Corch is such a kidder.

Your amusing recruiting story of the day:

That was highlighted for Judson on his next and last trip to Ohio State. While walking with four-star safety Richard LeCounte III, now a Georgia commit, Judson explains how Meyer approached both recruits and initially didn’t know who Judson was:

“Long story short, I was walking in the hallway about to go to the indoor field and work out. He was like, ‘Hey.’ I looked around. ‘Come here.’ He was like, ‘How you doing, you like your visit?’ I said, ‘Yeah.’ Then he’s like, ‘What up Richard LeCounte? Are you showing this guy (Judson) around?’ I was like, ‘Coach, I’m showing him around.’ He asked me, ‘Who are you?’ I told him Bruce. He said, ‘Oh, Bruce Judson from Florida. The speedy guy.’ I was like, ‘Yeah.’ He said, ‘I’m glad that you’re on board and glad you got up here.’ After that, I knew I was de-committing.”

LeCounte corroborated Judson’s story to SEC Country, though he thought it might have been a joke and Meyer purposefully didn’t recognize Judson because he had on a dark blue shirt (Michigan colors). But Judson claims this was no laughing matter, and it’s hard for anyone to miss his trademark mustache.

“We had met face-to-face before at a satellite camp,” Judson said, “so he should have known who I was, especially with me being a commit.”

Two things here.  One, it looks like Urban Meyer has his Paul Johnson-ish moments of not reading recruits very well.  And, two, never disrespect another man’s mustache.



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19 responses to “Corch is such a kidder.

  1. sniffer

    I don’t know, it sounds like Meier wanted to gradulate Judson for making it up there and being on board.


  2. Russ

    You figure a few more stories like this from the kids (instead of from other coaches) will really start to impact Corch’s recruiting.


  3. Go Dawgs!

    Good Lord. That kid looks like he’s 40! That is an outstanding mustache. I’d want to be his college roommate, you know he’s not getting carded for beer.


  4. BeardDawg

    How do you forget that you recruited Moses Hightower from the Police Acedemy?!


  5. PTC DAWG…notice me….


  6. 69Dawg

    If the NFLPA would just look at some of these 18 year olds, they would realize they don’t need to be playing in college and should adopt the MLB draft.


  7. truck

    I can’t believe I’m going to defend Corch…so I won’t. I hate that smug prick. But I will say that it’s got to be damn near impossible to have instant recall for every big-time recruit’s face and name. I don’t remember what I had for breakfast.


    • The other doug

      Sure, but this kid was committed and planning to spend the next 4 years at OSU. The kid wisely read that Corch didn’t think he was very important.


    • MLB2

      I bet you would remember a lot more if you were receiving his pay.


    • sniffer

      You’re not going to say they all look the same, are you?


    • Macallanlover

      A well run organization would have made sure their top exec (HC) had a briefing book for all candidates who would be on campus that weekend with pics, bio, special interests, etc. Additionally, a member of the exec’s staff would have accompanied him (both an offensive and defensive coach) as he walked around. That way, if Corch had gotten things jumbled up, someone would “lead him” by telling a quick story about the recruit/customer, making sure to mention the name to insure correct pronunciation. This was done by our company at every event, function, or visit. Of course, he didn’t have it all committed to memory, but he didn’t have to, his staff is responsible for making sure this fiasco never occurred. Don’t allow CEO’s to wander around without an entourage, it can undo a lot of great work. We excelled at those details and customers noticed. No excuse for this happening to an organization with adequate budgets and manpower.


  8. Rampdawg

    F*ck CUM breath. I hope he loses all of his top recruits to a scandal he creates.


    • Cojones

      Nope, he hangs onto ’em and uses ’em ’til they go to the NFL and then prison. And those are the ones he likes!

      Clearly, if he remembers the important recruit and doesn’t remember the commit entrusted to show that man around, that is a slight of the first order and I don’t think Judson is acting puckish at all. Not only that, Myer demonstrated his assholery around a bigger recruit who wasn’t exactly stupid either. Knowing that he no longer was coveted and waiting several months to wallow that slight over in his mind before he decommitted demonstrates that the guy isn’t flighty.

      Let’s ask LeCounte to escort Judson around the UGA campus this time. After all, aren’t athletes on the top of our chart because our new coach likes those he can fit into needed places?


  9. Mike Cooley

    Chicks still dig the ‘stache.