Making bank.

Now here’s a chart to hit recruits over the head with.


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13 responses to “Making bank.

  1. Paul

    Today I learned a third of the league hails from 10 schools.


  2. Dave

    Sort it by the average when showing it…of course


  3. Wut?

    Every school on the list has a Natty in the last 15 years but 1. Jeez.


  4. Bulldog Joe

    Florida players need to hire better agents.


  5. Visionary

    Those Bulldawgs don’t come cheap, do they?


    • 83dawg

      Nope. Stafford, AJ Green, Gurley, Ogletree, and Justin Houston don’t come cheap. Not to mention that Murray is in the last year of his rookie contract and will go from $1 million a year to $5-$7 million next year as QB2 in KC.

      Unless Smith gets hurt and Murray shows well as a starter. Then he will make unbelievable $$$.


      • 83dawg

        Oh, for those of you who barely follow the NFL (And I am the same way. I gave up on the NFL when they started fining players if their jersey wasn’t tucked in or if their socks slid down. But I DO follow UGA players in the NFL)

        Justin Houston signed a 6-year contract with KC last season for $101 million dollars. That is not a typo.

        Plus, $20.5 million was paid to him immediately as a signing bonus, and another $32 million guaranteed.

        I think I should have played football in High School instead of soccer…