May the points be with you.

Georgia is an early favorite in the opener.

Evidently the betting public isn’t as worried about the quarterback situation as we are.

Oh, yeah – looking good, Gus.


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14 responses to “May the points be with you.

  1. Eric johnson

    Good lord BamA is a 2 TD favorite vs the USC team that’s not in Columbia?!


  2. Dolly Llama

    Screw the “SEC! SEC! SEC!” shit. I want to see Auburn humiliated. I’d almost trade a UGA victory over the Tarholes to see it. Almost.

    In the meantime, sing this to UNC’s fight song till fall:

    Over hills and over ditches
    There’s a placed called North Carolina
    Go you Tar Heels, go to hell


    Piss on Carolina,
    Piss on Carolina,
    Piss on Carolina,

    Go to hell, you sons of bitches,
    Sons of bitches, go to hell


    (repeat ad infinitum until Atlanta …)


    • Hogbody Spradlin

      Dolly, which UNC song do those words go to?

      There’s an old standby, most rivals know it, that goes:
      “You’re bastard born,
      and you’re bastard bred,
      and when you die you’re bastard dead.

      So piss on Carolina, lina, etc. etc.”


      • Dolly Llama

        I fucked it up earlier. It is:

        Over hills and over ditches
        There’s a place that’s not so swell
        It is called North Carolina
        Go you Tarheels, go to Hell


        (followed by “Go to Hell, you sons of bitches
        sons of bitches, go to Hell ..” and then “Piss on Carolina, piss on Carolina …”

        And so on.

        Sung to this song.


  3. dawgtired

    I think they are being generous to Aub with Clemson at -9.5. It could be much worse.

    I will have to go back and watch some NC games. Their record looks good but they lost to USC, Clemson and Baylor, went in to OT with VaTch and Gatech played them close. Their margin of victory looks good in most of their wins but the teams they played were not ‘high-profile’ teams. So the record alone should not scare us too bad. On the other side of the coin, if we do win the opener, we should limit the amount of Kool-Aid we drink….but I admit, that will be tough.


    • Juan

      Carolina lost their QB who was 85% of their offense. They’ll be throwing a fresh faced kid into the fire breathing GA dome. Our QB situation not withstanding, this should be a bloodbath.

      I’ll be loading up on the dawgs, Clemson, UCLA and Ole Miss


    • Uglydawg

      You can probably find a NC blog where someone is pointing to UGA as having lost to TN, FL and going into OT to beat Georgia Southern. And Tech played Georgia closer than I liked. Being a graduate student from Munson’s School of Handwringing, I’m content to sweat this one out and pray for Old Lady Luck to smile on us.


  4. If we win, some will just suck down the powder and use a little water as a chaser.


  5. Jake

    I think this may be Gus’s last year on the plains. Defense will be better but offense won’t be good enough. It will be a high scoring game against Clemson, but I think Clemson covers.

    I also think we cover against UNC. Basically a home game and we have enough on offense to pull it out.


  6. Macallanlover

    Early lines are notoriously flawed and can move a lot as most of the action is from emotional fans, not the big boys who won’t bet heavily until more info is available and it gets closer to the actual game. The schools who have big followings usually get over played and this is built into the opening lines. So. Cal has a lot of followers on the West Coast, but few have even thought about the upcoming season since the bowl season ended over four months ago, many will not even know who they are playing while Bama fans probably know the USC depth chart.

    Have to admit the Clemson line looks the most attractive to me too but opening games are often sloppy so 9′ may not be so far out of line….but that is the one bet I would make today, if I were placing a bet. OU is supposed to be very good but getting more than a TD with Houston looks tempting as well. It will be interesting to see if Charlie Strong can maintain the little bit of momentum from the end of the season and get revenge on ND for the beat down they suffered in South Bend last year. That game may go along way in determining how much wiggle room he has with Longhorn supporters. The FSU/Ole Miss game may be the most significant game for as to what it reveals, primarily because the Rebels are a big swing game on UGA’s schedule, plus FSU and Clemson are both ranked in the Top 5 of polls I have seen and they meet in Tally this season. If FSU cannot take care of Ole Miss, Clemson may have one of the easier paths into the playoffs. Shit gets real in about three months as summer practice begins.


  7. Cojones

    SEC teams here are projected 4 & 4 (3 & 2 in the West; 1 & 2 in the East). The ACC is projected 2 & 1 vs the SEC. Strange season start coming up.

    My bet would begin with Houston, then Bama and Clemson in that order.


  8. Russ

    Let the Dawggrading begin.