“And that the chicks paid him a lot of attention.”

Mark Richt, we hardly knew ‘ye.  At least he wasn’t wearing jorts.



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18 responses to ““And that the chicks paid him a lot of attention.”

  1. Russ

    Damn, we had that hanging out there for 15 years and no one found it? I’m ashamed of us.

  2. Cojones

    Cheesy-looking punk. BMOC, my Blue Jesus ass. Coming to Jesus the hard way; via Italy, the babes and wearing knockoff jeans. Just goes to show you that when you really think you know a guy…..

    Did I ever mention my days in the seminary?

  3. Jared S.

    Lol. I’m trying to imagine someone uncovering an old commercial of Saban jump-roping in a blue jeans commercial…..

  4. UGA85

    You know, it’s been interesting to see CMR’s ambivalence to the satellite camp situation, especially compared to CKS’s enthusiasm. Time will tell who is right or wrong, but their responses do show a difference in personality and approach to recruiting.

    • Cojones

      I think that sat camps are stupid. We are so concerned that we may not have the latest gimmick to draw recruits that we have to be in attendance to see that no one else poaches them. Hell, we are Georgia and if an out-of-stater wants our potential walk-ons, let’em have’em.

      Except the walk-on O-linemen.🙂

    • CaliDawg

      I wouldn’t say Kirby is “enthusiastic” about them. He openly admitted when they were first banned he sighed with relief. Now that they’re on, we’re participating mainly because everyone else will and we don’t want to fall behind. He’s complained about getting text messages about a new camp popping up every 5 minutes and how they present dilemmas on how to divide and conquer with his staff. I don’t read that as enthusiasm, really.

  5. Gaskilldawg

    Good lord, we are about to read a bunch of posts about how Jesus Jeans underperformed. Can jeans wet the bed?

  6. HVL Dawg

    Can this put Miami back on probation?

    • whb209

      This will probably put UGA on probation. Our AD, is at this moment surrendering to the NCAA.

  7. truck

    Richt had lost control of Italian fashion before he even came to Athens.

  8. Promoting jeans using the Lord Jesus’s name? Somebody is going to hell.

  9. Semper Fi Dawg

    I like the video of him on stage with 2 live crew better

  10. They should have shown him doing a back flip off a Miami bridge with the Jesus Jeans on.

    I wonder if anyone will ask him about this at ACC Media Days.

  11. McTyre

    Tim Tebow, eat your heart out …