Tunsil lawyers up.

If for some strange reason you were wondering if Laremy Tunsil’s shocking burst of honesty was actually going to lead the NCAA’s investigation of Ole Miss somewhere, you can stop now.  Tunsil’s attorney assured everyone this weekend that those social media images posted on draft night were “taken out of context” and “once it is found out what this is all about, it will be much to do about nothing.”

Yeah, that’s worth a chuckle, but the real message there is that you won’t hear any more coming from Tunsil’s direction.



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  1. mwo

    The proper context for the gas mask bong was ” I was wearing the gas mask so as not to offend the other people in the room with my second hand pot smoke”. Dude was only thinking of others!


    • Go Dawgs!

      Nobody cares about the marijuana. This is about Ole Miss coaches paying players. It’s a shame that Tunsil’s handlers ended his press conference when they did, because he was apparently in the mood to share that night and now he never will be again. The NCAA needs to raze Oxford, but I doubt they will be able to.


      • mwo

        I agree about razing Oxford. It was obvious to everyone except the NCAA that the 2013 Ole Miss recruiting class didn’t smell right. No way that was legitimate and aboveboard.


  2. VoxDawg

    That leaked video only cements my belief that if stoner ingenuity could be harnessed and applied to practical solutions to benefit society, it would revolutionize the world. Until then, it’ll just put a dent in the Cheetos supply.


    • Normaltown Mike

      I dunno.

      I had a pothead explain to me the merits of investing in real estate in Cuba b/c it is socialist you can “get ahead of the curve on the property boom”.

      Another one wanted to capitalize the grandmother “card and $5.00” through a social network that connected young people to old people.


    • this is neither innovative or new …I can personally attest to the fact that gas mask bongs have existed since at least 1972. Oconee County pot was so bad we had to get a better delivery system.


  3. Vectordawg

    Is Ole Miss paying for his lawyer too?


  4. Normaltown Mike

    sounds like Laremy had a …..Tunsillectomy.



    Lawyering up is many times the correct call. I would do the same in Tunsil’s case.


  6. ASEF

    Lawyering up: Someone had to attend to ignoring all those letters from the NCAA. And coordinating with Ole Miss through backchannels to make sure everyone’s on the same page.

    I like it. This means the NCAA can drag it out for another recruiting cycle, with the added benefit of drying up illicit funds for this year’s roster. Anyone else think Hugh might be facing a bit of a morale issue in Oxford this year?


  7. Love Daddy

    Lawyering up is fine, but as usual the lawyer is simply advising his client to lie. What’s even worse here is the the truth wouldnt hurt his client, just the guilty party.

    Got to love a legal system where a law professional can simply advise his client to lie, when his client has already spoken the truth, and face no repercussions.


  8. Visionary

    “once it is found out what this is all about, it will be much to do about nothing.” I think it would have had a more lawyerly ring to it if he said “once it is found out what this is all about, it will be much ado about nothing.”


  9. Steve

    You know Señor Butch has been able to cut his anti-anxiety meds in half since the ‘Ole Miss trying to impersonate Auburn’ story broke. El Señor thinks that as long as people are noticing the corruption in Oxford they are forgetting about the Orange Seal Team that regularly assaults mons Venus with fixed bayonets. Because, as Butch says, ‘we do things the right way’.


  10. Steve

    L Tunsel is somewhat of a wounded creature it seems. Almost like an indecisive alcoholic semi-frozen in the middle of his 12 steps. He knows what is right and probably wants to admit it but his team of handlers and enablers are too invested in their own interests to care about his conscious. Gas masks, MJ smoke, power bills, cash for play, mother’s ‘boyfriend’ fight, lawsuits, tumble in the draft…doesn’t seem like this Ole Miss version of Forrest Gump bought stock in Apple.


  11. Dog in Fla


  12. Gurkha Dawg

    Question for the lawyers out there. I know a lawyer can’t advise a client to lie under oath, but can he advise a client to lie if he is not under oath? Say to the media. If you answer a question with: ” I am not going to answer that”, everyone thinks the worst.