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Sweet home Alabama

Yeah, I get the glass house admonition, but this AP article is too good to pass up.

Alabama politics are at a low point even by Alabama standards: In a state that trails the nation in many areas, three top elected officials are embroiled in scandal or facing removal from office while a former governor serves time in federal prison on a corruption conviction…

“I never recall when the top leaders of all three branches of government were simultaneously accused of improper behavior,” Bill Stewart, a retired political scientist from the University of Alabama, said Saturday…

Among the nation’s poorest states, Alabama is troubled by problem areas including physical and mental health; comparatively low high school graduation rates; and too many occupational deaths, according to a report by the United Health Foundation. It consistently ranks high in college football – the University of Alabama is the reigning national champion – while struggling in so many other ways.

What percentage of the local population do you figure is okay with that trade off?



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Musical palate cleanser, decadent and depraved edition

Here’s the Audiobook version of Hunter Thompson’s classic piece “The Kentucky Derby is Decadent and Depraved”:


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Same as it ever was.

For the hopeless romantics out there…

Ah, the good old days, when college administrators could sanctimoniously deny paying players and were believed.


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May the points be with you.

Georgia is an early favorite in the opener.

Evidently the betting public isn’t as worried about the quarterback situation as we are.

Oh, yeah – looking good, Gus.


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The dog ate Penn State’s homework.

It’s worth a try, I suppose, but insurance companies litigating multi-million dollar claims don’t tend to be as sweet and understanding as that fourth-grade teacher who let you get away with that excuse.

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Leave my Rocker alone.

Before I get all worked up about any Tracy-Rocker-to-Alabama rumors, someone is first going to have to come up with a credible explanation as to why a man who said this a few months ago…

“When you play a game like this and you have — I’ll call it — a bit of a mutiny; well, it IS mutiny — it’s important that you bring the kids together, and I thought it was important we did that,” Rocker said in a concourse beneath EverBank Field. “Those kids, we kept them together, and that’s what B-Mac (Bryan McClendon) did a great job with. Everybody focused and everybody stayed the course.”

… is ready to go coach for Jeremy Pruitt.


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