The curious case of Bo Davis’ departure

I made the assumption from the initial whispering that Davis was shown the door because of some serious violation on the recruiting front.  I assumed serious because Davis was a coach that Saban liked enough to bring back to Alabama a second time and you don’t give the boot to someone you obviously value without some real justification.  I also assumed serious because, as Barrett Sallee mentioned, when Trooper Taylor and Curtis Luper became the subjects of a NCAA probe, they were merely pulled off the recruiting trail as a starter.

Sounds bad, right?  However, Kevin Scarbinsky suggests another possibility.

The departure of Davis would be curious enough if it weren’t preceded by a Thursday evening report from that Davis was headed out the door “over an inquiry into possible recruiting violations.”

A person familiar with the situation told it did concern a potential recruiting violation, which may not have been serious in nature, but Davis was not cooperative with the school when questioned about it. It appears that lack of cooperation led to his departure.

You don’t suggest to Nick Saban that you don’t have time for his shit and live to tell about it, in other words.

Now, sure, the possibility exists that the two aren’t mutually exclusive events, but as Scarbinsky hints that whatever recruiting faux pas Davis committed wasn’t a capital offense, it’s hard to say that’s the case.

I only mention this because it’s only natural to think Smart thinks highly of Davis, and if there isn’t any baggage coming along, well…


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6 responses to “The curious case of Bo Davis’ departure

  1. MattR

    One man’s loss is another man’s gain?


  2. Aristoggle

    Second Coaching Chance U?


  3. W Cobb Dawg

    So Rocker to bama and Davis here? I’m not so sure that’s an even swap. We essentially sent them a couple million in cash in the Pruitt for Tucker/Shuman trade. Do we get a player to be named later if this latest deal goes down? I guess it would help McG’s ‘cap room’ a little since Davis is at $475k and Rocker’s at $500k – thru 2017. Oh the trade rumors!


    • DawgPhan

      I dont think you swap. You just hire the guy as a non-coaching d line analyst.

      If this blows up you cut him loose. If it blows over you added a nice analyst to your side. In a year or two he gets another job and moves on.


  4. Hogbody Spradlin

    The cover up is always worse than the crime.


  5. Chris

    Don’t these type of departures usually get termed, “leaving for personal reasons”? Surprised the concept of rules violations hit press first.