The NCAA’s easy nobility

Ooh, look who’s taking a stand!

The NCAA Board of Governors on Wednesday took steps to protect participants and spectators from discrimination at NCAA events.

At its quarterly meeting in Indianapolis, the board adopted a new requirement for sites hosting or bidding on NCAA events in all divisions — from the Men’s and Women’s Final Fours to educational events such as leadership development conferences — to demonstrate how they will provide an environment that is safe, healthy, and free of discrimination, plus safeguards the dignity of everyone involved in the event.

The board’s decision integrates the new requirement into the bidding process for championships, adding it to information already required that outlines available access for people with disabilities and details on playing and practice facilities.

Don’t go too far out on a limb there, folks.  Now, the announcement does go on to mention previous bans – “The Association now prohibits championships events with predetermined sites in states where governments display the Confederate battle flag, and prohibits NCAA members from hosting championships events if their school nicknames use Native American imagery that is considered abusive and offensive.” – but doesn’t explicitly call for one in this instance.  So all we really know for sure at this point is that if you want to bid for a championship event, you’ll have to let the NCAA know who can pee in which bathroom in your venue.

That’s bold.  Just ask chair of the Board of Governors Kirk Schulz.

Schulz, in a story by USA TODAY Sports focused on tensions between religious schools with anti-gay policies, said the NCAA is a “powerful bully pulpit” and that the organization “does need to take some stands.”

You know what else could use a stand by the NCAA?  How about not tolerating schools that are serial enablers of physical abusers?  You know where you could start with that, right, Kirk?

There has been no shortage of notable numbers associated with Baylor football the past several years. For example, Art Briles’ team averaged 52.4 points per game in 2013. The Bears amassed 645 rushing yards in last year’s Russell Athletic Bowl.

Today it’s time to focus on another number that’s turning one of college football’s purported feel-good stories into a human tragedy.

That number is nine. As in, at least nine women have reported to police they were raped or assaulted by Baylor football players since 2009.

One is too many. Nine is unconscionable. Especially when you realize most of those attacks could have been avoided.

Just when I thought there was nothing to add to the Shawn Oakman story, Mandel manages to find something that makes Baylor look even worse.

Earlier this month, Waco police arrested Bears All-American defensive end Shawn Oakman on one count of sexual assault. The alleged April 3 incident involving a Baylor student took place several months after his last college game. Thus, one might suggest it unfair to tie that event to Briles’ program.

Except that earlier this week, Texas-based reporter Alex Dunlap uncovered a January 2013 police report in which a woman identified as Oakman’s ex-girlfriend accused him of assault. She described the lineman — then listed at 6-foot-9, 270 pounds — lifting her by the armpits and shoving her into brick walls and cabinets. The woman did not want to press charges, and the outside world knew nothing of it.

Worth noting, that alleged incident occurred less than a year after Oakman’s dismissal from his original school, Penn State, following a misdemeanor charge for getting physical with a convenience store clerk. If Briles was made aware of that initial Baylor incident — Dunlap reported that he was, but that’s not yet been confirmed — Oakman, who redshirted during the 2012 season, never should have played a down for Baylor, much less remained in town three years later to allegedly sexually assault a student.

I think it’s time to stop making jokes about Second Chance U.  Baylor makes Auburn look like Zero Tolerance U by comparison.  But I digress.  The real question here is how Mark Emmert could fall all over himself looking for ways to hang Penn State over Sandusky’s egregious misconduct and yet turn a blind eye to what’s happening in Waco.  And before you say that’s not his place, kindly remember this post of mine that looks prescient here.  Bottom line:  you break something, you own it.  Unless you’re the NCAA and hope simply that nobody notices the broken crockery you swept under the rug.



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53 responses to “The NCAA’s easy nobility

  1. Hogbody Spradlin

    Baylor = SMU Part Deux

    • Cousin Eddie

      Difference is SMU involved money, a subject the NCAA cares deeply about, and Baylor involves students, and the NCAA has shown time after time they don’t give a rip about them (whether Student-Athletes or just plain Students).

      • DawgPhan

        When boys are raped the NCAA has no problem with swift justice. When women are raped, NCAA finds their hands tied and tongues swollen.

        At some point, some folks might consider that women are equal to men and deserve equal protection.

  2. Dawg in Austin

    Forget it, Senator. It’s Kansas.

    Kirk is hanging on a blasphemous limb with this courageous step forward as it is.

    What’s going on in Waco is truly sickening and a national embarrassment. But Art’s boys play a fun game of ball, amiright?

  3. Macallanlover

    Freedom of speech is still “free” in this country, as long as you favor the Politically Stupid positions.

    • I must be missing who’s been shut up, Mac.

    • PTC DAWG

      People are free to speak up…others are free to have thoughts on said speech.

    • Derek

      Mac, it’ll be alright when we make America white… I’m sorry I mean “great” again. First, we ban rap. Keep in mind that banning rap is not anything like the politically correct movement. Complaining about speech is fine as long as your complaining about other people’s speech. Complain about my speech and its just dumb, librul “political correctness”, right Mac? There can be effective speech police if they are white (great?), conservative, Christian speech police. After all what’s harmful about people waving the confederate flag and screaming the n-word? This is America ain’t it? Get a backbone and man up! You can’t expect everyone to agree with you. Now if you rap about police abuses, you’re bringing down an entire community. Look at the stats!!!

      Your full of shit Mac. The market has spoken. If you think you can keep companies and organizations from going to San Francisco and LA and NYC because they librul and intolerant of dumb, go for it. Good luck. There’s a price to pay for being backward and ignorant. North Carolina is paying it.

      • Cojones

        Besides that, the women who attend Baylor are “just asking for it” when they schmooze up to athletes, especially FB players. After they get a good lay, they get frightened and then press charges to cover their indiscretion. They probably artfully created bruises in the correct anatomical areas to boost their stories. Who you gonna believe, virgin freshmen or the mighty men of the world that they cheer for two years in the arena after he rapes?

        Frankly, I think that Starr just wants the spotlight that’s been taken away in an election year. He might consider calling Tom Delay, that fellow Texan who has done so much for him when he was their go-to man in DC. Or the guy who has the “nigger head” rock at the entrance to his ranch and shoots coyotes on his nature walks around Austin. Or he could call in that famous Texan running for POTUS who just doubled down(ward) on his party’s natl ticket by selecting a woman as his VP candidate. If I were her, I wouldn’t wear a low-cut dress around that bunch until after the election.

      • Normaltown Mike

        “There’s a price to pay for being backward and ignorant”

        you would know, down to the penny Derek.

        • Derek

          I know and if I could master the art of platitude like you have I could get it all back. There’s a big market for the literary equilivalent of “I know what I am but what are you?” Keep it up mike. It’s not to often that I get to relive second grade. Your posts keep me young.

          Normaltown Mike: “You’d know all about second grade don’t you?”

          There. I already know your retort and thought I’d save you the trouble of responding. Keep in mind that it’s rude to interrupt the adults while they’re talking.

          • Normaltown Mike

            the lady doth protest!

            • Macallanlover

              Wasting your time responding to Da Rek, boy ain’t just politically stupid, he just ‘toopid period. Perhaps when you know it all, it gets all scrambled and makes it seem you know nothing. Hard to se so wrong on so many issues but we may have an uncontested weener with this one.

  4. BarneyDawg

    The NCAA needs a complete tear-down and do over from scratch.

  5. Go Dawgs!

    Your point is a good one, Senator. That said, I don’t think the NCAA’s lack of a stand on Baylor makes their taking a stand on discrimination against LGBT individuals a bad thing.

    • I’m not saying the latter is bad, just mealy-mouthed.

    • paul

      I’m sorry, but when did it become discrimination to tell someone who has a penis they need to pee in the men’s room? I don’t care if you want to wear a dress and you can call yourself whatever you want but if you still have a male appendage you need to relieve yourself in the men’s room. It is beyond comprehension to me that saying this is somehow discriminatory. Does anyone believe Rachel Dolezal is black? Of course not. We’ve all seen her white parents. She can claim to identify as black all she wants and we’re not considered racists when we say we don’t believe she is black. Yet as soon as someone claims to gender identify as something other than what their anatomy indicates, suddenly we’re discriminating against them if we insist they use the restroom that corresponds to their birth gender. Why is that?

      • DawgPhan

        Why do we even have sexed bathrooms? Wouldn’t all this just be easier if we just had more unisex bathrooms?

        Would benefit lots of people, not just transgender people.

        I also dont think it hurts anyone to let someone who is transgender use the bathroom that they identify with.

      • Cousin Eddie

        If I was to say I would be ruled “hateful” and “discriminatory” for voicing my opinion which differs from the “people” standing on their soap boxes screaming to be treated the same as people who are biologically different.

        Port-O-Potties are the wave of the future.

      • I keep wondering what some of you people are doing when you’re in public restrooms. Me, I’m in there to do my business, not to check someone else’s junk out.

        If I’ve got to worry about getting eyeballed the next time I pee at Sanford Stadium, maybe I need to start holding it until afterwards.

        BTW, how come you’re not screaming when women invade men’s restrooms at public facilities because the lines in theirs are too long?

        • DawgPhan

          wait…I always thought that the wink and nod in at the trough was the custom of the land.

        • Cojones

          Last time I was in a ladies rr, there were no urinals in the wall, so why would a transgender take her penis out and wave it about. Private stalls in the lady’s room or the men’s room also have privacy latches last time I sat down in one.

          • Normaltown Mike

            last time you sat down in the lady’s room?

            • Cojones

              Twice this year alone. When the maintenance people were blocking me from entering the men’s while they were cleaning up and when a sign was hung on the men’s room in a service station that said “out of order”. All of those lady’s rest rooms had door locks to prevent interruptions by unsuspecting females.

              Are you implying that you never have used the lady’s rest room in an emergency? Wait until you are 75 and you have to go and you don’t wear Depends.

              • Normaltown Mike

                ha-ha, I don’t wear depends yet. I’ve wished I did sometimes when I drink too much coffee and I’m in the middle of nowhere and in need of place to spend 5 or 10 minutes in repose.

        • Cousin Eddie

          I’m not eyeballing or care if someone else is eyeballing me, but there are some sick individuals out there that will use this to go in women’s or men’s restrooms to do illegal, immoral or things that will get me placed in prison if it happens to my wife, sons, daughter, niece or nephew. Before we go to far with making it OK for people to do as they wish; we should think about some of the consequences first (not near as important but a fair comparison could be made with satellite camps and being to quick to overreact before looking at a larger picture).

          • … but there are some sick individuals out there that will use this to go in women’s or men’s restrooms to do illegal, immoral or things that will get me placed in prison if it happens to my wife, sons, daughter, niece or nephew.

            And you know this, based on what, exactly?

            And why would anyone so inclined need this law in the first place to do so?

      • Derek

        My small government conservativism tells me that the government needs to monitor all of the toilets in america!

        Do you have male and female pissers at your house, Paul? Are signs necessary? Perhaps a cop stationed outside? How about the national guard?

        The only thing that the NC law illustrates is that you literally can make a conservative shit their drawers over anything. Bruce Jenner is gonna molest your daughter in the girls bathroom at the Taco Bell! We gotta do something! Holy shit were all gonna die!! Benghazi, Isis, black president, gay people, trannies! I need my smelling salts!!! I got the vapors!!!

        You do realize that there have always been laws against acting inappropriately in a bathroom, just as there are laws against acting inappropriately in any public place, right? Ask former GOP senator Larry Craig about proper bathroom etiquette and the consequences of deviation therefrom.

        • Cojones

          Where did this horde of trannys pee in the past – on the curb? If you see that happen, you may have been in Germany.

          I think they should be required to wear Depends just like I may have to in the future so they may disturb no one and you can id them by the satisfied relief face portrayed by Steve Martin as Ruprect in Dirty Rotten Scoundrels.

          And quit picking on GOP Senators who like to tap morse code while in the bathroom and feel the air flowing underneath the stall walls. Those that propose that something nefarious was going on should get down on their knees….then you would see that it’s an impossible act as I have when I tried it with the last guy tapping on the adjoining stall wall.

  6. paul

    I guess it’s a whole lot easier to tell folks you have to let guys pee in the ladies room than it is to tell people it’s not okay for guys to beat women up and/or rape them. What I don’t understand about either of these issues is that there are a whole lot of females in this world and every single one of them is someone’s daughter. Why don’t we hear more from those of us who have daughters? Because, that’s most of us. The silence is astounding.

    • Derek

      We can do that just as soon as we put our war making decisions in the hands of mothers with sons of an age appropriate for military service.

    • Cojones

      Paul, I have a daughter and two sons, all over the age of 40, who don’t have anything to do with the quality of my opinions or my ability to express those thoughts. It’s all on me. And I know of only one other person associated with this blog who has a daughter(s). Where did you get your list?

      • paul

        In regards to the issue of violence against women, the point I was trying to make is that more of us need to speak up, speak up forcefully, speak up often and speak up publicly. I think that many of us, myself included since I have a daughter, tend to think it’s not our issue as long as it doesn’t happen to someone we love. But that’s not true.

  7. ASEF

    The North Carolina law was passed in emergency session, in about 10 hours. Zero public discussion. So much for free speech.

    It supercedes all local ordinances on discrimination, period. So much for local government.

    It removed sexual orientation as a protected class. Homosexuals can be fired for being home sexual.

    It removes the right to sue for discrimination in state court. Repeat: you cannot sue for discrimination in an NV court anymore. You have to make it a federal case.

    It also bans local governments from raising the minimum wage in their communities. Only Raleigh can do that now.

    If my daughter is going to brcsexuaply assaulted, it’s not going to happen in a bathroom. It’s going to happen at a friend’s house. If she’s in Oklahoma, the attacker only needs to make sure she’s passed out and stick it in her mouth – Oklahoma’s good with that.

    I’m fascinated with this constituency’s sudden concern for sexual assault. They walk right past real problems affecting thousands to obsess over theoretical boogeymen stalking public bathrooms, most of which have security cameras monitoring who goes in or out.

    No, this is about the same things it was about in 1962. Just still trying a group they can get away with it. Down to transgender.

    • Normaltown Mike

      “No, this is about the same things it was about in 1962. Just still trying a group they can get away with it. Down to transgender”

      To analogize the pre Civil Rights Act de jure segregation to forcing a person to use the bathroom that corresponds with the actual equipment they have is such a grotesque insult to the profound difference in facts that you make your point seem silly.

      • To analogize the pre Civil Rights Act de jure segregation to forcing a person to use the bathroom that corresponds with the actual equipment they have is such a grotesque insult to the profound difference in facts that you make your point seem silly.

        Considering the lengths to which some folks in power went to use fear of black men’s excessive sexual appetites as justification for separation of the races as a safety issue pre-’62, you may be overstating a tad.

      • ASEF

        Hmm. I see the same argument formula now that I see then: one part Bible, one part “common sense,” one part “can’t let those people around our kids.” And towards the same purposes: motivating people to fear a boogeyman badly enough to stop paying attention to what the lawmakers were really doing.

        Most of that law has nothing to do with bathrooms. Most of that law radically reshapes discrimination law in NC. But hey, let’s talk about who gets to use what bathroom.

        Final: I had to assist my mother in a bathroom on the UNC campus last spring. Now that’s unlawful. I will have to find a stranger to help.

        Anyone who argues there is a clear and present danger here requiring new law isn’t paying attention.

        • Normaltown Mike

          OK, I see what you mean.

          I was thinking about the impact more than the impetus.

          Which is to say that the limitations placed on blacks (accommodations, dining, voting, education, travel) were profoundly more limiting and exclusionary (in scale and breadth) than what’s at issue here

          • ASEF

            I just lost my right to sue in state court. White guy, property owner, MA degree, mid 40s, hetero, Christian, 7 figure net worth. Are you even listening?

            The transgender bills are stupid. But like the gay marriage bills before them they are designed to distract. To get people to vote for guys like Pat McCory and not notice the reshaping of government to enable his billionaire buddies to squeeze even more profits out of their state interests.

            Pat McCory and Tom Apodaca don’t give a shit about bathrooms or NC. They want to make Art Pope happy and get rich doing it.

            • Normaltown Mike

              Freedom riders were murdered and placed in earthen dams, Col. Lemuel Penn was blasted crossing the Broad River, Emmett Till was beaten to death for making a wolf howl.

              When events like these happen to transgender activists in NC, you can compare the fight for equal protection in front of the stall to the civil rights battles of Jim Crow

              PS I’m sorry that you’ll have to file your suit in Federal instead of State Court.

              • ASEF

                Did I ever compare the plight of transgender to the civil rights struggle? No. I said the people pushing the discrimination buttons were using the same playbook for the same purposes. I said it multiple times and in multiple ways.

                PS I’m sorry you either don’t get it don’t care that people are being demonized to distract voters from their government being taken from them. Last I heard, you thought was a bad thing. But I guess as long as they piss on a small or weird enough minority along the way, you’re cool with it. Dumb ass.