Bert goes big.

“Global opportunities”, eh?  On the surface that sounds like some Steve Patterson to Dubai-quality rebranding, but dig a little deeper“Primarily he is looking at Bahamas and perhaps locations in Europe.” –  and it’s more like he wants to work on his tan and get Mrs. Bert a shot at some quality shopping time.

If you’ve got a recruiting budget, flaunt it, baby.



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14 responses to “Bert goes big.

  1. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    Polynesia is nice, too.


  2. BMan

    I’d recommend he take the kids to Amsterdam, then do drug testing as soon as they get back.


  3. hassan

    Nothing screams ambassador material like Arkansas.


  4. Bert goes big?
    That goes without saying.

    DiF, where are you?


  5. Hogbody Tuiasosopo

    I thought you’d say Samoa.


  6. McTyre

    American Samoa would make more sense.


  7. 92 grad

    I’d love to make a funny quip about the guy and his obvious lack of vocabulary but all I can think is all those football players looking at Mrs Bert and thinking “yeah, I can go to Arkansas”.


  8. Steve

    Bobby Petrino just announced a satellite camp in Phuket, Thailand. But he wants to take the women’s volleyball team, his lawyer, a 6′ horse-faced female flight attendant with poor balance at high speeds, a Harley Hog and 100 children’s sized Nikes instead of the FB team. He’s assured the Louisville athletic board he most definitely will not use Bobby Lowder’s jet even though he has previously had meaningful negotiations in the wide-body. Mike Price can’t find his passport since he returned from Nueva Laredo, but he wants to go.


  9. Cousin Eddie

    According to North Korea’s leadership they have the greatest athletes in the world, that is where he should start.


  10. Ole Dawg

    He can’t take the Hogs to Israel, it wouldn’t be kosher.


  11. Walt

    Bert at the beach in a speedo might suck up enough sunlight to reverse global warming.