The biggest problem with satellite camps?

According to Kirby Smart, it’s that there are just too damned many of them.

“We have got a bunch of them that people are calling us about but we’ve got to be selective because our time is valuable and we want kids on our campus,” Smart said. “There’s a fine line.”

Georgia has a calendar that lists every satellite camp that the staff knows about on it. If you look at the dates of them and the amount of them, I think they’re going to get really diluted so you want your coaches to go where the players are. …They’ll be more than those two but I don’t know how many and I don’t know when and I don’t know where.”

The concept itself – including pairing up with Michigan – he’s okay with.

“Really it was more Cedar Grove,” Smart said about how he got together with Harbaugh. “They handled the whole thing. Coach (Jermaine) Smith called me and talked to me about it. I said it would be a great idea. I think it will be awesome. If they’re going to be in our state working it and evaluating talent, we want to be evaluating that talent, too. It gives an opportunity and it’s a good attraction. Both big-name schools. The idea is to get the best players, if you’re going to do it, let’s get the best players there. We’re going to want them on our campus, too, but if it gives us a chance for a kid that’s 90 miles away, 70 miles away for us to see them that they don’t have to come to campus, we’re good with that.”

This whole thing is turning into a giant yawner.  But not before Greg Sankey made sure Jim Harbaugh milked it for all it was worth.


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6 responses to “The biggest problem with satellite camps?

  1. AusDawg85

    While it was the Cedar Grove coach that put it together, I’m sure Kirby’s not going to let any carpetbaggers come into the state without closely monitoring them. At least, I would hope so.


  2. DawgPhan

    Someone should remind these guys that they dont have to do any camps if they dont want to.



    A lot of folks gave the Michigan Coach all the free press he needed.


  4. Cojones

    As long as he doesn’t bring Delany with him….