Nick Chubb watch: “I’m fired up.”

Kirby Smart digs his videos.


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3 responses to “Nick Chubb watch: “I’m fired up.”

  1. Russ

    I really want the best for this kid. I know nothing about knee injuries other than his looked pretty gruesome. I think Ron Courson and company are doing a great job overall, and I trust them to have Nick’s best interest in mind.

    All that said, I’m really worried that Nick is being allowed to push too much and that if he comes back too soon, he’ll be at an increased risk of a career-ending injury. I would really hate to see that.


    • AusDawg85

      Kirby strikes me as the kind of coach that would not use a player that wasn’t ready…he’ll have Chubb’s best long-term interest at heart. But this is going to be one hell of a test for Kirby to really judge whether Nick is truly ready or not.


  2. 92 grad

    The skeptic in me is left wondering just how much influence a future NFL agent will have on mr. Chubb this coming year. I know it’s illegal officially but there simply has to be some real important decisions to be made regarding nick’s career, draft status, insurance value, etc….I’m sure they want him to play and I pray it doesn’t turn into a clowney type year where it’s obvious that once a few highlight reels are archived it’s “take it easy son”.