“If one guy’s not playing well, you’ve got to do it.”

I hope this is nothing more than idle chatter at a golf tournament, because otherwise it sounds like Kirby Smart is willing to test the “if you’ve got three quarterbacks…” mantra this season.

UGA fans should prepare themselves for the possibility of seeing more than one quarterback in the season opener against North Carolina.

“I’d be open to that, but it’s not something that would be beneficial for the overall program,” Bulldogs coach Kirby Smart said Monday during a break from the Chick-Fil-A Peach Bowl Challenge golf tournament, where he was playing.

“I think you make that judgement (based on) how guys are playing during the game and the 28 practices prior to that,” he added.


Maybe he’s offering that as some sort of weird voodoo motivation for his quarterbacks – you know, “guys, please don’t make me do something that we all know will hurt the team”.  I suppose it’s better that than finding out that he and Chaney genuinely have no idea what to do.

Here’s to hoping that if we see more than one quarterback in the opening game, it’s because the Dawgs are blowing out the Heels early in the second half.


UPDATE:  Weiszer has a bit more from Smart.

Here is what Smart said Monday on the quarterbacks:

-If he had to play more than one quarterback in the opener against North Carolina, would he be comfortable with that scenario? “I’m always comfortable with that. I think you play the guy that gives you the best opportunity to win. I think you make that judgment during the game, how guys are playing, how they’ve played in the 28 practices prior to that. I think I’d be open to that but certainly it’s not something that I think is beneficial for the overall program but if one guy is not playing well, you’ve got to be willing to do that.”

–On if the player who starts doesn’t get all the No. 1 reps during the summer, would it hurt his development? “I don’t think so because we get equal reps for our 1s, 2s, 3s. I think you can get three quarterbacks during summer and during fall camp ready to play. They kind of take care of themselves as far as reps go. The better they play, the more they get.”

–On Eason helping to organize 7-on-7 offseason work: “A lot of that will come up this summer. We’ll encourage those kids to do it on their own and go out there and throw. He was part of that prior to spring so he threw before spring but he hasn’t done a whole lot of it right now. The older guys are going to have a little bit of a leg up on him as far as that goes because they’ve done it before. Once he’s out there throwing, it doesn’t matter to me who’s organizing it, it’s the fact he’s out there throwing.”

Again, I can only hope this all works out.  It’s just that I still have a bad taste in my mouth from last season’s management of the quarterbacks.


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46 responses to ““If one guy’s not playing well, you’ve got to do it.”

  1. ASEF

    It’s how Saban handled QB competion at Alabama. Not saying that makes it right, just that Kirby’s seen it work.

  2. Hogbody Spradlin

    So, is Kirby already a regular Steve Spurrier with the hook?

  3. dawgtired

    No way we will know how the QBs respond to this until we’re knee deep in it. It has to be an unsettling feeling for Kirby. THEY say (whoever they are) that it’s best to pick a QB, give him the reps in practice, and then stick with him. That being said…we have witnessed QBs coming off the bench to spark a team. I’m glad we’re not the only team in the SEC dealing with a QB battle. It seems like a decade ago now that we had an exciting QB at the helm.

  4. Jared S.

    Has anyone done any research to find whether Chaney has a history of coaching more than one quarterback to start a season? And how that worked out?

  5. birddawg91

    I think Kirby knows and expects that Eason will take over the reigns, he just not sure yet when that will happen.

  6. Go Dawgs!

    Last season, Georgia had two weeks to get ready for Florida. The Bulldogs held an open quarterback competition during the off week and apparently decided either late in that week or early in the next that they were going to start the third-string guy who had thrown a dozen or so passes in his life. Instead of using the extra week to develop a gameplan tailored to his skill set, they just had him use the gameplan that was developed for Grayson Lambert because it seemed more worthwhile to spend the off week with their thumbs in their behinds.

    All that’s to say that brother Chaney and brother Kirby would have to go out of their way to manage the quarterback situation any worse than it was handled in 2015.

    • I think there’s a lot more to be critical of in how the quarterbacks were managed, going all the way back to August, than just for UF. YMMV, of course.

      • Go Dawgs!

        Oh, goodness, yes. The Florida debacle was just the moment where I just sort of threw up my hands and accepted that nobody had any idea what they were doing. Up until then, the quotations coming from the coaches appeared to make some small measure of sense if you tilted your head and squinted and didn’t think too hard.

    • Jared S.

      Totally unfair to Bauta. The dude had more pressure on him in that game than even Richt. I hope he does really really well at CO State.

    • Derek

      Going into last year they had:

      -the hardest working kid on the team who was unable to play sec QB
      -an aloof kid with a bunch of talent
      -a smart kid with playing experience who could look great and make all the right calls right until the pressure gauge went up and he went into a shell.

      Point being. The coaches didn’t have an easy job at any point last year in terms of the QB position. I still say, when in doubt, play the kid with the most talent.

      I think they picked lambert thinking that Nick and Sony would make the plays and at least lambert would minimize mistakes. I think that they went to Faton thinking that his hard work would be contagious and I still say that they wanted him tucking and running more than he did, and for whatever reason, bauta kept chucking it at uf instead. I don’t think that they ever trusted Ramsey to avoid disaster and that his nonchalance would be contagious. Bottom line is that the 2015 staff had a tough job. Kirby’s is a tad easier in that he has a safe choice in Eason. If it works, great. If it doesn’t, he’s a freshman QB and kirbys a first year coach.

      For all of the second guessing of the coaches on the QB position I’ve yet to see anyone say what they would have done differently and why it would have worked. I know it’s easy to look at things that look bad and say: you suck Schotty! A solution is a lot harder to come by.

      • I think they picked lambert thinking that Nick and Sony would make the plays and at least lambert would minimize mistakes.

        Lambert threw more interceptions than touchdowns in 2014, so I’m not sure why they would have thought that.

        I don’t think they ever were on the same page about who to start and simply ran out of time by the end of August to make a firm decision. That wound up costing them prep time that could have been used to improve timing and communication between the starting QB and the line and receivers. Given that there was a new OC, new o-line coach and new receiver coach with all the changes that entailed, it seems like that wasn’t a good decision.

        And that’s the same situation the offense finds itself in this season. Hence my nervousness.

        • DawgPhan

          I feel like you if you aren’t worried about the QB spot right now, you might not be paying attention. Add on top of that, is that Smarts seems to be saying all the wrong things.

          You can get 3 QB’s ready to play? Play what? Certainly not SEC football. Not with these 3 guys.

          We are in trouble with the QB. Big trouble and we dont have the horses on defense to make up the difference, nor do we have the proven playmakers.

          • Well, I can’t say I’m freaking out as much as you are. LOL.

            My major concern is that I don’t think you can contend for the East in 2016 with a “play ’em all and let Gawd sort it out” in-season approach to your QBs.

        • Derek

          I think coaches want to go on what they see in practice. Lambert is smart. He makes the right checks. His recognition is fine. Once the heat gets turned on it goes to hell though.

          Assuming that they knew that lambert would fold under pressure, we can’t seriously suggest that picking Ramsey early would have changed a thing. I can say that’s what I would’ve done and have, but it’s admittedly quite speculative. Who knows what happens had they focused on 12? The only way is if he wins the derby this year and proves CMR and schotty wrong. I wouldn’t complain.

          • The problem for me isn’t that they picked Lambert. It’s that they waited until the last minute to do so, which meant his first team reps were reduced. That hurt the team. Then they made the same mistake again with Bauta’s prep for Florida.

            • Derek

              And the option was to… Unless you’re suggesting the choice was obvious delaying the decision is a must in making a decision. Once more rushing to make to a decision so you can say you made it, means that the guy that lost doesn’t think he had a fair shot to earn it.

              Again, I know we don’t like the answers we got, but the suggestion that there were better answers available is speculative and/or unrealistic.

              Moreover, no amount of practice was going fix what ails lambert. He knows what to do, he just can’t do it under pressure. Didn’t he have like 2 incompletions vs. 2 teams in a row? I think knowledge and timing are down. Then when it gets tough he falls apart. Unless your bringing in Alabama’s defense to play live on 8/15 I don’t know how you’re going to get him accustomed to that.

              • Rushing to make a decision so you can say you made it could apply equally to letting Lambert transfer to Georgia in the first place.

                Bobo left and Shottenheimer had no idea where to go. Richt was either too deferential about it or too torn himself. As for the guy that lost thinking he didn’t have a fair shot, if I remember correctly, that’s why Park left, so they didn’t handle that right, either.

                If they really went through August practice thinking Bauta was a viable option at QB, I don’t think there’s much more to say.

                • Derek

                  Well they started bauta thinking he was viable. So if playing bauta = you’re an idiot, for you, the debate ends with putting bauta out there in jax. I personally think they expected him to tuck and go a lot. If he had, it may have worked. For whatever reason, he kept thinking he should chuck it. So for me, throwing bauta out there vs. uf isn’t a fait accompli on CMR’s coaching judgment, but given how poorly he played I won’t argue it vociferously.

                  As far as bringing in lambert, we don’t know if park was on his way out anyway. I don’t think we had much choice. Had park bolted and Ramsey got hurt and Lambert’s playing for whoever, we’d all be justifiably screaming about it. We needed the depth and as I said over and over I would have went with 12.

                  Like I said, if you think bauta should never played a meaningful snap, I won’t argue that to any great extent, but the rest is just a whole bunch of bad options that will always look like bad choices from the outside.

      • Normaltown Mike

        all true, but the Bauta decision was straight out of an episode of the “A-Team”.

        It made no sense and was destined for failure. The only thing that would have made it palatable is if Richt chomped on a cigar all game and said “I love it when a plan comes together” to Tracy Wolfson as he left the field.

      • Dolly Llama

        “Aloof” is the nicest term I’ve heard with regard to that particular young man.

        • Cojones

          In this case and usage, “aloof” is a contraction of “a” and “loaf” pronounced rapidly.

  7. WarD Eagle

    Sometimes, when you have a QB that is a leading Heisman candidate, you want to give the other QBs an opportunity to showcase their incredible skills so they can either transfer or matriculate quickly to the NFL.

    See: AU, 2015, Johnson, et al

    • Dog in Fla

      Other times, the Georgia Way is to keep the quarterback derby open and running long enough to prevent transfers to Oklahoma

  8. Cojones

    Continuing to have faith in an NCAA record-setting QB is a bitch, ain’t it? I’m gonna be laughing like hell at some of you when Kirby doesn’t listen and follows the same pattern of QB usage as your great “loser” Richt.

    I’m hoping that Eason doesn’t run into the same situation after it’s cut into stone here that he will never be any good, no matter what the coaches see.

    • dawgtired

      To me. The fact that Lambert is in the conversation with the current staff speaks volumes. Even if the light comes on for Ramsey or Eason develops to the point so Lambert sits the bench; it still doesn’t mean the old staff was wrong about Lambert. Ramsey has had another year in the system and Eason has the ‘talent’…and Lambert is still the front runner as far as the current staff is concerned.

      Another thing…the only other positions being moved around is the OL and that is mostly about losing some to graduation. So, apparently the old staff knew something about who should be on the field and where.

  9. Steve

    My theory is that Kirby is intentionally creating hope in Grayson so he won’t transfer back to UVa for his 7th and final year of eligibility.

  10. 69Dawg

    Senator, you still bring up Lambert’s 2014 stats at UV and that only reinforces your negative opinion of him from the get go. He was no Aaron Murray, heck he wasn’t even Hutson Mason but he was not the reason for our 2015 season. He was IMHO the best option from a group of very mediocre QBs. He won 9 regular season games, while starting only 11. Alabama would have been a loss if Aaron Murray had been around. We could not control or even dent the LOS. UT was another case of a team going into shock at the loss of their main player. Other than that he didn’t play a snap at UF. He was not a great talent but he was not the reason we lost 3 games. Give the kid a break. If we opened with a cupcake I think it would be Eason all the way. North Carolina is not a cupcake so I feel sure the coaches will go with Lambert until he proves them wrong. Eason will play a bunch the next week and could take over then. Lambert is the safe bet, Eason is the future.

    • If not for the defense and Kenneth Towns’ hustle, the Missouri game is a loss due to Lambert’s pick on the game’s first play. He had multiple picks just flat out dropped throughout the season.

      Yes, you’re right. Aaron Murray doesn’t beat Alabama, but the game also doesn’t end up 38-10 with Lambert throwing 1-yard check down passes on 3rd and 20. Lambert couldn’t be blamed for Florida because he didn’t play, but by that time, I had seen enough to know we were limited at QB. Lambert played ok against Tennessee, but the bottom line is that the team blew a 24-3 lead even after Chubb went down.

    • He won 9 regular season games…

      All by his lonesome?

      As for Aaron Murray and “a team going into shock at the loss of their main player”, he somehow managed to pull out a win in Knoxville with a lot more missing than that.

    • Cojones

      I couldn’t have said it better, 69. Right now the Game of Holes is being played perfectly by several here and it’s going to be interesting seeing the explanations when the game goes well. We already know where the game-blame is headed if the game doesn’t go well.

  11. Bulldog Joe

    They already know who will get the most snaps.

    They just don’t want to risk losing our punter and our holder right now.

  12. I have a theory that both Chubb & Eason will play a little in the first game.
    I expect both to play a lot in the second game, getting ready for SEC Play.
    By the third game, I expect both to be the starters then & for the rest of the season.

    • Dog in Fla

      That’s my theory too. We need to get this supposition to Kirby stat so he will know what to do🙂

      • Tim In Sav

        We are all geniuses.

        • Cojones

          Don’t you guys ever get serious? I mean, this is serious end-of-the-world shit. Kirby just isn’t going to listen to us, unlike Richt, who waited with bated breath until we got to serious excoriation of his efforts on Mondays. I can’t wait for the serious rendering of Kirby’s first games where we pummel the play-calling of his O and D coaches, because, criticizing two SEC Head Coaches in suck-cessive yrs would be tantamount to some here thinking they actually are in the arena.

  13. lakedawg

    It is going to happen, count on it.