Nick Saban has to make time for this shit.

Boy, is this begrudging, or what?

Alabama’s Nick Saban has criticized these camps in the past and was vocal about Harbaugh’s excursion through the South last summer. Just last month he said he wasn’t sure if the camps  had “much value.” But Thursday, Saban said his staff will participate “on a limited basis.” He also said he was “not allowed” to say where Alabama is going when asked where the Crimson Tide would be traveling outside of the state…

Yeah, he ain’t thrilled.  Although I can’t tell if it’s due more to the inconvenience or that Harbaugh got his way with the NCAA.


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2 responses to “Nick Saban has to make time for this shit.

  1. AusDawg85

    Not that I’d want to help Saban, but if he just sent a team of cheerful young Bama co-eds with a large standup of a coke bottle adorned with a CFB Championship ring to every satellite camp in the country, he’d probably get his message across.


  2. SouthernYank

    I think all the SEC Teams should gang up and have a camp in Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania and California. Just to screw with the BIG10 and Pac10.