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“We want to serve this state.”

Walk softly and carry a big hat.

LSU coach Les Miles said his program will participate in several satellite camps this summer and host its own camps where it’ll invite other Louisiana programs to attend — with one exception.

Miles, appearing on “Culotta and the Prince” on 104.5 FM ESPN in Baton Rouge on Friday morning, said every camp LSU hosts will be open to other in-state schools, such as UL-Monroe and UL-Lafayette, unless a school already has plans to partner with out-of-state schools for camps.

On Thursday, first-year Tulane coach Willie Fritz announced the Green Wave will host camps “featuring Texas A&M coaches” this summer.

“There’ll be that school that would not attend if they partner with an outside state school,” Miles said, though not specifically mentioning the Wave. “Then we’re certainly not going to allow them to attend.”

I bet that catches on, too, especially in states where one school dominates local recruiting.  Like, hmmmm….



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Chauncey, Chauncey, Chauncey…

Three strikes and he’s out.

Defensive lineman Chauncey Rivers was arrested for marijuana possession for the third time in seven months, and subsequently dismissed from the team on Friday.

A UGA spokesman confirmed Rivers’ dismissal.

“It’s extremely disappointing,” head coach Kirby Smart said in a statement. “He’s been given previous opportunities to remain on our football team but continues to exhibit a lack of good judgment and commitment to the standards we require and expect from our players. He’s put himself in a difficult position but we hope he finds a path that will provide some direction in his future.”

My advice is to transfer to Colorado.

I can’t let this go without passing, though.

There are four charges listed on the Dekalb County web site, including… parking in a disabled parking spot.

Honestly, I’m surprised it’s taken so long for that charge to crop up in a player arrest setting.  Seems tailor-made for Jimmy’s crew.


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The quintessential Tony Barnhart suggestion

Really, it doesn’t get much more Mr. Conventional Wisdom than this.

My only question – and, no, I’m not going to read the linked article – is why bother with naming four others?


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Things I never thought I’d post.

Touché, Stephen Garcia.


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Maybe that’s not such a good look for you.

I’m a big fan of the Ole Miss Red Cup Rebellion website and I don’t envy those folks having to deal with the fallout from the Tunsil debacle right now, but, damn, regardless of what you think of the NCAA, there’s got to be a better way to try to calm the waters than citing Nevin Shapiro.

In 2013, the key figure in the Miami football investigation, Nevin Shapiro, was going through bankruptcy court. The NCAA leveraged this to their advantage, payrolling Shapiro’s lawyer to use depositions related to the bankruptcy proceedings as a cover to ask questions of witnesses within the football program under oath. Using the American legal system as a means to enforce its own petty rules is obviously wildly inappropriate—the NCAA was forced to apologize and drop any evidence it had acquired through the depositions.

As rationales go, it’s not even a particularly useful comparison.  The NCAA didn’t get in trouble for using deposition testimony to try to hang Miami; it got into hot water for corrupting the judicial process by co-opting Shapiro’s lawyer to do its dirty work.  The obvious lesson from that fiasco is for the NCAA to sit back and let Miller’s lawyer dig into Ole Miss on his own.

Not to mention that, um… shit did happen.

The school imposed significant penalties on itself, including the suspension of eight football players and removing itself from post-season bowl contention for one year. On October 22, 2013, after two-and-a-half years of investigation, the NCAA announced that the University of Miami football team would be docked three scholarships in each of the next three seasons, a three-year probation, recruiting restrictions, a five-game suspension for the men’s basketball coach, and a two-year show-cause order on a total of three former assistant football and basketball coaches.

The NCAA’s own misdeeds did result in nothing more than that being imposed on the school and the program.  So they had that whole “it could have been worse” thing going for them.  Somehow I doubt that’s what the guys at RCR are hoping for.


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When mascots go bad

And it only cost $76,342.


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Aim higher, Mecole.

It’s hard not to love Mecole Hardman’s exuberance, but perhaps it’s gone a little too far with this.

“I am bringing that competitive spirit, that leadership, that swagger,” Hardman said. “I think Georgia has been missing that swagger for a long time. I just want to go out there and have fun with it. Bring it back to the Bacarri Rambo, Brandon Boykin days…Reshad Jones – when they were playing, when you saw Georgia football, you were hyped to see them boys play. That is what we are going to bring back with this squad 16 class coming in. That is what we are going to bring.”

This is swagger giving up a 60-yard touchdown run in 2008:

Jeez.  That may be the first time any fan of the program has waxed nostalgic over the two thumbs up era.


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Michigan ain’t played Alabama high schools, PAWWWLLL.

Scratch one satellite camp appearance off the list.

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