Don’t make him come after you, now.

So Kevin Sherrer used a lengthy day of fishing to build a bond with Tyler Clark, who is a member of this year’s recruiting class.  The other Georgia coach who was involved with Clark’s recruiting was Tracy Rocker, but Rocker doesn’t fish.

Clark would end up committing to Georgia, and is due to join the team in June. He had two main recruiters at Georgia: Sherrer and defensive line coach Tracy Rocker, the lone two assistants who were retained by new head coach Kirby Smart.

While Sherrer got to spend time in the great outdoors on his visit, Rocker chose not to, according to Clark.

“Coach Rocker, he doesn’t fish,” Clark said. “Coach Rocker likes to stay fresh. He likes to stay clean.”

Funny, I figured the way Rocker fishes would be to stand up in the boat and tell the fish they’d better get their asses in the net or else.  How dirty can you get doing that?



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9 responses to “Don’t make him come after you, now.

  1. Jared S.

    That’s how Chuck Norris fishes.


    • KornDawg

      That’s cool. We’ll take all those Chuck Norris facts and replace them with Tracy Rocker facts.
      “Coach Rocker can slam a revolving door.”
      “Coach Rocker can lead a horse to water and make it drink.”
      “Coach Rocker can divide by zero.”
      “Coach Rocker once visited the Virgin Islands. Now they’re just called the Islands.”


  2. lakedawg

    Seriously the man is deathly afraid of being out in a boat on the water.


  3. 81Dog

    Rocker wouldn’t have to stand up in the boat. He could simply pull up next to the lake, roll down his window, glare at the water, and then wait for the fish to jump on on the bank.

    If fish had thumbs, they’d probably go ahead and scale and filet themselves, with one lone holdout who would dip them in batter and throw them in hot oil. After finishing, he’d scale and filet himself in the honorable (if somewhat demented) Japanese hara kiri style, and then, with his dying breaths, roll around in some seasoning and hurl himself onto a waiting grill.

    I guess Rocker would still have to feed himself. Fish can’t do EVERYTHING, you know.


  4. Would Rocker make them swim across the pond to get a leaf if they don’t do what he says?


    • Cojones

      He would probably make them bait the hook he then would catch them on.

      Or wave a towel around his head to make the big fish hit the minnow on the hook. I’ll bet no one wanted to hear that one.


  5. 92 grad

    Yep, the fish would eagerly jump in the boat, but, rocker would make them get back in the water and do it again until they did it right. Then, he would tell them all how weak they are because they jumped in the boat.