Mark Richt, still losing it.

Ah, some traditions at Georgia never die.  Even former players come back to Athens to grab the keys and drive Mudcat’s car.

I await Herbstreit’s condemnation.


UPDATE:  Jason Butt updated his story to reflect that Ware is serving his punishment for a arrest last year.


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11 responses to “Mark Richt, still losing it.

  1. Ben

    This is a young man who could use the resources of the Paul Oliver Network.

    Bummer of a story, too.

  2. Dawg19

    The link isn’t working. It goes to the Macon Telegraph page but reads, “Oops. We are unable to locate the page you requested.”

    • The Dawg abides

      The original story was most likely pulled. That’s because Ol’ Jason was so giddy to put a Georgia player,current or former, in a bad light, that he didn’t do his due dilligence. All these guys have someone at the ACC jail that tips them off when an athlete is booked there. Jason was just so eager to scoop the AJC on this that he jumped the gun by implying this was a new charge. Just more click bait bullshit.

      I realize that info from the police departments, both ACCPD and UGA, has nothing to do with a FOIA request of the athletic department. But it’s crap
      like this that fuels some people’s full support of ‘Kirby’s law’, even if by association only. Danny most likely came to Athens to quietly serve part of his sentence from last year. With all he has gone through recently, I think that is a dignity he deserved.

      • ugadawgguy

        Yeah, I could see the purpose of “Kirby’s Law,” if it did indeed apply to things like this.

        But as things are, the UGAPD issues press releases when they “bust” players for emerging from alleys, and the ACCPD isn’t much better.

        Meanwhile, in Tuscaloosa, police ask for Saban’s permission before cuffing a player. Same goes for every other SEC town.

  3. Nate in camden

    I hate to hear that about Danny. My oldest sons fav player. Still have his photo hanging in his room. Damn good dawg. Hope he finds some peace.

  4. JR

    what does Mark Richet have to do with this story