PAWWWLLL, Georgia has a dual-threat quarterback!

I can barely imagine the online meltdown that would have ensued had Jacob Eason pulled off this in the G-Day game.

That was before spring practice, when the highly-touted Eason, a five-star freshman recruit, made waves for his arm talent. But he also showed some running ability: According to multiple sources who were at one of the team’s two closed scrimmages, Eason had a touchdown run of around 50 yards. It came on a broken play.

Boy, would that have done wonders for his QBR.


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34 responses to “PAWWWLLL, Georgia has a dual-threat quarterback!

  1. Before we anoint young Jacob as Georgia’s next Heisman winner, let’s see him take a shot in live action. I knew we had a gamer with Stafford when he faced the media beaten up after the Kentucky(?) game his freshman year.


  2. Jared S.

    Ol’ Jacob Longshanks probably looks like a giraffe when he runs. The defense probably stopped in their tracks busting out laughing when they saw it. That’s the only way he got 50 yards.


  3. Go Dawgs!

    LOVE IT when we have a quarterback who can run enough to surprise someone. One of my favorite Matthew Stafford moments was his touchdown on a QB draw play against Auburn at Jordan Hare his freshman year. Auburn had no idea he could run.


    Great. The defense STILL can’t handle a running quarterback.


  4. Cojones

    I loved it when Murray tucked and ran. It helped him more with keeping people off his back on subsequent plays, or so it seemed. He had a couple of long ones if I remember correctly, but it was such a surprise (coming from him) that it was successful.

    Hope Jason can keep it in his high hip pocket as a surprise after lulling them to sleep with frozen-rope passes of 30 yds or more.

    Btw, Senator, how about a call in the future for some grits recipes to submit to Eason that helps put some meat on that kids Wa bones. A good and solid 235 lbs would jump start his Coming-to-Georgia grits physique. A Commit-to-the-G Grits recipe contest would do wonders to his UGA pacification.


    • MLB2

      The best grits recipe for weight gain is the one that calls for a case of beer and a late night snack the night before.


  5. The Quincy Carter of Accountants

    We’d have to know whether it was in a clutch situation to properly evaluate its effect on his QBR.


  6. Mark

    Stafford had several productive runs his freshman year in that 18-0 shutout of OBC. At Auburn he ran several QB draws and I don’t think they ever stopped him short of a first down.


  7. Mark

    Well, I apologize to Magnus. You’re way ahead of me on the QB draws at Auburn. Either way Stafford could move and so could Murray. Murray had highlight reel TD vs.. UT in 2010 and one of the better QB bootlegs I’ve seen in the loss to Arkansas that year.


  8. Normaltown Mike

    Who ranks as the worst runner in the CMR era….

    Greene or Lambert?

    Both looked like a giraffe in a tarpit.


  9. Michael Herring

    I have a few coins to donate to your turn-table to stop it from skipping. Just place them on top of the arm and it will no longer sound like a broken record.


  10. Michael Herring

    Huge Aaron Murray fan. Always wanted him as QB. Your digs at Mettenberger fans have grown stale. He is no Murray between the ears, but he has substantial snaps on Sunday. Can we move on?