Musical palate cleanser, two arms and an attitude edition

The other musical stars from Purple Rain, Morris Day and The Time:

How did those guys lose, anyway?


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10 responses to “Musical palate cleanser, two arms and an attitude edition

  1. I loved The Time back in the day. They looked like a band that would have been a lot of fun to be around on tour.

  2. SEBdawg

    I can member in 1983 riding back from Brunswick to Savannah on the team bus after a Friday night victory. On the bus we had a ghetto blaster and two “The Time” cassettes. That bus was rocking the whole way home! In my circles the Time was as popular, if not more so than Prince. Good times.


    I dig The Time…


    Somebody hand me a mirror

    • SEBdawg

      “Band, anybody hot?” “No!” “You know why?” “Why!” “Because we’re cool!”

  5. Love Morris Day and the Time. The mirror is just so damn cool.

  6. AusDawg85

    The voting was fixed. Oak Tree!

  7. Tommy

    They were good at what they did, but comparing them to Prince is like comparing the Four Tops to a fusion of James Brown and Hendrix. The Time were entertaining, but Prince was the Future.

    • SEBdawg

      It’s easy to compare them to Prince because a lot/most of their music came from him. Prince was a musical genius no doubt, but he became more and more self absorbed after Purple Rain. To me, The Time never took themselves as seriously and therefore were more to my taste as a non audiophile.

  8. VoxDawg

    Jerome! Bring me my hat!

    Fellas, y’all play somethin’. I’m gonna go over here and talk to this giiiiirl.