Mr. Conventional Wisdom is all thumbs.

Tony Barnhart’s doling out all sorts of wisdom for people today.  In the case of Bo Davis, here’s his career advice:  Tell the truth or you’re done.

Conventional, true, but solid.  Firm, even.  No backing off there whatsoever… wait, what?

Davis may have gotten fired anyway, but the rule of thumb to both coaches and players is that if you lie, you’re pretty much done.

So if you lie, you’re “pretty much” done.  Okay, maybe that’s not as strong as where he started, but bottom line, under no circumstances should you ever dissemble, because, whatever your situation, lying only makes it worse.  Always much worse… er, um, what’s that you say, Tony?

Another rule of thumb is that if the school knows you committed a violation, they have no choice: They have to throw you overboard in hopes of saving the ship.

How many opposable digits does the man have to make rules on, anyway?  I’m at three, which strikes me as a little weird.

Well then, to sum up, you may be done if you lie about a recruiting violation, but you’re done for sure if they know you screwed up, which means you should lie if you’re not completely certain they know you crossed the line because you might be just pretty much done instead of done for sure, except if they already know, then it doesn’t matter if you lie because…

Ah, screw this.  My head hurts.


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11 responses to “Mr. Conventional Wisdom is all thumbs.

  1. Dog in Fla

    There is so much awesome in this link from Tony

    “In the immortal words of the great SNL character, Rosanne Rosannadanna, ”

    and from Butch in a related link

    “When you think of Prince, you think of ‘Purple Rain,’ ” Jones said,

    that SEALs could parachute onto Neyland turf without blowing out a knee


  2. georgiajeepn

    I bet ole Hugo Freeze goes right on looking folks in the eye and lying…


  3. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    I think the great apes have four opposable thumbs. Maybe monkeys, too. Perhaps TB is the missing link.


  4. Walt

    Yeah, look at all the shit Auburn got into over buying Cam Newton. The NCAA has no teeth anymore.


    • mwo

      Cam only got paid for playing at Auburn. It’s not like he sold autographs or a jersey or anything that egregious.


  5. Gurkha Dawg

    Actually, Senator, your last paragraph summed everything up in a very clear manner. Tony made no sense at all until I read your summary.


  6. What is your problem with Barnhart, Senator? isn’t there a place for generalists. Not everyone is a far in the weeds as your followers on this blog. I actually like the 20 million dollar mistake section . It was both informative and full of schadenfreude. What is the problem? Is it personal /professional or historical? Besides he said I was a rule of thumb not a rule which makes it more of a guideline than a rule. As a lawyer you have to understand that the answer to most questions is, in fact, “it depends”


  7. a is “as” and I should be “it” …hit send too quickly.