Eight ain’t enough.

If you’re wondering what Kirby Smart thinks the answer to these questions is…

Smart recently discussed the sheer number of requests he received for satellite camps.

“Everybody wants one now,” Smart said. “Every high school wants you to come to their place. So how do you keep everybody happy and go to all of them? It’s impossible. So they’re popping up everywhere and it’s a little bit out of control as far as how many of them there are.”

“Then you’ve got to decide as a coach, ‘Where do I send my coaches. Where do I send my support staff? Where is it a priority to send them?.’” he said.

… apparently it’s all of ’em.

On Monday, Cartersville head coach Joey King released news of a camp on June 15 at the LakePoint sporting venue in Emerson, Ga. Georgia is one of the schools expected to be in attendance, along with Georgia Tech, Georgia Southern, Kennesaw State, and Chattanooga…

… This is the eighth known satellite camp that has promoted Georgia as being in attendance:

  1. June 2 – Maynard Jackson HS (Ran by Cedar Grove HS)
  2. June 3-4 – Mercer
  3. June 5 – Lassiter HS
  4. June 7 – West Georgia
  5. June 9-10 Woodland-Stockbridge HS
  6. June 11 – Samford
  7. June 15 – LakePoint Sporting Community (Ran by Cartersville HS)
  8. June 16th Buford HS

The interesting thing is that all but one of them are in state.  I guess it’s Kirby’s way of keeping an eye on those border fences.


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10 responses to “Eight ain’t enough.

  1. Russ

    “Ran by”?


  2. ASEF


    Georgia’s going to all of these camps solely to keep the high school coaching network happy and to insulate the coaching staff from accusations of laying down on the recruiting job. It’s a lot of extra effort for the sole purpose of ending up exactly where we started.

    In theory, a kid might catch the eye of a coach at Chattanooga who otherwise would not have. Chattanooga then offers said kid – at the expense of another kid. Maybe the first kid takes full advantage. Maybe the second kid lands on his feet. Maybe the first kid flunks out while the second gives up on his dreams. Yes, all of that is hyperbole and speculative bullshit. You know, the same sort of rhetoric that helped create this nonsense in the first place.

    Yes, Sankey and the NCAA could have done a much better job defending their position.

    But it would have been nice if people had taken five seconds to think through the dominoes and puncture some of the hot air balloons on both sides. This “if the NCAA is against it, then I’m for it” knee-jerkism just made Kirby’s job more difficult – for no good reason. Literally not one.


    • DawgPhan

      except that in your scenario kid #2 received his offer based on merit over kid #1. Kid #1 only had the offer because the system was biased towards him.

      This removes the bias and allows merit to decide who should get the offer.

      But you clearly love institutional bias and deciding who wins and loses without considering the merit and skill of the players…I guess that is a thing you can do.

      bless your heart.


      • ASEF

        Without considering the merit and skill of the players? Really? Do you think these coaches are just sending out offers randomly? Mass mailers, see how many people respond? Until they go to a satellite camp and see the kids in person?

        Any program, even ones with the resources of Alabama and Georgia, are taking educated guesses with these kids – guesses about physical development, maturity, academic resiliency, and any number of other factors. Saban and Smart hire experts to watch hundreds of hours of video on these kids, then spend hours reviewing tape themselves, and then spend umpteens more getting to know the kids and their families. And it’s still in a lot of ways a crap shoot.

        Anyone claiming that a satellite camp or two or three can provide definitive differentation between two kids angling for a spot on a roster at Chattanooga relative to “skill” or “merit” is blowing smoke (or perhaps ingesting the wrong kind). More likely, any difference at that point just comes down to which kid ate a better breakfast that morning or didn’t get dumped by his girlfriend the night before.

        And what the hell does any of that have to do with Georgia or require Georgia’s presence?


  3. 69Dawg

    Got to keep the high school coaches fat and happy. Don’t want them getting their panties in a wad. Good thing we’ve added staff to cover this.


  4. Otto

    Good to keep the state H.S. coaches happy. However UGA’s biggest competition at these camps is GT which elevates GT and/or lowers UGA. Part of me would be with other SEC schools at these camps. They are typically UGA’s competition for the top recruits.


    • Go Dawgs!

      We aren’t competing with Tech for offensive talent, but we’re definitely competing with them for defensive talent. It’s good to keep an eye on what the nerds are doing.


  5. Go Dawgs!

    It’s like we’ve said all along, Georgia doesn’t need to leave Georgia. We can pick up some key complimentary pieces out of state but as long as we’re getting who we want from our home state, we’re good.