to “who believed in me first.” Of course its bullshit, but it doesn’t mean it doesn’t work. Any way you slice it Kirby’s job is now harder and the yankee’s jobs just got a tad easier. How much will it matter on signing day? I guess we’ll see. It may as you suggest end up hurting our neighbors (USC, Bama, Auburn, UT, Clemson) who feast on our leftovers. So we get dinged, but the local comp gets dinged harder. I guess I could live with that.


  7. ASEF

    Stupid, stupid, stupid.


  8. The Dawg abides

    If I was Kirby, I would just tour the state. Do a couple of camps a year rotating at Savannah State, Valdosta State, Albany State, Lagrange College, West Georgia, Kennesaw State. And find a school in South Florida, like American Heritage, to hold a camp every summer.


  9. Comin' Down The Track

    Oh, man. I just cannot wait until we start holding camps in Wisconsin, North Dakota and upstate New York!
    What? We’re not… that’s not what… wait…what about all those recruiting target rich northern states? That’s not a thing? Turnabout’s fair play and all, right? I’m so confused, right now.


  10. Cojones

    Offensive Line recruitment: Recruit La, LA and then Miami. Target richness begins in the footsteps of Shaquille and his romances in each of those areas; trip lightly through the lots of his movie production co(?). After eye-grazing through this target rich country, tarry in Indianapolis, Chicago, and Detrioit for large-framed NBA kids about the countryside on nondescript area farms. Save Cleveland and it’s surrounding area for last. All the large kids (the numbers vary) thereabouts act like kings and substituting a football into their hand when they aren’t looking is going to be a wicked task, but should be well-worth the trip and the wait.

    Pittman, are you listening? How about a summer camp in the Cleveland area for your line? You might get up a game with the locals for money, but don’t bet it all at once. Oh!.. and take Fox with you. He probably could point your candidates out for you.


  11. Looks like Kirby and Harbaugh are going to be holding a camp together at Cedar Grove