Sankey’s gonna Sankey.

Oh, puh-leeze.

The SEC reacted to Thursday’s news by releasing a statement in which commissioner Greg Sankey both re-affirmed the conference’s position and the fact that its schools would now be free to join in the satellite camps.

“While we are disappointed with the NCAA governance process result, we respect the Board of Directors’ decision and are confident SEC football programs will continue to be highly effective in their recruiting efforts,” Sankey said. “We continue to believe football recruiting is primarily an activity best-focused in high schools during the established recruiting calendar, which has provided opportunities for football prospective student-athletes from all across the country to obtain broad national access and exposure but with appropriate guidance from high school coaches, teachers and advisors that focuses on both their academic and athletic opportunities as they decide where they will play college football.

“SEC coaches will be allowed to engage in summer camps as a result of Conference legislation approved during the 2015 SEC Spring Meetings.”

If you really believe your approach to satellite camps is best for all concerned, then why lift the ban?

That was a rhetorical question, in case you’re wondering.


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3 responses to “Sankey’s gonna Sankey.

  1. Derek

    Right now Tony Barnhart is printing off his newest article that he just received from the sec offices.


  2. Ant123

    This was a stupid decision. There are no winners here, only losers.


  3. DawgPhan

    what I dont understand is that no one is making them do the camps. If you want to do them, do it, if not dont. easy peasy.

    literally nothing to complain about if everyone can do them, but you dont have to do them.