Degree integrity

When “just win, baby” and the NCAA’s seeming inability to come to grips with academic fraud come together, the results ain’t pretty.

Fortunately for North Carolina athletics, being put on probation by the regional accrediting agency charged with approving North Carolina’s academic credentials doesn’t affect the school’s eligibility to compete.  Which is more than you can say for student-athletes who get put on academic probation.  As for worrying about the status of those degrees, kids, how ’bout that basketball team, eh?


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3 responses to “Degree integrity

  1. Russ

    Good article on a sad story. I can’t believe this hasn’t had more exposure. What’s almost as sad is the NCAA’s total whiff on addressing this. Sad, but not surprising.


  2. ASEF

    Contrary to the impressions created by the Dodd piece, UNC has been anything but apathetic about the scandal. They have spent milions of dollars bringing in outside investigators. Every major administrative office in athletics and academics has been turned over, whether by early retirement, reassignment, or outright dismissals. The scandal has been the centerpiece in discussions and reforms ranging from academic support for student-athletes to teaching quality in undergraduate classrooms to developing leadership among undergraduates. It has touched every fiber of the University fabric.

    There are no mitigating factors to the original scandal – it was a huge embarrassment, and everyone involved deserved to go. But the aftermath has been badly misrepresented by opportunists. Jay Smith, for example, has an S-corp set up to handle his profiteering from the scandal. He has attached himself to several stories which later turned out to be proven (as in documented) false. You don’t see those references in the story.

    Come July, SACS is going to reiterate the severity of the original scandal but praise effusively the work being done by UNC’s current administration. And Dodd and Smith will be nowhere to be found.