Never saw that fifty-sixth year coming.

Groo takes a walk through Bill Connelly’s ongoing historical series of S&P+ ratings (Bill’s now gone all the way back to 1990, I believe) and makes an argument in 2001 for Brian VanGorder being a step down from Gary Gibbs.


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  1. W Cobb Dawg

    Both were darn good DCs for us. Both teams went 8-4. Neither offense was anything to write home about. Both teams had some pretty impressive talent – on both sides of the ball.

    The real question is, why did we keep a guy like Garner around and let guys like Gibbs and BVG walk.


    • old dog

      for so many years Garner was the goose who laid the golden egg as far as recruiting goes…I remember when Kiffen wined and dined Garner to come to Knoxvegas…Richt peed down both britches legs until he got Garner back in the fold…


      • Donnan did the same thing. When Garner threatened to leave, miraculously, we would find money in the athletic budget to keep him on staff. Eventually, Richt decided he’d had enough and let him walk. Our DL play and recruiting hasn’t really suffered since.


    • Otto

      I don’t think there was any way to keep BVG, he was job hopping trying to get to HC.


  2. @gatriguy

    I’d probably say either 2003 or 2012. Just me though.


  3. DawgPhan

    Dont these stats also always tell us that the 1980 team was one of the worst championship teams in history?

    Georgia is a weird program. Consistently good, never really great.


    • That team probably does go down as one of the most limited in championship history. Every team gets breaks and good bounces on the way to a national championship. The team that wins it takes advantage of those breaks.

      @UT – fumble forced inside the Georgia 2 to save the game
      Clemson – Woerner, Woerner, Woerner!
      Florida – Run, Lindsay! only happens if that DB falls down
      ND – can you imagine winning a game today where your offense completes one pass? Also, we scored a gift TD off the recovered muffed kickoff.

      Bama loses to Miss State. ND gets tied by tech. Pitt loses (don’t remember who).

      The ’81 team was much more dominant but didn’t get the big break it needed (Clemson) and had the miracle play go against them (Pitt). I believe if you put the ’81 team on the field against the ’80 team, the ’81 SEC champions beat the ’80 national champions by 10.


  4. Sort of interesting tidbit about that 2000 team … Donnan said later that he wished he had taken the redshirt off David Greene. I think he knew what he had. I think the words were “If I had taken the redshirt off Greene, I would still be the head football coach at Georgia right now.”

    I think he knew he had a head case on his hands in QC and thought the talent around him could make up for it. Notice CMR told QC he would have to win the job in the spring if he wanted to stay. Soon after Richt got to Athens full-time, Carter declared for the draft.