“So everybody is coming in to come get players.”

Kirby Smart has the perfect answer to the question why UGA can’t close the state borders in recruiting.

A few months ago at the Macon Touchdown Club, a fan asked Smart why so many Georgia natives were on rosters of other teams.

“You gonna give me extra scholarships?” Smart answered, pointing to the SEC signing limit that essentially is 25 players per year, as well as the overall 85-player scholarship limit.

Then Smart made a point to illustrate that Georgia will always be fertile recruiting ground, for many schools: While he was at Alabama, the staff there looked at the first and second string of every SEC school and found that the most players hailed from Georgia.

“Georgia’s No. 1. All right?” Smart said.

Math is hard.  Building a fence to keep Alabama, Auburn, FSU and Clemson out is even harder.


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12 responses to ““So everybody is coming in to come get players.”

  1. MGW

    A time machine would also help. That way you could go back, after evaluating 4 years of high school, and be the first to offer the best kids in the state when they’re freshmen. Outside of that, its hard to tell which ones of the 100 or so D-1 caliber kids in the state are going to turn out to be the cream of the crop by the time they’re seniors.


  2. Fire Kirby and hire Trump. He has a plan for fences.


    • Derek

      The greatest owner of a football franchise of all time. Just ask him. He had a sure fire way of beating the NFL. Just trust him. He’s very rich. Everything he touches is a success except for all those times that it wasn’t.


    • Don in Mar-a-Lago

      I’ll make Ron Mexico pay for it.


  3. I Wanna Red Cup

    Did Kirby pronounce it, “ahrite” or “a-ite”? When does he start telling folks to talk to the water bottle?


  4. John Denver is full of shit...

    Who the hell stands up in front of a room full of people asks the new coach this question? On a microphone no less.

    Coach Reply. “The team needs your donations not your sanctimony.”


    • Bulldog Joe

      “a fan asked Smart why so many Georgia natives were on rosters of other teams”

      Likely a fan of another school.



    I never understood the folks that constantly complain about this. We cannot sign them all. Georgia/Georgia Tech together cannot sign them all. Throw in Southern and State and they still cannot sign them all.


  6. W Cobb Dawg

    That’s so silly. We don’t expect to land ALL the best players in GA. All we want is our half!

    Now gtu’s half, that’s fair game for outsiders.